Sunday, March 23, 2014

Masha Gessen, Gollum

Steve Sailer had a nice post on Masha Gessen's confirmation of Putin's suspicions about the West which George Soros called paranoia. World War G is the way to gin up the US natives to fight the Russians over scraps of backwater nations like the Ukraine. Masha Gessen is a lesbian political activist with a warped worldview. She also has pull. She is published in papers, earns speaking fees and helps subvert other nations. She is a government employee of sorts with extensive contacts to our State Department. One item that is not published often is her malicious intent to destroy the family.

Gessen has been recorded saying gay marriage is a sham, but that the real goal is to destroy the traditional family. In the dystopian world that is modern America, her words were not met with silence or boos, but with applause. This is just another step in destroying all bonds between individuals and molding people down to individuals with no connections whatsoever to anyone else. This should be stamped next to any byline, but it is not. It is thrown down the memory hole because to pull the curtain back on these freaks and psychotic progs might cause middle of the road voters to pause. As easily as Americans were molded to accept gay marriage, they could be molded to see these sick freaks for what they are. It only takes using the megaphone for other means. Throw in Gessen's Jewish heritage, and whoa, the flyover folks might start wondering about other things.

She also is the gay Gollum. Seriously, look at pictures of this woman in her mid 40s. She looks 60. Does she use soap and shampoo? Reviewing her Google Image results, she probably has gender identification issues as well. She wears suits, has her hair super short, and looks like Ezra Klein's older brother. Just how much of her activism is her own struggle with her mother's early death and her mental issues? Work those out first before ruining eons old institutions like marriage and starting world war three. Besides Gessen's personal demons fueling her political activism, the other problem we have is giving a microphone and therefore granting authority to fools like this about geopolitical events without full disclosure. How different would every readers' opinion of Gessen's anti-Putin screed be if they knew she lied about same-sex marriage as a means to destroy traditional marriage? This happens with them all, like Matt Yglesias having worked in Chuck Schumer's office in his undergraduate days, but a dose of transparency would be healthy for the system. The media would rather us read the wise words of a lesbian who lived in Russia, was born in Russia and wants to free Russia. They cannot let us know she is a woman (barely) who wants to destroy marriage, enabled Pussy Riot for political purposes and would drop bombs on Russia for gays in a heartbeat.


Anonymous said...

Gessen is an Ashkenazi Jewish woman. Part of the rich liberal secular Jewish class.

Anonymous said...

Whoa, Yglesias worked in Chuck Schumer's office!?! Isn't Schumer famous for running an office that serves as a matchmaking service/glorified J-Date for the Beltway's smartest young, hyper-connected political up-and-comers?

How did Yglesias get out of that place without being married off to some nice "future leader of America"-type JAP?

Son of Brock Landers said...

Yglesias was figuring out if he was straight then is my guess.

disaffectedpurveyor said...

I have nominated you for a Liebster Award!

Klejdys said...

Yglesias' arrested development probably meant he started to be interested in members of the opposite sex around 22.

Toddy Cat said...

Yglesias is straight? Who knew?

Son of Brock Landers said...

Cambridge Massachusetts has gay bars. Some straight guys go to them to support their gay friends. Some go for support multiple times. Money says Yglesias is the type of guy kicking himself for not saying he is gay to further his career now.

Anonymous said...

For the roughly 8-10 years or so that I've been exposed to Yglesias' punditry, I've just assumed him to be gay.

That's what I had in mind with the previous comment about him somehow escaping the notorious ethno-caste-centric marriage mill element of Schumer's office.

Never even entertained the thought that he might actually be straight.

What a day: it started off by finding out that, counter CNN, a black hole did not, in fact, swallow up the missing Malaysian airliner. Now I learn that Matthew Yglesias might not, in fact, be gay.

My head is spinning.

Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ, you are terrible.