Tuesday, March 11, 2014

What is the Point of Harvard Law School? Sitcoms + Life Coaches

The great con job the elite universities pulled on the masses was that they educate the best and brightest using the best and brightest professors to be the leaders of tomorrow. In reality, those universities are giant filtration units to pump out tomorrow's progressive soldiers and credential anyone not already part of the current elite's in-crowd. People still buy the fable, but Harvard's job is to mold the people that will maintain it's ideological influence on society. "You didn't build that" went from a Harvard's Marxist worldview Critical Legal Studies courses to your Boomer liberal aunt's mouth in twenty years because Liz Warren and Barack Obama heard it in the same law school. I found a recent ridiculous example of this foot soldier production, and this person will be writing garbage that spews out of television screens in due time.

A long time friend is in the process of having a television show developed. We have weekly phone calls during the NFL season and text one another often. He is a middle class Jewish guy from Jersey, so at a rich kid college, we got along well mocking our wealthy friends who would welsh on buying a round of drinks. We had a recent exchange regarding him being smarter than the average Hollywood worker.

SOBL: "Jesus man, you must be the smartest guy they've ever dealt with."

Friend: "Hollywood has more bitter Ivy kids than Wall Street."

SOBL: "Because the winners got to Wall St."

Friend: "Not shitting you, look up writers on LinkedIn. Ivy brats everywhere. They take in the failed school paper columnists."

This was a well timed conversation as I read some cultural commentary essays after Harold Ramis' death that pointed out the Harvard graduates working in Hollywood, and their fear of mocking the powerful. Mindy Kalling is a Dartmouth graduate who cites Harvard graduate Conan O'Brien as an influence. I then saw a credit on an NBC website for Robb Chavis. In his biography, it stated he ran a sports comedy blog called Us Versus Them. I then thought, "Oh damn, I used to check out that blog". The comments contained nuggets of unspoken truth, like the mythical Cliff Huxtable that does not exist in real life or black female vs. male bitchfests (you might recognize one commenter's style). Like Lion of the Blogosphere, he was a fan of deleting a comment, then making a post using the meat of the deleted comment as if it were his thoughts. As the Obama fandom got lamer, I stopped checking in. I checked out UvT after seeing his NBC bio, and he had ended the blog, revealing his identity. It also made a blog post of him cleaning up the archvies make more sense in retrospect. I bet he had to scrub some un-PC things. I then did a reverse look up of him, and it struck me as odd when viewed from a step back.

Robb Chavis is a black guy from Atlanta who attended Duke and then Harvard Law School. He worked a corporate gig for Global Hue, which handles marketing and advertising for a diverse crowd. Odd coincidence, Global Hue was behind brainwashing blacks into buying the Chrysler 300. He somehow parlayed the comedy-sports blog into rolling with NBC. To add insult to the Harvard Law degrees pissed away on cathedral foot soldiers, his black wife is also a Harvard Law graduate who... does not practice law. She gave it up, rejected the money. She has a life coach type hustle going. Huffpo was there to interview her. Her story needs Harvard Law because the little people go "oh my God, she's wicked smart and gave up a law career to work on her life and be happy". It does not work as well if she went to a lower tier law college. I can't shake this feeling someone was not going to make partner and figured out an escape plan by selling themself. Paraphrased: "I gave up conflict, complaining and the chase despite my Harvard Law degree, so you can to if you just follow my guide". System found a way to use her. Someone Harvard trained can tell you how to be happy and define happy, not you. No way is Huffpo showcasing her garbage if she's a white girl from Villanova's Law School.

Now Robb himself is getting ready to write for the big boys at NBC/Universal. His old blog is still up (8 million page views sounds impressive unless you know better). Despite the Harvard-Duke pedigree, it is run of the mill black tribalism in most posts. He was mocking gays so much that when he got pushback, he did a cover post on why being gay is okay (must have been in talks with NBC by then) but gays were going about things wrong compared to blacks' struggles. Guess burning down cities is cool but wearing pink boas is not. Anti-white commentary was peppered throughout posts, but the golden comedic insight was after his reveal. The greatest joke he pulled was on his readers. Here was a black guy who went to Duke and Harvard, and seems like one of those Obama blacks, yet when he wrote a blog about "Team Us", draw from that what you will, he created a stereotype of a brutha who had it locked down. Like Clark Kent putting on a suit and glasses, he was putting on the clothes of the cool black guy television has promoted for years. Lots of Obama parallels here. Is he still playing the poseur game? Ehhh, he smiles in photos for NBC but does the black man pout when he takes other photos. Even Harvard Law nerds got to keep it real.

He now is in the pipeline to produce jokes for NBC/Universal for millions of viewers. If his blog is an indicator, there will be plenty of "white women don't got no ass jokes" as his UvT blog continuously joked on white women's asses. As a black, he could not consider a Brazilian or Hispanic woman with blonde hair and white skin "white". She had to be an "other" to have that ass (check Amber Rose posts, too). Was he really funny? Not in general, but I could laugh at a lot of the sports stuff. Is his blog evidence supporting that there will be no reconciliation between races? Yeah, just read the comment section to his blog (Hispanic-black underreported war, good brutha shortage). How does he get picked for television writing? Duke helped, Harvard Law helped, having a diversity centric corporate gig with lots of contact with television advertising buyers helped, but most importantly, being black is the main cause. Rail on the ills of a biased society Robb, but every single acceptance letter you received you can look back and thank that skin tone of yours. If not, NBC wouldn't have you in their DiverseCity program. The guy grows up in a system supporting him yet will still bitch.

Is this the purpose of Harvard Law School? Does it feel weird? The point of education is what exactly? One would think, with Harvard Law School, it is creating the nation's vanguard in law. Why suck in people who cannot hack it once out? This blog post is probably reading way too much into the careers of Harvard graduates, but Harvard deemed them worthy. Don't deny it; Harvard is still the Wonka Golden Ticket. Harvard shaped their minds, fed them the Harvard line of the moment like Elizabeth Warren and Barack Obama both using the "you didn't build that" line. The Harvard way will be broadcast to you through NBC's sitcoms and if you're down and out needing a life coach, from a Harvard girl on the hustle who will tell you about happiness and how to find it. How long until privilege jokes make it on the small screen? You, male reader, may be funny, or you female reader, might have a life system you want to hustle, but Harvard didn't let you in, so you can keep your thoughts to yourself as part of the rabble.


Inane Rambler said...

This must be why so many tv and movie characters are Ivy grads. These people can't contemplate the existence of people who attended state schools. Of course it's also always Harvard and sometimes Yale. Rarely is it Brown or Princeton.

Chris said...

Brown grads would rather do this:


The writer of this heaping pile of dung is a 32 year old "black" woman who went to Brown. My guess was this was the first piece of negative criticism she's ever received. Too bad.

Inane Rambler said...

That is incredible.

Monroe Ficus said...

Remember how on the Office, they made fun of that Ed Helms character going to Cornell, a joke that's only funny to the HYP crowd (incl. Dartmouth, but heaven forbid Cornell, formed like 200 years later or something).

The ivies were much better when they were producing useless blowhards like McGeorge Bundy, at least he couldn't benefit from AA.

Big Bill said...

I searched the US Patent Office website (where all patent attorneys are registered) and found no patent attorney or patent agent with a last name of "chavis".


I searched the New York State attorney database and found no one with a last name of "chavis".


I am not sure what he did at King & Spaulding (1185 Avenue of the Americas, NYC) after his Harvard Law School graduation, but it wasn't patent law or New York State law.

Lots of folks try to pass the New York State bar and fail (JFKII, for example). Usually name law firms (aka King & Spaulding, Robb's old firm) will give you a couple chances, sometimes three.

But eventually you have to leave. The firms are loath to dump NAMs, given the great pressure by their corporate clients to have NAMs do at least some some legal work.

Steve Sailer said...

Is Robb Chavis related to former head of the NAACP Benjamin Chavis?


Steve Sailer said...

A former neighbor used to write for "Married with Children." She would complain bitterly about the "Harvard Mafia" that had come to town to write for "The Simpsons" and then took over. I'd nod sympathetically and keep it to myself that I thought "The Simpsons" was better than her show.

Son of Brock Landers said...

@chris - saw that brown clip from twitter. Cocoon life, never criticized.
@monroe - ed helms character is a stereotype of cornellians hung up on themselves. Being in an acapella group was a perfect touch.
@bill - wow. Nice digging. He did work for global hue... specializing in diversity marketing. The Jews created a great pipeline for the diversity track people they'd promote w/o qualifications all their lives. Perfect example is a guy named John Jenkins, black mayor in maine and diversity consultant as well as motivational speaker.
@steve - No clue on Chavis' father. Would not be shocked. I only know that with the behavior of their best and brightest at Ivies, there is no hope for reconciliation.