Sunday, March 09, 2014

Absinthe 1896 vs. 1915

Absinthe is a pretty cool drink. When I was in Europe, we consulted the web for where you could get it. Not the fake stuff that was just Scope mixed with homemade grain alcohol, but the real deal absinthe. So I walk out of the bad Picasso museum in Barcelona and bump into one of my best friends from college who also happened to be studying abroad in England but visiting Spain. Unplanned, sheer coincidence. Serendipity. We did the bro-hug, and his first full sentence was "We need to drink absinthe." We found it at some bar named Mudanzas (sic?). We did absinthe two nights. Only really needed one drink to take you on a flight. Below are posters for absinthe separated by twenty years.
Here's my take on it from over a decade ago, "Absinthe made me feel warm, light, unfocused. Not drunk but more like stoned. I couldn’t concentrate hard, but once I started thinking, I couldn’t stop. I was a lazer."

1896 ad for the drink

Swiss 1910 political poster

French 1915 political poster
The French political artists take from the Swiss poster what worked but then changed the demonic looking man into a regular Frenchman. Death of the Green Fairy. I'll take dealing with drowsy absinthe drinkers over meth tweakers and crackheads.

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Absinthia said...

Very nicely done! It's rare to see someone adeptly translate the whole Absinthe experience into words. Sadly, readers who have never experienced the luscious, dreamy state of being stoned may still fail to fully appreciate this.

Thank you for sharing!