Friday, April 04, 2014

Noticing Things Costs You Your Job

In the spirit of Steve Sailer's war on noticing theme, take a gander at Michael Scheuer's post-CIA career. Scheuer is a man who saw the threat that Al-Qaeda posed, tracked Bin Laden, and recognized the Al Qaeda threat was more detailed than simple they hate our freedom platitudes. One would think Scheuer would be a media darling. He is not. Scheuer is a non-interventionist, going so far to name his personal website "Michael Scheuer's Non-Intervention". He also is quick to point out the uneven support that the US political establishment gives to Israel in the Middle East, whether aid, Israeli-Palestinian relations, or support. Michael Scheuer noticed a pattern and has been unpersoned.

Scheuer's approach to 9/11 is a pretty clear headed one where Al Qaeda was attempting an asymmetric warfare act to upset the US economy, which OBL saw as the heart of the US (true). Scheuer stated Al Qaeda had clear cut political goals that are responses to not just US foreign policy in Muslim lands but to the authroitarian governments of the Middle East. Scheuer mentioning these items was useful to the media in their 2004 and beyond anti-war messaging, but too much focus and the little people might see his points clearly. As Ron Paul reiterated some of Scheuer's comments, part of Al Qaeda's motivation was our doing. Americans are far more isolationist than the bipartisan, war party in DC. Scheuer's words may mold public opinion if given too wide of a platform. Scheuer has been shunned by the media or called names if not portrayed ashaving meltdowns. The smear brush is out because his message might be dangerous out there in the wild.

Scheuer also noticed the issue of Israel. Michael Scheuer dared to point out how the bipartisan foreign policy cabal in DC leans heavily in favor of Israel. He also pointed out how Rahm Emanuel served in the Gulf War as a patriot... for Israel. This issue has a long history from Truman recognizing Israel as a nation early, to Nixon bailing out Golda Meir and Israel in the early '70s to aid (military or monetary) today. Glenn Greenwald even uncovered the odd fact that the Israelis know our NSA secrets. Hmmm. Scheuer also mentioned how any criticsm of the Israeli-US relationship is painted as anti-semitic, which only was confirmed by what happened to him. Scheuer's employer, the Jamestown Foundation, received threats of funding cuts from donors. Scheuer was out the door. He dared to notice the pattern of US foreign policy and the uneven mnner in which Israel is viewed or treated. They went after him, including a Hitler reference. They fed right into his criticism of the toxic foreign policy environment.

This is a silenced voice, and one that is silenced purely for a view that is unacceptable to a small minority and the media. Scheuer is not a genius that should be quoted frequently, but his years in the CIA in the anti-terror unit gives him insight the normal urus on cable news do not have. He was not quoted for any commentary on the potential Libya fiasco, yet hi comments were prescient. He already committed his crime though. Scheuer noticed something obvious. Unfortunately for him, that obvious situation is part of the system's default setting. It also upset the Israelis' cousins who have outsized influence in the American media-political structure. If you notice something, be careful mentioning it because it might upset your rulers.

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peterike said...

The thought repression in America has really gone beyond Soviet levels; and it's much more subtle and sinister. And the level of punishment is rising: witness the Mozilla guy getting fired for his minor thought-crime of several years ago. No amount of compensatory action matters once you have violated the ever shifting commandments of the PC Thought Police.