Monday, March 03, 2014

After Two Months of Crossfit

After two months of Crossfit as part of Primal Winter, I'm going back to my regular workout routines. This is not a sayonara to Crossfit, just a change in gears. I will restart my normal gym week cycle but add a wrinkle of one Crossfit routine per week into the mix. I hate cardio work, so a Crossfit routine during what normally would just be a cardio day is what I am aiming at doing. There are pros and cons to Crossfit, and after two months, here is my review.

1. Short workouts - I was done in 30 minutes even with warm up and cool down. If you are pressed for time, this is the way to go.
2. You will feel taxed - After every session, I felt tired. The next day I had stiffness or was sore. My body felt the stress of being pushed.
3. Incremental gains - You will definitely get stronger little by little.
4. Cardiovascular - My heart rate was up for the entire session no matter the routine. This is great if you hate cardio but want to work that angle.
5. You don't need a gym - You can do it from home. Buy one of those door frame things for pull ups, purchase kettle bells, and you're set.
6. The Internet has exploded for workout routines to choose from, and this helps mix it up for the weekly grind.
7. Wake up - I'm a weekend morning workout guy for my heavy days. It's a great way to start the day to juice your metabolism.
8. Dads - If you're a dad with minimal time or a gym day care you don't entirely trust, this is a winner. Minimal time commitment but definite results. A regular at my gym also started Crossfit recently. I talked to him about it, and he said he picked it up after having his third kid.

1. Sacrificing form - I'm a form perfectionist. I'd rather go light and have great form to recruit proper muscle fibers as well as prevent injuries. With these routines, I would sacrifice form as I got tired. The purists would probably say, "but you're doing it wrong man". I don't have the shit to give when you're telling me to do it for time.
2. Feels lacking - You definitely feel taxed from Crossfit, but I disliked working out in a manner where, for example, my chest muscles were only hit from one angle due to the routines. I'm a multi-angle, multi-exercise guy. I did not feel I was getting the best work out for any muscle group, besides my back because deadlifts and/or pull ups is all you need really.
3. Weird random strains - A few, random weeks I'd have the weirdest deep muscle strains. I started to think it was the odd combinations of exercises one after the other.

I'm a pretty simple guy. Strength is part of being a man. I work out to be healthy, fit and because I want to look good naked. Shut up. Kevin Spacey in American Beauty was right. You do not need any greater reminder to hit the gym than when you have sex with an attractive woman and she runs her fingers down your lats.

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