Friday, April 11, 2014

Auctioning Humans

Debt serfdom may be the rage today to keep the lumpenproles in line, but until the Civil War and some constitutional amendments settled things, actual slavery was the means of keeping the underclass "in line" It was not just enslavement of blacks or indentured servitude of whites, but also the idea that there was a class below the peasant farmers in status. No matter how much the large slave holding estates were (few families would have been paid off if the North choose to do so) screwing the common man, at least the common man was free and not a slave. Let us look at the advertisements of slave auctions and be witnesses to history.

What is a "city guarantee"?

"Sold in families" hurts on myth of traders not talking into account families

Toddlers as part of package, must be family lots again.

Looks like an estate settlement auction. Common in the South as all of their capital was either land or slaves. Debts had to be covered by one or the other.

This one has children listed but no mention of selling slaves as families.

Wide variety of skills here. I imagine Hollywood would twist this into a horrible mockery of what it is at its core; liquidation of a small business.

Considering the date, 158 slaves would have been a huge payoff for the benefactors of this estate liquidation. This guy had a rice mill. Of course the North was never going to buy out the slaves. It would have given the elites of the South a huge capital boost, and a new labor pool that was accustomed to no pay. They would have set up factories and done well if their white tradesmen class was savvy enough.


PA said...

Must confess, I feel a bit of a withdrawal with the closing of GLPiggy. The original material there, along with the comment section, made it a good place to think and present my thoughts. My nemesis and foil Nikcrit, as I now appreciate, helped whip up my mental energy.

SOBL: you wrote at Eradica for a bit, and then you left. What do you think of that scene?

Son of Brock Landers said...

Fan of your wit from glp's comment sectiin. You, camlost and (k)yle were a good core for commenters. I miss Gorbachev. Chuck's spot was fun and informative, and come on how hilarious are comments by confused, gentle nikcrit or the troll who changed names?

Firepower said he wanted to take his site to new level, get more serious. Didnt work out that way, plus he's gone so deep into the hating on minos. I actually was more bothered by him taking lame potshots at guys like chuck, rosh, heartiste for no reason. Piss outside the tent. AAB's posts are good, and the commenters always make me laugh in a good way but Firepower has good ideas that he drons in his mino-attacks. I check it out weekly, but his posting is almost paint by numbers now, too bad. The guys at Theden invited me to contribute, so I didnt want to spread myself too thin so I said adios to eradica. Thanks for stopping by.

Son of Brock Landers said...
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PA said...

When I comes to explicit WN bloggers I am partial to Mindweapons. A good mix or realism, pragmatism, and optimism.

Gorbachev -- I had a funny feeling about him. Something felt off. Didn't trust him. K(yle) was someone I regarded as a check on my occasional excesses. Brilliant guy, but too grim and therefore someone with a limiting vision.

Chuck is one of a kind. He has a "regular guy" persona mixed with a unique credibility. In private emails and on the blog, I've encouraged his journalism career because I see in him a steely, incorruptible quality. The dude is ambitious AND trustworthy, rare qualities mixed together.

Anonymous said...

lumpenproles? Debt serfdom is for Whites of middle class and below. Debt means nothing to diversities unless it can be secured against their EBT cards and Section 8 vouchers.

peterike said...

A lot of these bills of sale make a point about the negroes in question being "prime" or otherwise high quality. Yeah it's marketing, but it suggests that there was a need to convey that THIS particular batch was a good batch, which in turn suggests that many weren't.

I would imagine the typical slave owner had to deal with their fair share of shiftless, recalcitrant, inattentive and sloppy workers. Kind of like down at the DMV.