Thursday, May 29, 2014

Watch the Thai Coup's Aftermath

On the periphery of the American Empire is where the first moves against democracy and towards Caesarism will take place. These changes are fantastic to watch not just for the event but for the reaction in American media. Like smearing Modi after his win in the Indian elections, framing the Thai coup and what is revealed as facts is telling. The press is keen on hiding the main cause and portraying the coup in a negative light without legitimacy. Democracy is the only way, and voting must be restored as soon as possible that will provide progressive approved results for any regime to have legitimacy.

Media organs like Vox and the Daily Beast are there to tell you everything a cool Internet reader like you would need to know about the Thai coup. Vox claims to tell you everything you need to know with its cards. In ten cards, they explain the historical problem of coups in Thailand, the problem of a king who has any power, and in a really odd way, never explains the immediate cause: corruption. Thailand has seen its corruption score drop in recent years. The ruling party is a billionaire who used populist slogans to amass enough votes from the illiterate masses to win election after election. With democratic electoral supremacy established through vote buying, leadership has acted in a pocket lining manner (sound familiar?). The Daily Beast tells readers all they need to know without mentioning corruption either; it is just good old fashioned government programs that people are angry about. They even use a Romney citation to describe the regime's opponents.

The Daily Beast article reveals an incredibly smart truth moment about democracy that the writer did not even realize they were unveiling:
The Shinawatras’ enemies maintain that democracy is about governance and conduct as well as winning elections, and they insist that the Shinawatras won by essentially bribing the electorate with promises of “stuff,” in much the same way Mitt Romney accused President Obama of winning reelection.
The enemies of the regime's leadership believe that governance and conduct matter!?!?!??!!? It is not just winning elections. All that matters is winning. That is legitimacy. This is the mind of Vox/Daily Beast types. Thaksin and his cronies won an election, let them run all over society and loot. To its credit, the New York Times mentions the corruption issue. Opposed to its coverage of the Tea Party, the UKIP or LePen's rise, the Times approves Thailand's populist movement. The Times mentions the growing problem in Thailand amongst the educated who have "become skeptical of the notion of one person, one vote, which they say hands too much power to uneducated provincial voters who support Mr. Thaksin." Those are dangerous words for print because, God forbid, what one could say of the illiterates' voting preferences in America. Running the voting results of borderline retarded Miami, Philadelphia, Cleveland, and Detroit would crush the Democrat margin of victory and lie of the left being the party of smarties.

America's Secretary of State and even the useless UN Secretary-General spoke out against this coup. The coup supporters seem to want a return to voting but with changes. What will they be able to get away with? A limited franchise, voter minimum requirements, maybe an indirect voting system like Argentina's 19th century voto cantado or something else might be in the cards, and if America allows it. Watching geopolitical events of the last year, Thailand's elites should press for all they can to set up a system for stability and their control now, just ask Assad. Maybe the Thai military is talking to the Egyptian military because they have moved off the radar as they kill off anyone they deem a Muslim extremist. Like a mystery film where the thrill is not in finding out the reveal but in wondering how the hero will react to finding out the secret, it would behoove Americans with an eye on America's electoral future to watch what happens in Thailand.


peterike said...

Whenever there is some sort of coup or unrest in some third world banana plantation, the first thing I think is: "Oh no, now a whole bunch of rich [fill in the blank-ers] are going to move to America."

Will we be getting a Thai-vasion now? Oh goody! Maybe the crummy Thai restaurant in my neighborhood will get better if a million more Thais show up. I mean that's why we have multi-cultism right? So we can have more vegetarian options for insufferable women from Park Slope?

On the other hand, maybe Canada will suck up a whole bunch of them, since Canada is turning into an Asian nation anyway. The Great Yellow North. Maybe we can invite all the white Canadians to move to America and open Thai restaurants here. Do you want your Moose Curry extra spicy?

Toddy Cat said...

First Modi, then Farange and the FN, now Thailand. The anti-Cathedral pushback is beginning. Interesting times....

nikcrit said...


Hey guy,
As a New Yorker, a classic-rock aficionado, as well as a Goy anti-semite, I wondered what you'd think of this article. For me, what was most surprising was how Waters, a pop star for more than 30 years and well-seasoned in financial-maintenance-mode public-relations protocol, would go off the charts and become so self-identifyingly pro-active in his social missionary jones... VERY unusual.

As for the content and critique of his position re. Israel?
I say it's loose cannons like him that cause American Jews to be so socially liberal and partisanly blue.

nikcrit said...

oh, i forgot the link!

peterike said...

Hi Nikcrit!

Well, I long since stopped worrying about the opinions of rock stars. But it's surprising to see Waters be so blunt. I admire anyone who speaks "hate speak."

On the other hand, what Jews do in Israel is of zero concern to me. Is it a harsh regime in terms of outsiders? Yeah. And good for them. I can admire a nation that insists on maintaining its identify. Palestinians and Arabs in general are pretty much useless riff-raff overall, and if Israel kills a few here and there, I don't care. If the whole ME goes up in an atomic cloud, I will dance a jig.

Of course, when it comes to maintaining national identity, Jews behave slightly differently in America and Europe! That's why I don't like them (and "them" being the power structure Jews and those in the media, academia, etc. I got nothing against my Jewish dentist. She's a really nice lady.)

As for Waters, I like Pink Floyd a bit but I've never been a fanatic. My fave album of theirs by far is "Animals." "Dark Side of the Moon"? I've never understood the appeal. "The Wall" is good but too long.