Tuesday, April 01, 2014

We Don't Talk About Police Brutality

Do you remember Rodney King? "Can't we all get along." It was a police beating caught on videotape and sparked national conversations on multiple subjects like police brutality, excessive police behaviors, the cops and blacks as well as set off riots. Police out west killed a homeless man. This is not the homeless man killed by cops where the cops were just acquitted. Any national conversations on police brutality? Nope. There was no high profile discussion of the fourteen hour cavity search, x-ray and body scans of an innocent New Mexico man in 2013. This will not be discussed because of the causes of inflated police response, the needs of our cosmopolitan elite and the progressives being in control.

There will be discussions of the militarization of police like the NY Times Sunday opinion piece on the militarization of police forces across America. The piece focused on equipment and military style tactics, but avoided discussing the brutality that people witness daily. Where was the cry for police pullback, review of tactics and training or firings when cops fired on a suspect, shooting innocent bystanders in Times Square? Cops shoot a guy after he was thrown from a car in a chase. Shoot a guy with a water hose in hand? Ehhh, he was crouching. You 84 years old? Cops body slam you and break your neck. Amadou Diallo was shot by NYC cops in a tight space where they overreacted, and Bruce Springsteen turned it into a terrible song. Like Rodney King, Diallo was black, so the media could use the white cops hurt black men narrative to make people "talk" about something real. Daily police brutality does not cut the media mustard to look at a trend and explore a topic. It should fit the narrative though because it is an evil, mostly male institution beating up on innocent people.

The cops picking up heavy equipment is due to subsidies, federal grants and discounts. It also is to stack up against heavily armed gangs that we do nothing about, so New Hampshire towns buying armored vehicles makes no sense but Chicago's police department doing it does. We need a more militarized police to combat with thugs, but do we need a more aggressive police that beats down 84 year olds? Have police forces become so restrained with their dealings with real criminals that they take it out on anyone? Not sure, but where is the accountability? How absurd was the police reaction to Chris Dorner, where the cops in California shot at random SUVs of the same color as his first before asking questions? Yes, rapes and murders are down, but how many murders are switched to assault with a deadly weapon and attempted murder because medical advances save lives? Comparing eras is apples to oranges unless any number is prefaced with a statement that sections of our cities are run like open air prisons that funnel career criminals to our overstuffed prisons.

Crime is down to 40 year lows, but notice they can never get our crime statistics to look as good as pre-1960? This is a 2014 with greater medical capabilities than 1954, greater number of young men in jail compared to 1954 and far greater surveillance capabilities and policemen on the streets. Even with all of the new technology, we can barely get to 1970s numbers, and our cities are set up like archipelagos of safe zones. The heart of liberal-land in the most progressive state in the nation, Boston, Massachusetts, went into lock down mode to catch two bombing suspects. The Bay State natives overwhelmingly support those methods. Ask why the bombing brothers were allowed into America in the first place? Purged from society. Ask why the use of a city lockdown? Let's change the topic quickly, ends justify the means and we got those bastards, right? The progressives need these tactics to keep their progtopias safe and clean for them. They need anarcho-tyranny to keep their Jenga tower coalition of victim groups standing. Blacks have to pull that lever 100% for Obama in Cleveland, Philadelphia and Miami voting districts to eek out a win for the Brahmins running the show.

That is why the media will be silent. Their president is elected because of their coalition of contrasting people who share little in common but hatred of those whites and the need for handouts. The party uses cities as wells of power, and they learned in the '80s that they need the cities to be safe enough to draw in the young professionals and the moneyed middle aged folks. Police tactics that are rougher on random decent folks are the horrible byproduct of a force that needs to be hyperaggressive for the feral populations that cause a majority of our crime. In a horrible twist of the old "free a guilty man to spare an innocent from wrongful conviction" saying, the progressives sleep soundly because one dead innocent man is worth it if these techniques cower fifty thugs. If the progressives cannot strike a delicate balance between destroying police effectiveness through PC hiring, the drones will be online in time to keep them safe in their islands. Manhattan must be a beacon of light, just do not stray too far north on that island. The veneer of civilization must be shiny to distract enough people from the horror show of progressive control.

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