Thursday, April 24, 2014

Depression 2.0 Links

As our Depression 2.0 marches into year five, it might be worthwhile to look over some recent articles for a full grasp of the dystopia, the suspended development of modern life and the avoidance of reality in both us peasant and our elite.

The NY Times notes that the Canadian middle class caught up and most likely passed the American middle class in wealth and our lead versus other nations has declined. The article and graphs conveniently leave out changes in Western European nations which have faced a bit of an economic cataclysm themselves. Also missing from the chart, the effect of unrestrained immigration on the American middle class. Can't mention that. Note that no one discusses debt forgiveness anymore. Occupy buried that.

Read abut the rising tide of Boomers in California forced to move in with their elderly parents. Not a sympathetic crew. In their defense, the FED's need to reinflate the housing bubble and rising rents due to Wall St-Private Equity scarfing up properties for cash to rent out has priced many of them out of affordability. Immigration has killed California, but hey, let's not mention that. I liked reading the Boomers bitch about being treated like children. Multigenerational living was the norm for ages. These idiots whine about it when they are the failures moving back in with their near death parents.

Home sales dip to a 20 month low. Realtors say the supply is to tight that new construction is needed. Prices are rising due to cash transactions. Here's the key that the media will not chase, "The sharpest sales increase occurred among homes priced at $1 million or above. Purchases rose 8 percent in that category. Sales fell in nearly every other price group." That rise is the only reason the average sold home's value rose. Only sales band that saw an increase. The plutocrats have it good.

SWPLS can do their ruin porn documentary creating, spelunking and adventuring on North Brother Island. All the fun of watching America's decline in 3d without the fear of being killed by blacks vibrant youths in Detroit. The urban ruin adventuring is a placeholder for the SWPLs to recognize that the decline is real but do nothing about it. As an observer or voyeur, they can remove themselves from it, get back in their SUVs and enjoy some cat gifs on Tumblr.


sykes.1 said...

In my old age, I have become an isolationist: no immigration, no free trade, no foreign entanglements. Closed borders. And get out of NATO before the shooting starts. (50% chance of war with Russia by the end of the summer. 10% it will be both Russia and China.)

I realize I am the descendant of immigrants. TS/BFD

I realize that close borders would result in lowered living standards. TS/BFD

Anonymous said...

Reading posts like this pushes me ever closer to supporting a resurrection of the WPA. Phase out welfare, and ramp up WPA 2.0.

Anonymous said...

Max Keiser was recently talking about Gen X and Gen Y living in their parents basements while they are out traveling the world... hilarious.