Thursday, February 20, 2014

WW1 Propaganda Posters

While America is in the midst of 150th anniversary hits for the Civil War (history geeks) and 50th anniversary TV specials for Boomer nostalgia (self-absorbed Boomers), how many people will mark the 100th anniversary of World War One, the Great War? I will. I have. It is the match that lit the 20th century flame. It is the end of the old order. The foolish generals in Europe did not understand mechanized warfare that the Americans first tasted at the end of the Civil War and would call for gallantry to overcome Krupp machine guns. Those horrors will be written about later. Let us take a look at old, positive propaganda posters that Americans, who had limited action in World War One, saw across their nation.

Pretty, ghost white maiden with all white soldiers

Questioning citizenship. 100% American.

Boy scout with a weapon!?!??!! Not gay.

Pretty, white Red Cross nurse

When the exotic immigrants were just other whites

Industrialization's effect on war. Brilliant imagery.

Pool sharks raised $ for soldiers. Today, any equivalent?

Look at nurse. Virgin Mary imagery: arms, headdress, stance, skirt

Smokes for the boys!

All fighting posters were for men, but women had a role, too. Non-fighting.
One hundred years, but it is like looking at a different nation. Not just the people and imagery that the posters want to reflect, but the passions, goals and ideas they want to support and endorse.


peterike said...

It's true that the patriotism and whiteness of everything is shocking. But like so much else that was evil about that stupidest of wars, WWI marked a time when one group of whites (Germans) was demonized to other whites by mass propaganda. Even then, much of it Jewish, as it was Jewish interests that helped push the USA into a war they should have had no part in.

For the sake of Western civilization, Germany should have won the war, or it should at least have been a draw. But Germany's effort at an armistice in 1916 was defeated by Jewish interests in Britain who "traded" Palestine for getting the nit-wit Wilson to bring America into the fight. That, plus Jewish industrial labor strikes at home during the final German offensive, doomed the Germans. British blood lust had no little to do with it as well.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Toddy Cat said...

Some really beautiful and well-done posters there. As you pointed out, they look like they have just been beamed in from some alternative reality. And yeah, the chick in that first Red Cross poster could summon me to comradeship any day.

whisker child said...

I have ALWAYS loved these kinds of posters, always.

It represented a time when men really would die for their country.

Would men die to stave off the brown hordes coming over our borders now?


Son of Brock Landers said...

@whisker child - I'll take the flip side to your proposition.

In '92-95 with the Mexican invasion turning Cali into a horrible place and ruining border towns in Zona, NM and Texas, if the media had been truthful about the invasion and the Feds let the Mexican govt go bankrupt and have massive probs hurting our struggling economy, they could have called for a govt work project to clean out the southwest.

I also think if we were not in hock to the Saudis and Arab mini gas sheikdoms, when 9-11 happened with a helpful media, Bush + Co could have called for young men to wipe the middle east clean. I think enough men would've answered the call.

Robert said...

I read Flags of our Fathers last year and didn't know that the WWII American effort was mainly funded by specific War Bonds, not general taxation. I assume WWI was the same. Hence the need for an advertising effort.