Friday, March 28, 2014

Winter Olympics Paralympian Ad

The Winter Olympics was full of terrible advertisements. Chevy led the way with thirty seconds of cultural Marxism during every commercial break. One advertisement that some of my friends liked but bothered me was the AT&T Paralympian ad.

Paralympian Heath Calhoun has a rough training session on the slopes. He is upset. Then he gets a text. It's a video text from his son saying he can't wait to see him win gold. Narrator finishes with the there when you need it tag line.

Whatever creative came up with that ad idea is childless. This guy needs to hear that his kid looks forward to seeing him win as the pick me up. Important distinction is seeing the win, not just seeing him at the Paralympics. With the follow up narration, it is like the guy needs to know his kid wants the win just as he, the dedicated skier, does which is why he's handicapped and a father yet out on the ski slopes rather than spending time with his kid... and for what? An AT&T spot. It's kind of like all the time people spend away from their family for work that has no real rewards. In reality, a dad would just have to get the message from his kid saying "I love you" and that is the pick me up to get dad smiling. "My kid loves me, I can't wait to see him after being on these ski slopes all day. Life is tough but worth it." The joy in this ad is not that your kid loves you, but that your kid is dedicated to your career goals just as much as you are.

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