Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sebelius Did Resign Because Obamacare Won

The ambiguously gay duo of Matt Yglesias and Ezra Klein bequeathed to media watchers a wonderful headline on their new site, Vox, "Kathleen Sebelius is Resigning Because Obamacare has Won". I would agree with the fey duo if not for the final touch where either Yglesias or Klein (unsure of which since Klein updated it) says that she can leave with it looking like a success. That is an outright lie unless viewed from an evil, progressive perspective. Obamacare is a win if one looks at it as the point where every political debate, election cycle or budget discussion was altered to forever involve health care and the mortal wounding of the private insurance and health care system. That was the progressive goal in the slow march towards fully nationalized health care.

Using the word "won" is important for it reveals the mindset of progressives and policy wonks like Klein. It is about winning, not positive policies or good governance. Like FDR's Social Security 1% idea, it is the foot in the door. They could have used a word like "success" or "working" in the headline but they chose to use "won". Vox is a site designed for lazy SWPLs to learn talking points boiled down to 15 second cocktail party comebacks and sound bites... and Faceborg comments. Won is the cue for a progressive foot soldier to throw in the face of anyone daring to criticize it. Any fool can see that it is not a success. Premiums continue to rise. Millions lost their individual coverage in the last eighteen months, which makes the supposed 7 million enrolled look like a wash. Think of the 7 million number. It is anywhere from 25 to 43 million short of the uninsured.

It is thousands of pages of red tape backed up by years of lying. More Obama-Sebelius statements were thrown into the lie column when the post-Obamacare premium numbers showed an increase in annual premiums by $2500 not a decrease (check Politifact's twisting of a truth meter score). Politifact can deny it, but the increases since Obamacare went into effect are partially driven by Obamacare due to simple changes in the law like removing pre-existing conditions exclusions. The insurers also padded premium levels to set up reserves for the near future hit of the Obamacare landscape. Part of the Obama administration's rosy GDP projections is due to expectations the underclass will now spend more on health care because they are covered now.

Not to defend the Obamacare legislation, but America does need to face some facts with regards to health care and insurance costs. We get our insurance primarily through our employers. Therefore, we are subject to group rates derived from the demographic profiles of our workforce. The average American is roughly 7 years older than he/she/zhe was in the 1970s. Older people create more health care needs. People are working longer, as Zero Hedge often points out that employment for those over 55 has been strong through this depression. Boomers have to work since they did not save anything for retirement. Never thought they would get old. The media discusses the unemployment problem of the under 30 crowd. In this horrible recession, we have employers with older employees and not a lot of new blood into their firms. This makes the average age of a corporation older, which means insurance based on actuarial tables where age and gender are the prime movers will cost more because the risk pool is older and more likely to use health services. I will not discuss it, but we have not slowed down on getting fatter, which creates demand for health care (more properly labeled sick care). America cannot look in the mirror and see that it is the fat, middle aged Prom Queen going to her 25th Year Class Reunion, not perky 18 year old going to Prom Night.

Yglesias and Klein do not care if insurance costs have risen significantly since the law went into effect hurting employers from hiring new employees. If the per employee cost jumps by $3,000 ('09-'13 rise), that is roughly 10% of the average salary of an American worker. That hurts producer costs in the middle of a recession. They do not care. The Obama administration is not about an economic recovery. Obamacare is not about covering people. A down economy makes more people dependent on the government, which is their goal. Obamacare is about power and destroying the private system from the progressive perspective. From here on out after the Supreme Court allowed Obamacare to continue, every budget debate will have an Obamacare element. How much? Who? What programs? If you threaten to cut it or take anything away, CBS, ABC and NBC will all have special segments in the news about poor little angels who will be crushed by the cutbacks. If Obamacare destroys the current system, the progressives get to watch the media say the only way to fix the plan is a nationalized system. The health insurer perspective is trying to install a nationalized system administered by private health insurers so they can collect profits. That is the battle, and right now, it looks like the progressives are winning.

Europe is already making changes to their social welfare system, with some nations even looking at privatizing portions of the health care system. Progressives do not care. They just want socialized medicine so they can be art history majors and not have their parents get mad at them, "Ginger, at least Emma will have insurance even if she paints using vaginal fluids, phew". Yes, the US system is not perfect and places 37th on international rankings of health care systems, but it is 37th because we score poorly on metrics that involve socialized system characteristics. We score poorly compared to OECD nations on infant mortality because we have a 40 million person African nation and 50 million person Mexican nation within our borders. Japan and France do not have those populations, but for us, they become problems which progressives can fix with programs like Obamacare and eventually, Hillarycare (Clintoncare sounds better). Obamacare is a progressive trick applied to a nation that bears little resemblance to the America that existed when nationalized systems were dreamed up or educated consumers were required. Obamacare did win. No matter how poorly Obamcare does, it is like an NFL lineman taking a 15 yard penalty for roughing the passer on a play where they knock the other team's quarterback out of the game. It is disgusting. It is a shame, but the later victory is all but certain.


PRCD said...

I think this is pushing more people into paying cash. It certainly did me. I realized I was forking out $300 a month to pay for Boomers to go to the doctor. I still had to fork out another $40 in copays and deductibles were large. We received great care when we needed it but mostly don't need it.

Now I'm on an HSA and the $300/month goes towards my retirement when I don't spend it. My employer matches half my annual costs.

Cash will always be king. There will always be cash medical services no matter how much they try to socialize a system. Just ask UK residents.

klejdys said...

We will likely end up with a two-tiered Canadian like system with shitty care and long lines for the proles and stuff like this:

for the smart/cash paying customer.

The best way to limit future costs is through preventative maintenance: working out, eating right, getting enough sleep and taking your vitamins. You know, all the stuff your mom told you to do.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Klejyds - Work out, get sleep, take vitamins... Hulk Hogan told me to do that.

I do think 2 tiered is coming because that's the secret to all of them. Screw the underclass with shitty "free" service. Problem is tort reform. The lawyers will have to give up those juicy lawsuits for it to work. I dont know how Dems will cajole them into supporting that. This is also where secession would help progs. Progtopia would allow them to not spend on defense so they could reallocate dollars to nationalized HC.

peterike said...

It really is a fundamental fact of life that America has, as you put it, "a 40 million person African nation and 50 million person Mexican nation within our borders." Eurotrash snobs never acknowledge this. Hey, why can't America have socialized medicine! It works in Sweden! Well yes, lots of things work in homogeneous, high-trust societies that don't work in rag-tag low-trust societies. Though I would imagine given the rapid third-world-izing of so much of Europe that the socialized medicine is going to be breaking down all over.

In fact, there was an instructive story on that just the other day from the UK where the polyglot hordes have already taken over. Indeed, Obamacare is just a stopover on the road to fully socialized medicine like the UK's National Health. The other day brought a story of a pregnant Portuguese woman (do they have anchor babies in England?) who went to the hospital for appendicitis, and the doctor removed an ovary instead and she died. Oh dear, what happened?

Well, the doctor's name is Dr Yahya Al-Abed, and the supervising physician was Babatunde Coker. So these two third-world rejects no doubt from half-baked medical schools that hand out faux degrees happily practice in the UK because the miseries of the system have driven most of the white doctors out of it. It's now a dumping ground for third world medical practitioners. There is no reason -- NO reason -- to think the gears won't grind in the same direction in the U.S., and more and more we'll see our medical services provided by non-whites. Incompetence will become the rule rather than the exception. Of course the elites will continue to have the same highly competent, white and Jewish medical providers they have now, only they will be working in an entirely private system that the rest of us have no access to.

Welcome to the great Progressive Future.