Wednesday, February 05, 2014

They Don't Need It, but Defending the Manosphere

It appears the traditionalists criticized the manosphere yesterday and one of the autistic neoreactionaries jumped on that bandwagon to piss on their shoes. What followed was some fun back and forth on twitter. Shots fired. Points were made, and well, I thought of just how incredibly stupid it all was. We all have a common enemy, point the guns at them. The manosphere does not need it, but here's ramblings on defending them (maybe us) and the bigger picture.

First, the irony of criticizing the mansophere as if it is a monolith is rich coming from neoreactionaries who were ruffled over some bad press. All press is good unless they spell your name wrong. The manosphere is varied and has some really good writers. There are some complete douchebags who have the "this is the only way to live" attitude or write about HIV being fake. Read stuff like that with a drink in hand and laugh. Some of it is immature like the stuff you grow out of by your mid 20s, and the guys chasing skirts are doing it in a society that encourages free love. It is freedom, the freedom of children. It does spread bad behavior but it also is like seeking like, as the bars and clubs are full of tainted skanks. Change divorce laws and some of them would change (many white PUAs). Check the RooshV Forum. Buried in some threads are simple statements of wanting an 8 who will adore him and be rational and feminine to have a family with, but it is so hard now. Any of these guys discussing sleeping with married women are horrible, but it is an odd reveal. By definition, they are revealing that they cannot get a single "8" but instead settle for a married "8". Live long enough and you'll find disgruntled married women are easier to sleep with than single women with lots of options.

I did notice a newer pattern. A few weeks ago, it was block non-serious types. A week or so ago, it was pick a fight with Dark En curious right wing media types. While mainstream conservatives do act and write cowardly, make nice and stay on point with your message. Now, it seems manosphere is the target. At some point, you just have to realize with some media attention and a gaping hole left behind by Auster's death and Moldbug's attention elsewhere that a nice open space was there for anyone willing to run to the front of the parade. Of course, front of the parade means a car could run you over at any moment. What do you think is an easier first step in talking to intelligent people: changing divorce laws or scrapping voting and installing a monarchy? Wait, I'm not a serious person, and I use a pseudonym and an avatar because I'm a coward.... or I have a wife and two kids that I am responsible for as the head of household, so I don't want to get Dickinsoned. I have a job, am not independently wealthy and this is my mental release.

What defines manosphere? Is it just PUA? Heartiste, Chuck and Roosh are talented writers I'd want on my side. Does Dalrock count? Elusive Wapiti and Hawaiian Libertarian? Captain Capitalism? Matt Forney? Me? What are the edges? At the core of much manosphere writing is unlocking the man that you are meant to be but society desperately seeks to suppress. Unleash the man within. Those guys are pretty good at writing and explaining things, and have an audience of men that are pissed at the system (that we all are pissed at) and might be open to new ideas. The key is this: feminism is just the gender tentacle to the communist octopus. If you reveal the pure power lust behind it, you may find those readers are open to learning what else is all for show and power grabs.

One of the BEST things written along those lines was this by the Captain. That is how the commies operate. Gender hits so hard because it is the core of who we are. We are men and women first and foremost. If you pull the gender jenga piece out, the rest of the commie tower is a lot easier to knock over because it is the same ID politics, client management and mass manipulation with a different name. The other key is while not everyone will grok the cathedral stuff, everyone has had a dad, cousin, uncle or brother completely screwed by divorce and family court. My uncle did not get custody, but his druggie ex did. Driving him home from the courthouse because he was too distraught to drive forever changed me. These guys are out there. The manosphere is like a gateway drug for Dark Enlightenment thinking. Shhh, reading those guys listed above is also better and more enjoyable than 10,000 words on whether Henry VI suffered mental frailty due to his grandfather (the French King) being mentally deranged or a US break-up map that lumps Kansas in with Massachusetts. Hell will freeze over before those two commingle by choice.

A bigger point is this, changes are coming and people need to get prepared. In the mid '00s, there were many of housing blogs. People saw the bubble outside the mainstream press. Some saw the bust and kept gleefully reporting the bust, others saw the bust and how the entire credit bubble system was going into shock and moved with that change to discuss the bigger problem. The guys sniping on gender issues (me included) need to keep in mind that it is a piece of the system's program of control. The DC-NYC-Harvard cabal is the enemy. Stay on point. They have been so successful at getting women to vote based on their vaginas that we're a few elections away from women forming birth control lines in a post-apocalyptic wasteland but with no men to have sex with. "I live in a 3rd world shithole, but I got abortion on demand and my depo shot for free!" The manosphere might not be "pure" enough for the purge king, but like liberal, HBD-genetics writer Jayman, use his work as a reference point.

In a perfect world, the social engineering madness by academics and government mandarins would be over and a lot of these guys would have nothing to write about but becoming a better man. Henry Dampier is onto something with needing the GOP to die. The best thing that could happen in the next couple of years is that Hildawg Clinton dies of a heart attack, the GOP draws up a dream ticket and still fucking loses to Bumbling Biden and Liz Warren. The GOP needs to know that no matter how right they are about Obamacare, debt, the economy etc. that it does NOT matter compared to the river of meat and who controls the press. Once they know that, any governor with a lick of intelligence or just integrity in a red state will look to secede. I support Land's idea of valuing exit. It is better than the underwear gnomes neoreactionary idea now (1. current system -> 2. ???? -> 3. new system). A smarter move might be supporting any secession talk in any state or region. Mass secession. Let sovereign states truly compete. When the traditionalists have their area, they can bring back the anti-seduction and anti-corruption of women laws. Maybe I'll live there, or maybe just while my daughter is a teenager.

To end on a lighter note because "I'm not serious", who is the next favorite for Vegas' "pick a stupid and unnecessary fight with" odds board?


Toddy Cat said...

"feminism is just the gender tentacle to the communist octopus"

Truer words were never written. This should be carved in granite somewhere...

Anonymous said...

Annisimov seems to be the main aggressor in all of these fights. I think he's pretty sharp, but some people are pathologically contrarian. To be a Neoreactionary, you almost have to be.

sevenkillstele said...

Annisomov comes off as being preachy and sounding more like someone who'd make a better liberal than NR based on his personality.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Assimov was picking an absolutely not needed fight to look even holier than thou. I agree it's like a preachy prog but part of our team

Mike said...

What defines manosphere?...At the core of much manosphere writing is unlocking the man that you are meant to be but society desperately seeks to suppress.

This is something I've been thinking about recently. Is "red pill" the same as "manosphere"? How would you describe these terms to someone unfamiliar with them?

To me, red pill is something larger. It's really about being skeptical of MSM and questioning the things you've been taught. The manosphere is a part of this, in rejecting a lot of the feminine-approved ways of communicating with women and rejecting gender neutrality. But also, there are other lifestyle changes that are a part of red pill which have nothing to do with relations with the opposite sex. Things like the benefits of a home-cooked meal, rejecting corporate employment, (or at least deriving only a portion of your income this way) being well read and traveling. These types of topics are better gateways in my mind.

I agree with your assessment that things will change and focus needs to be maintained on the right targets. Some manosphere writers do a disservice by being too pickup oriented. That lifestyle is too niche and turns off the regular guy who's just looking for a girl with a nice body and healthy attitude to start a family with. 95% of guys aren’t going to make 100 notches or becoming an international playboy their life's work. The more universal lessons of the manosphere like inner game, outcome independence, understanding motivations from the female perspective and what personality characteristics (tattoos, no verbal filter, too careerist) to avoid can apply to all types of lifestyle.

Rifleman said...

Toddy Cat said...

"feminism is just the gender tentacle to the communist octopus"

Truer words were never written. This should be carved in granite somewhere..

That is nonsense, obviously.

This is one of the problems with the so called "manosphere" (a ridiculously inappropriate name considering how many unmanly creeps and insignificant misfits congregate there).

Feminism is just a combination of women wanting to remove obstacles that are placed in front of them solely because they are female and the Capitalist system wanting to make money off it.

The sex nerds in the nerdosphere hate it because to them feminism = women who have no interest in them sexually and now unlike their grandfathers they can no longer use an economic advantage over women to deal with women sexually, ie more economically independent women = big problem for betas, not an issue for alphas.

Combine this female desire for Independence with Cultural Capitalism and you will see what drives feminism. Pat Buchanan pointed out that women's social improvement was driven not by Gloria Steinem but by the capitalist system.

The Cultural Capitalist system loves women in the work force competing to lower overall wages, loves women living on their own needing their own home/apt/car/tires/gas/home appliances/utilities etc This fuels the consumption/production cycle.

The mislabeled manosphere/neoreactionarysphere is just an expression of sexual inadequacy of disproportionately White males.

In the past they would just go to the local bar and drink with the other frustrated losers and complain about women etc. Now they have this electronic web of losers to male bond with.

Son of Brock Landers said...

@mike - Agrred, red pill much bigger idea of skepticism. I'm a reality guy. What is the truth? Seek that and make decisions from there. Some manosphere writers are terrible, but they are the more pick up omly guys.

Rifleman - Feminism does serve capital but 21stC feminism is purely a means for Dems to maintain political control. Women are programmed to vote D out of fear of losing abortion rights that the gop never eliminates, and never will. I think a strong strain of frustration is in the manosphere as well as NRx. Its knowing the world doesn't need to be this way. I was 21 and thought young women sucked and were just good for hookups. I had a great semester abroad and met an amazing woman. I remember coming back thinking, "i will find that here". Its possible to find attractive, good women, but you got to be on point and many guys do not want to try hard. It does affect whites more because they have standards a bit higher than blacks. Im also not going to play dumb on men either because we have a hand in the problem. What fucking idiot is knocking up ANYONE they dont want to now in the day of cheap condoms???? Why are guys sleeping with any tubbies?

Red said...

Exit really is the only course worth pursing at this point.