Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Western Women Will Appropriate Anything

Belly dancing for their need to flaunt their flab. Yoga because they want to wear the pants and feel spiritual but not religious. Zumba, Tae Bo, fill in the blank non-Western thing that women can do as a cultural Pu-Pu platter in their life. They just cannot exercise and be done with it. It has to be different and exotic. God forbid anything be vanilla or they be perceived as normal. Crafting the Wicca thing out of nothing is a prime example. That is for former goths girls. SWPLs and educated white women need something quasi-religious, alien, but vague enough that they can mold it to whatever needs modern, Western women have. Say hello to Awakening Women.

Aaaaaawwwwwwmmmmmmmm. Are you in a rebellious mood to be one with the spirit of energy around you, but like, totally don't want to say it is religion per se or pray to Jesus or Buddha, eww gross, those icky men? Try Awakening Women. Try a seminar or workshop. You can be part of the energy of your sisters. If you cannot make it, it's OK. There are online seminars where you can be one with the spirit and feminine energy even if it is online. Cyberspace allows you to cross dimensions to tap into energy. There is a women's temple of divine feminine flow. There is online Ashram where you can learn and be protected and connected to a powerful shield of Shakti by the women joining forces for awakening. There is mechandise. There are seminars. There is a multitude of things that tell women what they want to hear. There is a manifesto.

The Awakening Women Sisterhood Manifesto
I commit to be honest and straight with you
I commit to take responsibility for myself
I will ask for support when I need it
I will ask for alone time when I need it, and it means nothing personal to you
I will not try to fix you
I will listen to you
I will keep what you share confidential and not gossip about it
I will not speak negatively about you to others
I will celebrate your unique beauty and gifts
I will not hold myself back to fit in and I will support you in doing the same

I'll give you a second to stop laughing. Is that a manifesto of the Bad Girls Club? The list reveals the problems of modern women. They don't listen, they are lying to each other, they don't take responsibility for themselves, they really don't want to be fixed just bitch about things, they gossip too much and cut each other down, need constant validation and to be told they are unique and they do not want to bend their lives to fit in with the group. Even in a sacred space, they need guidelines of decent human behavior and even then, it is self centered. The blog reads like a satire of delusional, overeducated white woman-speak. There is a constant message of not changing or fixing things, just accepting and flowing. Hint hint, forget all the damage you have done, just go with the flow. YOLO! You take the classes, and you too can hold workshops and spread the awakening word. It is amazing what SWPL women and progressives will do that is evangelical. Just remove the cross, and they will sell anything to anyone.

Check out the pictures. Lot of white women, and I would be hard pressed to find one without frown lines. This is just what lonely middle aged women want. The system is designed by a white woman who must have changed her name to sound Eastern but is from Scandinavia. It is a system that steals words and basic concepts or activities from an alien culture (muddled Asian). It is a system that encourages women to unplug from society yet still plug into their workshops and protective shield of vagina. It is a system that only asks for their time... and money. In return, they get validation and affirmation. They get an empowering experience that is centered on a female Goddess (Shakti). They feel spiritual in a vague way and can lord it over their social circle. "I'm not a church goer, but I'm not a soulless atheist from Massachusetts. I'm on a deeper spiritual level than silly Christians. See, I awmed with 20 other pear shaped women for a weekend! I am awakening!"

You know who can go away to Vermont for three day Awm fests, take 21 day self study courses that do not lead to degrees or tap online into the energy shield? Women with no one else in their life.


peterike said...

Decades ago I used to think what a great idea it was to be a cult leader. Just come up with a line of bunkum and sure enough a bunch of people will buy it and give you money.

The state of American women really makes me think the time is ripe (over ripe) for my emergence as a cult master. Of course we'd have rules like admission to the Inner Ring of the Sacred Oneness requires that I "share the essence" of my hand-picked female acolytes.

I mean some of the women in that yoga thing weren't THAT bad looking.

Portlander said...

I think it was Chesterton that said when someone loses their religion, they don't believe in nothing, they believe in anything.

Western women have given up on their culture, and in so doing are ready and willing to believe in any other one they have the misfortune of bumping into.

Son of Brock Landers said...

They aren't all bad looking. I found this through a 35 year old who is fit and cute still.

I do think cult leaders or retreat runners could easily set up a harem. One thing going against the idea is that people often just want to compartmentalize and would not completely give themselves over to being at the retreat 24-7. In the '70s, it was easier for them to run off and be there. Now, it's like a single serving amount of being nutty.

Anonymous said...

I went to the Awakening Women site, against my better judgement. I skimmed through the most recent blog post there:

"The return of the goddess will not feed or satisfy the ego".

That title seems to be stating the exact opposite of the groups purpose, feeding and satisfying the egos of women. In the body of the post I found this little gem:

"With that I mean that there is a danger that we use the language and the imagery of the feminine to feed the old patterns of ambition and endless improvement".

OK, so AW isn't about feeding the ego, nor is it about self improvement. What is it about then?

"We learn to embrace the paradox of life in which both the light and the dark are fully welcomed as intrinsic dimensions of life, of who we are"

I see. AW is about embracing and celebrating one's own mediocrity. And then there is the cherry on top:

"We can restore a balance and wholeness in our world"

By embracing and celebrating our mediocrity, we are actually healing the world. Having read just that one post on the AW site, I feel like I have had far more than "a single serving amount of being nutty".

Lucius Somesuch said...

When I was a teenager, I'd read my mom's "Shape" magazines on the toilet. For the articles.

I'll never forget the one about "fitness in space". It was a spread with a version of the pinwheel space station a la "2001: A Space Odyssey" with a list of thoughtful proposals as to the menu of fitness options soon available at a space station near you.

Examples (yes, I had this memorized):

-"Zen aerobics"


-"Pygmy aerobics: dancers will adopt the poses of jungle animals with live accompaniment by authentic pygmy drummers"

-Ok, I thought I had a third one memorized but it's not coming to me. But I kid you not: "pygmy aerobics".

I kid you not: pygmies in outer space, just to drum for white women to do aerobics.

This has to be the locus classicus of DWL. Spread the legend. I saw it all in print.