Monday, May 12, 2014

Nicholas Wade Shows Why the System Needs Feminist Biology

Somewhere along the way, the New York Times and the Onion progressed to a point where headlines are interchangeable. How can you parody the modern world when the President visits Asia and during a press conference involving a foreign prime minister of a country that just had a plane crash with silence on the motive, he fields a question about an octogenarian sports team owner and still proceeds to give his opinion. Sterling is "ignorant" if you are wondering, proving that ignorant is the go to word for even Ivy League blacks when offended by another. It is all absurd. An absurd news item recently popped up about feminist biology. Another absurd item is Nicholas Wade, thirty year veteran science editor at the New York Times, was smeared within a week of publication of his new book on genes, race and the problem of the modern world. These absurdities are related. If you are going to smear and suppress Nicholas Wade for discussing natural science and where it leads, you will need to make up phony realms of science like feminist biology.

Wade's dismissal by the pundit class is for simply writing a book that expands the conversation about genetics, race, abilities and modern day consequences. He was a great mind for thirty years until that book was deemed unfit for public consumption. Progressives read, ore pretended to read, his work for decades. Now that he dares to step out, he must be smeared. Current progressive beliefs of human neurological uniformity must not be challenged. The progressives are creationists with regards to the brain, and any gaps in cognitive functions are due to privilege, oppression, the right cartoon, playing classical music for twenty minutes in the morning when a child is in utero or not enough public expenditures on schools. Because Wade has hard science as his source, it challenges the team that claims to be pro-science therefore he must be made radioactive.

If you purge hard science, what will you have left? Progressive approved science, which might run into problems if reality does not comply with the whims of the mandarins in charge at this moment. The progressive elites change their minds on things, forever drifting leftward, so today's proper science will not be tomorrow's. Now the University of Wisconsin's endowed fellowship for feminist biology makes sense. The progressives will have to create their fields of science to play in that are properly vetted for ideological purity. Note that this fellowship is created within the power of the campus' "Center for Research on Gender and Women". This is not new, and similar to Melissa Harris-Perry's statement on public children, it echoes some old Germans. In William Shirer's The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, he notes how when the Nazis took control they Nazified education. It was not just professors, but the subjects themselves.
The teaching of the natural sciences, in which Germany had been so pre-eminent for generations, deteriorated rapidly. Great teachers such as Einstein and Franck in physics, Haber, willstaetter and Warburg in chemistry, were fired or retired. Those who remained, many of them, were bitten by the Nazi aberrations and attempted to apply them to pure science. They began to teach what they called German physics, German chemistry, German mathematics. 

The idea was that science, math and whatever had been considered hard concepts were actually tied to the Aryan blood. They wanted to look at science from an Aryan point of view. Read the blurb on the University of Wisconsin fellowship, and it reads incredibly close to those old Nazi influenced professors. Gender biased research and there needs to be a feminist point of view towards research or subject matter. Instead of world jewry destroying civilization, it is the evil scientific patriarchy. If Wade is scourged for a book and feminist biology is rewarded a piece of the limited education pie, what signal does it send for prospective science majors and researchers who do not toe the ideological line 100 percent?

The progressives have to attack Wade because any slight bump and the house of cards feelings based ideology is shown to be a fraud. The big outlets can choose to avoid his book and its conclusions, or twist its content and smear him. It is disgusting, but what of science? They have feminist science coming to help replace old, evil science. Maybe we can get race sciences for the race studies departments that need more funding across America. The American Enterprise Institute knows this is a joke, but will not take the last step. Sneakier in the feminist biology piece is that this fellowship will eventually develop undergrad courses. Those courses will become science courses that are approved for anyone to take to fulfill their science requirement in the liberal arts education so that even in the science realm, young women will get their steady dose of modern feminism. Science was a strength in American universities. Like the Germans before them, just how rapid will the deterioration of the fields be with open and overt ideological machinations.


Anonymous said...

At the highest levels of math and physics, you talk about this or that school and these or those ideas. The Nazis weren't wrong to celebrate German physics; they might not have been wrong to purge Einstein.

They were wrong to promote idiots who ignored Einstein. Heisenberg was famously not one of those, and he was harassed for it.

Phall said...

Unlike feminists, Nazis were right about everything.

Anonymous said...

Phall said...
Unlike feminists, Nazis were right about everything.

Ha ha. I hope that was a joke.

The Nazis had a lot of downright silly ideas, like the notion that the world was a hollow sphere and we were all living on the inside.

Also the "eternal ice" theory was silly.

And let's be frank - many Nazis were occultists, but 90% of occultism is downright stupid.

fnn said...

The Nazis had a lot of downright silly ideas, like the notion that the world was a hollow sphere and we were all living on the inside.

Did you get that from George Noory or cable TV?

Anonymous said...

"The progressives are creationists with regards to the brain"

brilliant. a valuable tool to break slate-reading friends.

nikcrit said...

The scope of humanity across race runs the gamut from primitivism to contemplative grace------ and that's a beautiful thing for all.

End of discussion IMHO.