Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Crimean Influenced Stroll Down Memory Lane

Have a drink in hand? Mine's on the desk. Let us all yuck it up with the mental gymnasts that call themselves progressives about those Crimean referendum results. They voted to join Russia at 93%, what a fraud. This is the same region that voted for Yanukovych at a rate of over 80%. The region was also Russian for over a hundred years and has a huge Russian speaking population. That might involve some analysis and looking up facts that the same media laughing at these results just used a couple of weeks ago to discuss the ethnic split to the Ukrainian voting. Sorry, I assume humans can think and retain memories of repeated talking points within the last month. This got me on a roll on Twitter about the oddities of American voting in recent history, so let us look at one of my favorites: the 2010 Connecticut race for governor.

For readers unaware, 2010 was a wave election that we call the Tea Party wave. There were states where republicans won elections for offices they had not sniffed in twenty years. Some Democrat incumbents with decades of House tenure were swept from office. It was pretty amazing considering the beatdowns of 2006 and 2008. An amazing switch was Barack Obama's Senate seat switching to Republican. People in the White House were torn about him campaigning to help the corrupt Democrat running for the seat, with Obama people saying "Don't risk it, we lost the '16 Olympics, Corzine in Jersey, in Virginia and Ted Kennedy's seat dinging your aura" and loyal party Dems saying "fight for your f*cking seat". Spineless wins again. Maine ran a French speaking prole done good and he squeaked out a win despite the national media jumping in late to smear him.

The Connecticut governor's race was interesting because Connecticut is reliably blue with a history of electing GOP governors of the country club type due to the presence of some massive industrial giants like the Hartford, United Technologies, and plenty of financial firms in the southwest corner. Foley polled well in the home stretch, and Rasmussen, which nailed the 2010 midterms*, had him pegged as a favorite. It was a toss up, but things looked good for Foley. Sadly for him, it did not work out on election day. Foley lost by a razor thin margin of 6,000 votes to Governor Malloy.

They found a bag of votes! Bag of votes? An uncounted bag of votes. Odd thing in Connecticut is that Foley had a lead of 8,000 votes, but the Secretary of State declared his Democrat opponent the winner. Foley eventually "lost" by 6,000 votes, and the irregularities of the City of Bridgeport were a hot issue. Foley took the high road and did not contest the bag of votes. Bag of votes in a car that help a Democrat. I heard this before I 2008 for Al Franken, but oh look, here is a nice impartial reporter to provide a nice cover story after the fact. Bags of votes. Really have a system we can be proud of progressives. There was also the bag of votes that was signed off by both parties that magically disappeared in Wisconsin for a state supreme court battle that the Dems targeted the incumbent GOP judge. You will not believe this, but the bag, and official hand recount, ended up showing that the 200 vote win by the Democrat was really a 7,000 vote loss. Keep making up stories about white sheriffs suppressing the vote in the Florida panhandle righteous white progs. I'll stick to undeniable reports in favorable newspapers revealing just a taste of your duplicity.

As far as Foley, he is running again and in a similar spot. Women still support Malloy, probably because of the gays or free birth control as meth makes its way into Connecticut. Foley is going to have to win above the cheat margin this time. Does it really matter? With some of the municipal bankruptcies waiting in the wings, governorships do matter fiscally but we are still a sinking ship. Looking at the Crimean votes, those progressives can laugh all they want. Haha, such a ridiculously high vote percentage. Forget putting anything into context or analyzing the situation. Just smear the opposing side. Just once, I would love to see progressives on sodium pentothal for 20 questions on national television. Maybe the better way to look at things is why someone wins by razor thin margins, dead voters and voting irregularities at nearly every turn. The Russians don't have a political ideology so revolting and disgusting that they need the functionally illiterate and a bag of bloody votes in an SUV to give them their margin of victory.

*Worst 2010 oddity is Illinois Governor race but that is for another post.


The Reluctant Apostate said...

Listening to NPR a few days ago, the Crimean Tatar activists they talked to were planning on boycotting the polls precisely to make the percentage look ridiculous because they knew that they couldn't win.

Anonymous said...

Referendum was illegitimate, there's no other way to put it and you can't just look at the presidential elections results and say "hey, such a high turnout and landslide victory is perfectly normal" when you have 500 thousand people voting in Sevastopol, city with 400 thousand residents (not even subtracting children). Or numerous instances where people were voting twice or thrice or could even cast their vote without Ukrainian passport or not being listed in the lists of residents. I understand the article was about voting in USA, but, being European, I can't read this without correcting you.

Steve Sailer said...

When I moved to Chicago in 1982, it was clear that the gubernatorial election was rigged -- the Republican candidate won when some overlooked votes from Republican stronghold Dupage Co. arrived more than half a week late. Years later, five GOP staffers went to prison for election fraud, but everybody had forgotten it.

Oh ... I see now, reading between the lines, that the reason the Dems didn't really want a recount over the GOP fraud is because it would have exposed their own fraud in Cook County:

Son of Brock Landers said...

Steve - Illinois 2010 gubernatorial election post coming wednesday. It was the oddity of oddities in the gop wave election year.

Anon - gimme a break. US so corrupt we cant have clean votes in small towns anymore