Thursday, March 06, 2014

Missing the Obvious to the Bad Wendy Davis Win

Oh the left wing and right wing pundits are having fun with Wendy Davis' primary win. Wendy Davis, manufactured candidate for governor of Texas, won the Democratic primary for governor easily. HuffPo rehashes her meteoric rise after her abortion filibuster last year. The right wing is poking fun at Davis' victory by pointing out Davis won counties that Barack Obama lost in 2012, and lost counties that Barack Obama won in 2012. Great map at the bottom here (see below) from The Federalist that avoids the truth. In fact, she lost to a candidate that raised $0 for the election. Har har, she did not win those counties vs. a nobody. Why? No one will say it, but she lost counties that are Hispanic majority to a Hispanic candidate.

Layer Hispanic population and it's a near perfect overlap

The metrics in the Davis win are horrible for her candidacy, but the pundits skirt the easy answer to the border county issue. She did not win 90% of the vote there because it goes tribe then internal party politics. Wendy Davis lost the border counties to Reynaldo "Ray" Madrigal. He is a constant candidate for office. He is a pro-life Democrat. He raised no money, yet she lost to him in those counties and won elsewhere. Well, she won the white majority counties. Racial lock step voting. If the media can display maps of the Ukrainian electorate splitting nearly perfectly along ethnic lines of Ukrainian vs. Russian is would be nice if they were honest and did the same in the United States. This is the stuff voters into counties to tip the scales of elections in hard form. The entire immigration bit leads to this. It is how it started in California, border counties and the rural areas until it was show over.

The media cannot analyze this. They are dishonest and rely on this voting to keep power. To reveal the stuffing congressional districts game would taint democracy, and we cannot have that said openly on air. The folks at home might wake up. To reveal racially hardened voting in as blatantly awful of an example as this could nudge whites to harden their voting. A 5% swing in states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin or Minnesota would have the vote stuffers in Detroit, the Twin Cities, Philadelphia and Milwaukee with too large a gap to make up through fraud. Can't have that though or lean blue white majority blue states turn purple, and the purple turn red.

This is a sick symptom of the democracy game. The body counts, the identity politics, and the hardening of identification through ballot punching. If the United States remains a nation in twenty years, the Democrats will eventually have a Hispanic candidate to run statewide that the white, Democrat mandarins will not be able to co-opt. A man of the people, a man of will, and a man who will not play nice. Now is not his time, but he will show up one day. Julian Castro is cathedralized. George P. Bush is the heir to the Bush throne (he won his primary for land commissioner). One day though, the Texicans of the border counties may have a muchacho to call their own and run, El Jefe, El Guapo, or El Cabrón El Hombre.

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peterike said...

One does hope that the globalists are one day hoist on their own petard and their immigrant hordes end up electing a bunch of anti-abortion, anti-gay zealots to rule over them. There will be some satisfaction in that. Of course by then America is completely unrecognizable so it's a Pyrrhic victory.