Monday, April 14, 2014

Signs of Decline, Incurable STDs

The progressives tell me that everyday is a better day. Forward! The future will be brighter. What about today? What about trends? Having the technological ability to have a video phone conversation with family across the globe is the future we were promised, but plenty of others items point towards a future we did not expect. How many sexually transmitted diseases can make comebacks? Looks like all of them except for HIV are on the march. The CDC says that chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis are all rallying. The report cites the scare number of 1 million Americans living with HIV. Do not worry about that, as the number was 1 million twenty years ago as well, and America now has 317 million citizens. The repetitive problem of infections on curable infections has now created a situation where doctors believe gonorrhea is on the edge of being incurable as it is growingly resistant to antibiotics. We're down to our last one. We live in the 21st century, is this a sign of decline or progress? It might not be a sign of decline as much as it is a sign that progressive wishes to perfect man will fail due to human nature and that long forgotten truths will make a comeback.

There is some discrepancies in gonorrhea reporting as the CDC report says 330,000 new cases, while an Atlantic article in 2012 says 700,000 new cases a year in the US. Either way, this is stupid human nature since gonorrhea transmission can be stopped by the simple use of condoms. Pushing the use of condoms has been a government and media effort for decades now. Many people just do not want to use condoms. More sex education will not be needed as this is 2014; we are flooded with talk about sex, safe sex, wild sex, gay sex, et cetera. Many people just do not want to use condoms. What about some proof? The CDC cites that blacks get chlamydia at a rate of 6.8 times whites. Here are two other careless sex consequences experienced at higher rates in the black community than the white community: abortions and illegitimate children. All trace back to not using birth control. Maybe all traces back to lack of condom use. This despite a media that has pushed condom use within that community to the point of rap and hip-hop music from 25 years ago citing the need to have safe sex. Before you laugh at red staters in Mississippi having the highest infection rate while New Hampshire is the lowest infection rate, keep in mind that Mississippi has the highest number of blacks as a percentage of its population (blue voter dysfunction, red state situs).

It does not work with everyone. People have to understand consequences. People have to worry about consequences. Medical technology can cure many STDs. Now the simpleton does not consider how someone with an STD like chlamydia or gonorrhea might also be carrying worse bugs. Those worse bugs are much rarer, but per the CDC many of the gay men getting syphilis now are also HIV carriers. A simple shot or oral antibiotic cured the small infections in the past (and now), and acted as a safety net. What is there to fear in catching a bug that the doctor can fix? Combined with bacterial evolution, we now face those simple bugs becoming potential death sentences again. Syphilis is a huge concern as it is deadly at greater rates than gonorrhea (chlamydia cannot kill you). Syphilis has jumped up to 15,000 infections a year, most new infections in gay men. Odd that we hear about the 70,000 gays who have married in the last decade but not of the 15,000 annual syphilis infections. Progressives forget that all of the education in the world is tossed away if the person does not listen, comprehend, internalize and then act on it. Not everyone is a Brahmin paranoid about ruining their chance to get a PhD in linguistics. The disconnect between our mandarin elite and the rabble they rule over is best exemplified by the silly gender and sex assumptions of Brahmins, which the lumpen proletariat do not understand.

Where could this lead? A hint might be how the West responded to HIV-AIDS. There was a hyper-scare in the late '80s and early '90s over HIV-AIDS. Part of it was to make straights think that this could happen to them just as easily as gay men. It was also real. Tracking AIDS deaths, the number dead per year marched up to 50,000 in the mid-'90s. Tracks along with women dressing like schleps in the grunge era, the "how many partners have you had" stupidity, multiple movies made where a woman caught HIV from her cheating husband (not a gay blood donor) and wearing red ribbons. ESPN sports writer Bill Simmons likes to cite this period of restrained sexuality as a bummer through his college years. Even the illegitimate birth rate was stagnant in that period. There were huge consequences, even if the threat was exaggerated for straights, for sexual promiscuity. You could drop dead within three years of catching HIV. It changed in the mid-'90s. What also changed in the mid-'90s was medicine. The AIDS cocktail worked like a charm. Deaths from AIDS dropped from over 50,000 in 1995 to roughly 12,000 today. The cocktail has crazy side effects and costs a lot of money, but you lived. Gays lived long enough to create subcultures of barebacking HIV positive men proud to be HIV positive. If gonorrhea, chlamydia and syphilis become incurable by 2020 and that affects 1 million people per year, how fast do adults alter their behavior? Even if we are a nation of 317 million, remove the under 15 and over 70 crowd and the pool gets smaller. Chip away with the morbidly obese or happily married, and the pool gets smaller still. Those 1 million infected become a greater chunk of the sexually active and single crowd.

This will not lead to a religious revival, but the Gods of the Copybook Headings shall return. Before antibiotics, there was a reason promiscuity was shunned. The Church in the 6th century could look at the ruin of decadent late Rome and craft social policy to change the course of history. There is a reason sluts were shamed and romeos and gigolos were mocked. They were disease carriers. Gay men were in the closet for a variety of reasons, and only with the help of progressives and the media did they dodge a push into the basement for spreading HIV-AIDS into Western society. How many women will continue to ride the carousel? If they continue to do so, be ready for automatic condom use men because if they choose to ride for years they do not want an STD to shut the door on their late hope that they can have one baby at 39. Your favorite strip club might be raided or given the heads up to change its internal business practices to keep its license. If nothing changes, we will see some carnage. The low future time orientation crowd will continue making mistakes until the word spreads that the nice doctors in lab coats do not have a fix this time. Media outlets will prime up some A block segments on those who need more education to prevent such horrible outcomes. Just how much will the media have to twist reports to make people think the antibiotics became ineffective  against specific STDs for reasons beyond our impulsive behavior? Why twist when one can omit? The media will do in the future what they do now, which is avoid citing the correlation between unrestrained sexual behavior pushed by that the media and academia and incurable STDs. While we whisked away carried on the tornado winds of our passions, the Gods of the Copybook Headings slowly stalked us. They will outlast us, return and instruct society anew.


Anonymous said...

Antibiotic resistant STDs are a scary subject. The "antibiotic pipeline" is said to be in very bad shape. We have very few new antibiotics in the works compared to times past. The big problem is that bacteria have the ability to develop resistance before drug companies are able to profit from new antibiotics. When bacteria are under physiological stress, the rate of mutations increases increases. Medicine has focused on poisoning bacteria to death. It's time to move in a new direction, like figuring out how to stop them from dividing. I have hope that science will eventually come up with new effective methods of killing off bacterial infections.

As for people with low future time orientation, I'm not so optimistic science will find a way to fix them. Things are going to have to get pretty bad before society as a whole becomes willing to allow people to suffer the consequences of their actions. Who wants to watch children starve? How many are prepared to deal with the fallout of the EBT getting cut off?

peterike said...

The world has way too many people. It's about time we have a black plague level epidemic that takes out 30-40% of the world population.

Portlander said...

Interesting point about Christianity and its coming of age as Rome fell. If there's one thing the Church has, it's institutional memory.

Of course it's largely been taken over by gay pederasts in the US, and it's doubtful anyone today could be persuaded even if the Church had someone capable of making an argument based on actual experience with the Roman Empire.

But then, I expect it would all be rationalized away as slavery. That's what's different between then and now… slavery. And woman's suffrage. It could never happen again, not with our Wise Latinas.

sykes.1 said...

Only the Western part of the Empire fell. The East, the real center of the Empire and its capital, lasted another 1,000 years. The main effect of the fall in the west was that the Catholic Church became an independent actor, while the Orthodox Church in the east remained a creature of the state.

pfffdiddy said...

Unfortunately the low IQ masses have forged an unbreakable opportunistic alliance with the PC-liberal elite.