Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Forget About Skepchick? The Wall Did Not.

Her peak. Low peak, but her peak.
Anyone remember Skepchick? Rebecca Watson, flash in the pan atheist advocate, was a woman who a fellow atheist at a conference followed her into an elevator and invited her up to his room or out for coffee or something benign but she felt threatened. This created a row within the atheist corner about sexism. Goddammit (I have no clue what atheists say) men can you refrain from asking beautiful specimens like Rebecca to your room when in a completely safe space like a hotel elevator that most likely has a video camera watching everything. Maybe it was a precursor to the microaggression brigades or an early example of the thin skinned offended crowd with access to self publishing and Youtube. Rebecca is single, and it will probably stay that way. Why? Because you may have forgotten her 15 seconds of SWPL fame, but the Wall did not forget about Rebecca.

Nerdy girl with a quirky look but a serious case of face pollution (too much face for her head) hit the wall at 90 mph. That video is from March of 2014, and the comment section is pretty vicious. She is 33 now, but my God, does she look awful for 33. This is with make up and good production values for her Youtube video about Feminism. You want Rebecca to stop talking about feminism, well guess what, she is not having any of it and will keep barking about it... with a sad look in her eyes. Forcing myself to watch the video, she has quite the androgynous look. Her face shape is more of a man's oval. That jawline killed her because the moment she gained any weight, it fleshed out her face, making it more mannish.

She knows it is over. How does one top a guy innocently asking her out almost being raped in an elevator? It's impossible. On top of that, she could not string the horrible near assault into a running column for Slate, Salon or whatever progressive rag. Rebecca might as well start touring one bedroom condos and buy a few cats. Maybe she can find a lady partner after she turns forty so that she can force novelty and rebellion once again on her family but relax because lesbian bed death will spare her for having to have an active sex life. Isn't that at the heart of aggressive atheism? Shock, novelty and rebellion against one's family and extended social network. If she is an atheist, I do wonder, who will she curse and cry to in the lonely years that fill the rest of her life?

The horror, the horror.


peterike said...

Ooof, the wall is strong with this one. And I like nerdy chicks, generally speaking.

One of the things I find most entertaining about these sorts of people is that her organization, Skepchick, is and I quote: "an organization dedicated to promoting skepticism and critical thinking among women around the world."

Skepticism? Critical thinking? This from a woman who, I can guarantee you, has not spent as much as thirty seconds questioning a single belief in her head. Everything she believes was placed into her head fully formed, the full Progressive package of ideas, atheist division. Is there anything she dissents on? I doubt it. Ok sure, she dissents on religion. Oooooh, how daring! How rebellious! I mean, THAT'S never been done before. Thank Go... uhhh, thank nothing that Rebecca is out there pounding home the message of atheism because otherwise who would even DARE think such thoughts?

If an original thought ever penetrated the penumbras and emanations in which she lives, it would probably kill her.

Anonymous said...

meh. she was absolutely disgusting then, and she's absolutely disgusting now. its splitting hairs trying to determine degrees of disgusting at this point.

Lucius Somesuch said...

"I don't know, but I got duped"
-I don't know, but I got duped--
"Purple-headed p*ss* tastes mighty good"
--Purple-headed p*ss* tastes mighty good--

Yeah, since peterike cracked the dam on the topic of secret shame, I'll admit that I've nursed a thing for the Pippi Rippedstockings brigade in my time.

In the "peak" photo-- ah, that lost look, waiting for some manly guide to take her hand and lead her awkward steps through the labyrinth of Hume's "Dialogues Concerning Natural Relgion" . . .

But oh, that bitter wall! She looks like a 42 year-old, and with the charmless voice to match. Perhaps no amount of philosophical enlightenment could have helped-- tho we should not discount the wasting effects of cheap cynicism, idiotic company, and copious misplaced paranoia on her brow.

Orwell might've added, "At 32, every woman has the face she deserves."

Anonymous said...

OMFG! It almost looks like the mother of the woman in the first picture. I am sure she will find someone who loves her for what really matters in a woman; you know, her intellect and passion for her feminist cause.

Portlander said...

33!?! Gotta be a vegan. Which is kind of ironic for an atheist, no? If we're nothing but bags of protoplasm and a chemical reaction, what's it hurt if one feasts on another bag of protoplasm with an active chemical reaction.

Sunshine Mary said...

See, if she'd married Elevator Guy, he'd have wife goggles for her and she'd still look pretty good to him. But now she can't inspire wife goggles in a man, what with the Bitter Crankies written all over her face like that.

Anonymous said...

I see she is starting to grow a protective roll of fat about the midsection. If it droops any lower, sex becomes impossible, or at the very least, too comical to maintain an erection, even for the most determined of elevator predators.

I'd call it a muffin top, but for some reason "mushroom top" seems to be more correctly descriptive.

Anonymous said...

Also, can anyone tell her that it's okay for her to keep talking about feminism as long as she doesn't also force us to look at her shriveled skin and granny-mouth?

If she really cared about men, she would not rape their eyeballs with her grievous countenance.

Frank Montgomery said...

These chicks who get beta orbiters/white knights via talking about male dominated subcultures (from atheistkult to alt right and libertarian) give me a great business idea: create an alt-right blog, hire a girl to film videos of it (make her sign a non compete clause), and release-prob get 100k subscribers, sell a ton of ebooks.

Better get on this before Tim Ferris and Tucker Max beat me to it!

anti-racist said...

Feel nothing but pity.

I thin her worldviews are a direct result of her lack physical beauty.

Being an unattractive woman is a fate worse than death.