Thursday, March 20, 2014

Everything is Rotten With Miriam Weeks/Belle Knox

Things don't add up on the Duke filmed hooker porn performer story. The elevation of her tiny participation in a salacious industry is man bites dog territory but reeks of self-promotion. Alec Baldwin asked in the TNT Sunday afternoon rotation, neo-noir film Malice if Bill Pullman would cut off a finger for a million dollars or maybe just a digit. Think of this like Kris Jenner using Kim Kardashian's sex tape with a no-name rapper as a sacrifice for greater fame and fortune or de Blasio's wife saying she was a lesbian in the early '70s to carve out a niche in the growing black feminist crowd. Here's my take: Miriam Weeks performed in her few porn scenes as a way to sacrifice and earn streed cred for credibility, publicity and carreerism in the Jezebel realm of the media and the media is using her right now to further normalize porn for women.

1. Miriam Weeks enrolls in Duke and sets self up as women's studies major, also openly stating she is a libertarian.
2. Mixed race, half-Asian Indian, Miriam Weeks shoots porn as Belle Knox. Does kinky site known for rough stuff first, and within first few scenes is banging James Deen who is hot ticket right now in porn that has received plenty of good mainstream PR. Is this the ultimate American Born Confused Desi move?
3. She is outed by guy in fraternity. Story is he identified her from her kink performance... her first flick is how he spotted her. Later, the story is changed to she confided in him of her porn work.
4. OMG the media picks up on it! She gets an essay in Cosmopolitan, interview on CNN and then an appearance on The View. Guy who outed her supposedly has a $1,000/month porn habit and gets the second wave of outrage for being a hypocrite (I don't know how it's hypocritical. I like alcohol but criticze alcoholics and some elements of that industry).

Guess the next step in normalizing porn for American women is to have a top tier college girl do it and then say how awesome and empowering it was. She fights the patriarchy through self-objectification and getting throat fucked on film. Sounds like the patriarchy won. Any deep investigative segments before or after interviews where the reporter discusses the rampant dysfunction of countless performers. Remember when Janeane Garafolo and other women were ripping men liking barely legal porn which they defined as barely legal because women had waxed their pubic hair off? Weeks/Knox is doing barely legal porn with the school girl/teen imagery. Side note: Have you seen her dad? She got dad's nose. Tight body if you like stick thin, but a giant nose attached to her small face. The media gets to discuss porn not being bad. The media also gets to discuss the hypocrisy of the guy who outed her as a user. This is tailor made for progressive ends. The hypocrisy of an upper class, two parent home, military brat girl doing what we associate with the lower classes being first. For an industry that sucks in 5,000 new perforemrs a year, they were bound to pull in one kid from a top notch university. America, and it's media, has devolved significantly because nearly 20 years ago Asia Carrera was the first big Asian crossover porn star who had a MENSA level IQ and was a classically trained painist who performed at Carnegie Hall as a kid (check her broken sounding story in the documentary "After Porn Ends"). She was not invited to talk on CNN or daytime television. The narrative has changed now. In the current media's narrative, the doofus who outed her is key. Turn eventual focus and anger on the patriarchy since there is a war on women going on folks. Pay no attention to the media institution supporting her.

Nothing feels solid with her story. She says she watched porn since age 12, and performed research on the industry, yet when she performed in her scene, she said the guy was being paid more than her (.70 cents on dollar feminist narrative vs. porn's 5-1 pay ratio reality). It was to help her family pay for Duke's outrageous tuition? Unh-hunh. Duke is expensive even for a military family where dad makes $200,000 annually but no health insurance burdens like us civilians, but what were her handful of scenes going to net her? The boy-girl scene was $1200 before agent cut and taxes, the girl-girl was much less, and maybe some glamour photo still money, but after taxes, that is what, $4000. Duke's expenses total up to $50,000+/- annually. To tack onto her flimsy cover story, did she shoot a bunch of scenes in December to rack up revenue? Was she running a pay site? Can you buy autographed photos of her? She had a Tumblr and a Twitter. Wait, she must not have done more scenes because if she did the studio would be packaging those with good girl gone bad marketing. In a month, she could have shot daily and earned $1200 a scene each day as much as she wanted if she pushed herself and was looking to pay for Duke. Filming one scene takes hours, so every other day and she could have earned $10,000 on her back.

Think of the reveal. It gets picked up and debated by the media mandarins as a boundary in the sexual realm to bend for young women. She was not ashamed of her choice yet used stage name, and told one guy to not tell anyone. The guy she happened to tell (Thomas Bagley) also has a porn habit of $1,000/month. Not so fast. How did they find that one out? They are taking the word of the distributor of that site. That distributor has a history of making outrageous offers to critics of porn. Why was Bagley paying for porn? It is 2014. Tube sites stream everything and anything for free. A double major is not paying for porn. I looked up the Brazzers and Bang Bros website networks costs; $9.99/month for 30 sites for both networks. Kulich's kink site is similar a month. Nowhere near $1,000/month, but it is Prog 101, smear the other side. Media fail on purpose. Bagley, if the habit is not true, sue Kulich and the papers for libel to cover your tuition costs. The story changing from recognizing her onscreen to being told by her is interesting, and sounds like amateur hour in storyland to cover for implausibility of recognizing her. With the flood of porn released a month, how would this one guy at her specific school (14,600 enrolled students) see her first scene out of all the smut released? That is finding the Holy Grail in a room of 10,000 cups. Even the pervs fans at the incredibly NSFW adult dvd talk had first posted about her on January 10th (NSFW). For a laugh, read that thread to get to the porn media interviewer who will ask her about anal but not interracial because he doesn't want her to get branded a racist if she says no. Porn performer = okay. Won't bang black guys = Racist = bad reputation. Consider how the status of the guy who outed her helps the tale: nerdy looking frat boy at Rapey White Privilege Duke University tells his frat, and oh the patriarchy shamed her. Oh no the patriarchy!!!

She is so shamed by society that she showed up on CNN and The View. Who flew her there for interviews? Who is paying? Maybe it is her bookign agency, Matrix Models, which is not the premier agency, so she is their star they can push now to pick up new clients. Cosmo gave her an outlet to express her tale. This all stinks of a set up. Will she get a book deal or will she just be a Jezebelsphere writer? The XO Jane writing gig probably pays crap, but it's a supplement to porn work that is not escorting. Think of the idiocy of Jezebel types working as strippers in nice strip clubs for one week then claiming they have sex worker experience and can speak for the sex workers, normalizing their acts. She just one upped all of them. The national exposure will boost her porn fees from the standard $1200 per boy-girl scene to potentially $4000 (depends on how publicity sticks). She headlined a NYC strip club two nights ago. Huffpo SWPL-loser writer Alanna Vagianos called Belle Knox, notice she did not use Weeks' real name, a "badass feminist" who owned it onstage and thought the strip club would be full of ashamed men. Vagianos stereotyped about strip clubs and straight men before ever going to one. Can you imagine a straight guy writing about a gay club in the same manner? Nope, but this is negative society. Every time they call her Knox and not Weeks they are helping kill the person she was before and assisting her run from her old life.

The scary part of Weeks/Knox is she is just taking behavior we (in this corner of the net) know to be common: freakier sex, sexting, naked selfies and now putting it out for public consumption. Saying she was probably abused is too easy of a cop out. This blatant cutter might just be what passes for the edge of normal now. It is unrestrained female sexuality being supported through the media. Shhh, even Wikipedia deleted her enry that had a cleaned up timeline of events. Here is something even more disturbing. Weeks is a freshman and started to shoot porn a few months ago. She had already imbibed enough of the modern feminist claptrap to parrot the views, perform mental gymnastics in print online and even regurgitate those buzzwords when she shot a porno scene. Talk about a mind virus. Her 15 minutes will be up soon enough, but the women's studies major former porn star will probably earn speaking fees to talk to your kids about sex positivism and be seen on a Jezebel byline in the future. She never has to perform again. Think of her sacrifice to the altar for a helping hand up the media ladder. In 2018, you will see her book after she leaves Duke and porn behind with a title, "An Adult Education". Pornography gets normalized a bit more. "It was just sex with a guy on camera, and she got paid for it. So what?", say a growing segment of devolving young women across America. It's just another mile marker on America's devolution highway.


FoolishPride said...

She won't be able to support herself off of this.

peterike said...

There is definitely something odd about this whole business, I agree.

An interesting side note (or perhaps not) is that she's not at all good at doing porn. Shows you that there is something to being a professional in that business. It's not enough to just have some guy with a big one manhandle you on camera.

Though I'll give Weeks props: in one of her vids she takes a truly massive salami. You can't say she's not trying!

PS - The $1,000 a month porn habit claim is ludicrous unless the guy is big into live shows and he's throwing money at his favorite girls. That's one way you could wrack up that much cost. No way just by watching vids though.

nickbsteves said...

I thought the $1000/mo Bagley habit smelt fishy the first I heard of it. The open letter looks spectacularly fishy. "You obviously got great taste to join Facial Abuse" or some such thing. This is not how a real porn site interfaces with real customers. I doubt NYP did diligence there. Wouldn't surprise me if Belle Knox wrote the letter. If Kulich wrote it, he'd be an open target for liable, for what the letter contains is almost surely not true.

In the timeline, the Facial Abuse appearance was (AFAIK) her very first hardcore shoot. It looked like she hated it, and my guess is she really did. She spent her HS years having power over boys, and found out in 20 minutes that she did not have power over a certain class of men.

She has since taken her business to nice fluffy romantic sites like X-art etc.

Knox is of below average in appearance (among porn stars), small tits, with cut marks all over her thighs. How much of a career in porn could she expect? Not much. Yet she's number one, while it lasts. That's one helluva job at self-promotion.

I don't know how much of this is the media just looking for this story (like they were looking for white man shoots black kid); and how much of it clever publicity engineering by Knox. But it's got to be a fair amount of both.

Anonymous said...

With regards to Asia Carrera, her FAQs say that she is extremely shy and hence did not do any interviews on talk shows.

Anonymous said...

this article is a joke, there is nothing that she is doing that James Deen hasn't done and he is praised

Anonymous said...

I wish young women and women in general would stop doing porn for money. They are worth more than that and they are so beautiful I do not understand why they do things like this why does everything in this world have to be about money. I am a college student who is a woman as well and Iam trying very hard to break my porn addiction because viewing it over the years has given me a negative viewpoint of myself and has made it difficult to have any healthy relationships with men. I just really hope young women and girls see their value and do not give into the lies that are out there spread by the media.

Anonymous said...

@ tha last anonymous woman on top of me ^ PREACH !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Call me old school, but to me she seems to be a real ditz and while she might give men a helping hand, she really doesn't promote women's issues. I'm not surprised she picked the much hated Knoxx name to self-promote. I feel sorry for her family:(

Anonymous said...

Duke has a new pornstarlet. Med school prof Allison Hall in her mid 30s featured in this video:

And about two dozen others. And people went on and on about Ms. Weeks..

Anonymous said...

The Allison Hall video is gone from homemovies tube... but it looks like she has a presence on xHamster. Phi beta kappa graduate in biology from Stanford no less.