Thursday, May 22, 2014

Obama Is Not Rare Political Talent

Oh the glee that the right wing is exhibiting as President Obama's incompetence and fumbling grows is on display on many fronts. They cackle at the number of scandals, both of great and small importance, that pile up, causing one to wonder if the variety of scandals actually helps distract people. In these articles, they still do not get it. It is not the scandals that matter. It is not Obama's actions that matter. All that matters it he number of voters on one's side and who counts the votes. Yes, he is incompetent and governs poorly, but it does not matter in our democracy.

Buried right in the article that you can imagine the writer crossing his arms and nodding with a smug expression after hitting publish is this gem:
The emerging narrative of Barack Obama, the one that actually comports to reality, is that he is a rare political talent but a disaster when it comes to actually governing.
This line reveals the stupidity. How is Obama a rare political talent? I'm being serious. The media cannot see that he has a passive-negative style nor can they admit that he is the product of the media and Axelrod-Emanuel's machinations in 2008 and 2012. How many insider books and biographies can be printed that paint him as a self-obsessed manic-depressive who hates the job? Anyone going to catch on but Steve Sailer? President Obama fumbled in 2008, and was bailed out by the media crowning him over Clinton and then a financial crisis to seal the deal. Obama foolishly went to lobby for Chicago to get the Olympics when the deck was stacked for Brazil. He acted like a petulant child at the climate conferences. Obama campaigned for Corzine, the VA governor race in 2009, Martha Coakley in 2010 (all losses), but then avoided campaigning for his old Senate seat to remain Democrat in an incredibly tight election. He caved on a tax-spend deal even before the Tea Party wave Republicans were in office. The defining picture of the OBL raid wait makes him look like an extra, not the C-in-C. He flubbed the debates, but secret tape of Romney saying "47%" gave him a great propaganda line even if the concept was true.

Tell me what are his talents snarky columnist?

1. He is black but not threateningly black. Gay rumors about him sound too plausible.
2. "He speaks so well".
2a. He could get the benefit of low expectations for intelligence so that when he read speeches full of clichés and empty platitudes, white media members could gush.
3. He is the one black politician, if not only, who earned a state wide seat that had no track record of massive corruption that the Democrats could push.
4. He had a Harvard degree.
5. He could be called the cool black guy to SWPLs and the black man that black woman had wished they had married or had as a son so they turned out at generational highs to save his hide in 2012.

That is not talent. Those are a series of traits. There is no talent to being the whitest black man in the public eye since Bryant Gumbel. That is not hard when you are raised by whites, have few if any black acquaintances growing up, and attend elite schools. His talent is not talent. His defining feature is that he could inspire the turnout, the media chose him over Clinton and his handlers could work marvelous campaigns. He is not a rare talent, but a rare being: the non-threatwning, arugula eating, eloquent black guy still married to a black woman. Cliff Huxtable come to life.

For these neocons to admit that, they would have to admit that these politicians are selected and that all that matters is the turnout. Commentary is a part of this system, so they cannot pull the curtain back and explain how their sword touches a politician's shoulder deeming him worthy of national attention. President Obama is a symbol for his voters and a figurehead in our system. Why else would the mainstream media gush over Elizabeth Warren (female alternative to Clinton) and Julian Castro (first Hispanics president) and hint at the White House in the future? Governors Brian Sandoval and Susana Martinez do not count (republican). We have long since moved beyond positive policies or effective governance. Quick: what was the major legislative achievements in 2013? Can you name one? All that matters is who won the last election and who wins the next. In his moment, Obama is the right combination to get the right number of votes from just enough people.


klejdys said...

Excellent take sir.

Scott's Bluff said...

Ummmm, excuse me? He flubbed the debates? OK the first was bad because African-Americans aren’t as well acclimated to high altitudes as white people; Al gore explained this already. In the second debate he totally pwned Mittens on Benghazi lololo. “Can you repeat that Candy?” *smug face* And HE WAS HILARIOUS in the third debate! Freakin’ gave Mittens a run for his money with those Chevy Chase zingers.

“But not threateningly black” Wow. Maybe try making your point without racism next time, k?

peterike said...

All true about Obama, an abject slacker mediocrity elevated into a demi-god (face it, Progressives, being power mad, really want a King). He gets this reputation as a "brilliant speaker" mostly because the level of rhetoric these days is so dismal. And by comparison to W who wouldn't sound good?

The scandals don't matter. They pile up and pile up, but the media doesn't pile on, so they scandals come and go, and most people don't even notice. If the election were held today, Obama would win again. I'm still wondering if he's going to try to pull some end-around on the two-term limits rule, but I really don't think he wants to do the job anymore. He'll be delighted retiring into his uber-celebrity status, flying around the world making mad coin from corporations paying him $500,000 to speak, "writing" his memoirs and getting what? Five million for them? I'm guessing at least that. And he can get hummers in his Gulfstream from slavish white gays, just the way he likes it.

As for the neocons, I'm increasingly convinced they were a deliberate design by Jewish Power Inc. to co-opt the Republican party. Jews had wrapped up the Democrats long ago, but those pesky Republicans wouldn't go along with the program (some of the time). Enter the neo-cons, an oddly Jewish bunch of characters given the visceral hatred most Jews have for Republicans. Sure enough, the historical non-interventionism of Republicans soon turns into "Invade The World, Endless War" of the neo-cons. Which is precisely the Democrat position. Neo-con open borders enthusiasm -- precisely the Democrat position. Neo-con give the banksters whatever they want credo -- precisely the Democrat position. On everything that matters, the red/blue divide is an illusion, a sleight of hand trick to turn the eye towards gay marriage or "let's go kill some Ay-rabs" while the looting continues and white displacement continues.

PS - Note I have no love for Arabs and wouldn't care if the entire Middle East burned down. What I DO care about is American boys dying by the thousands fighting pointless fights in filthy shitholes. But ginning up war enthusiasm among patriotic but politically unsophisticated young white men who don't know they're being conned is a neo-con specialty (hey, I guess that's why they call them neo-cons). There is so much blood on the neo-cons hands that it's staggering to really think about it.

Toddy Cat said...

"Maybe try making your point without racism next time"

So now noticing that Obama is black is racism? Wow, just wow, as you morons put it. And saying that black people don't do well at high altitude isn't racist? Next time, try for some logical consistency, k?

By the way, are you for real SB, or somebody doing a letter-perfect imitation of a snarky, self-important, ignorant SWPL? If it's the latter, congratulations!

eah said...

when he read speeches full of clichés and empty platitudes

Describes Obama to a T. Cannot stand to listen to him.

“But not threateningly black”

Look up crime stats for Blacks -- they're far more likely to be violently criminal. So yes, Whites are well-advised to be more leery around Blacks than any other ethnicity. In that sense Blacks can be thought of as 'threatening'. Obama less so -- he's less Black.

HammerHead said...

"he totally pwned Mittens"


"*smug face*"


I don't know if it was necessarily Obama or just someone on his staff, but someone deserves credit for noticing that an increasingly large segment of the population is essentially make up of mental teenagers. Going after the demographic of people who look at the world as a series of Twitter wars is a better idea than most people probably want to admit.