Thursday, February 13, 2014

The White Winter Olympics

The ever watchful Steve Sailer pointed to a silly blurb at the Wapo. The Washington Post is hot on the case to tell you that the Winter Olympics are wicked white. Whiter, I mean, writer Mike Wise is here to tell you that the Winter Olympics is whiter than Downton Abbey. That is really funny. Wise rather embarrasses himself with his essay chock full of white guilt, but he's a journalist. This is like an act of contrition for not being a touch ethnic, not even Irish or Italian, which Harvard says only became white later. This is rather stupid as the Olympics are diverse and no one cares that the NBA is 80% black in a 12% black nation.

Wise tip toes near an important reason the sports at the Winter Olympics are super white, but he dares not tread on the ground. Wise writes of recent "breakthroughs", which are racial breakthroughs a journalist can get a hard on about.

Look, I don’t care about the color of the competitors. And I don’t think the paucity of black or Hispanic athletes should cheapen any gold medal, as if somehow this were a cold-war Olympics that didn’t include some of the greatest sporting nations.
The fact is, despite Vonetta Flowers becoming the first black person to become a Winter Olympic gold medalist as a bobsledder in 2002, despite Davis becoming the first male African American to win individual gold in 2006, there hasn’t been a whole lot of carryover.
Like golf waiting forever for the Tiger Woods Factor to kick in, the USOC and other nations are still waiting for that next wave of racial diversity in the Winter Games.

Besides most winter sports games being set on mountains with snow, which is not commonly found in sub-Sahara Africa. This should be a good enough defense for the winter games, but even in America, there should be moar vibrant diversityness. There is a simple reason speed skating, skiing, snowboarding and hockey are so white. Like lacrosse (what hockey is derived from), golf and now baseball, these sports take immense coordination skill honed with hours of practice and a lot of expensive equipment. Last I checked, 72% of black kids are born to single moms, making slope fees and snowboarding equipment a bit more expensive than a basketball. The liberal stupidity is on display as well where he thinks one gold medalist in 2002 or 2006 will act as a seed for dozens of black athletes at the games from America within a decade. There is a giant filtration process that starts with trying the sport, making cuts, practicing, being scouted and pulled into programs. It's almost as dumb as seeing Barack Obama speak at the DNC in 2004 and then wondering why there are so few black male doctors in 2014. Obama is not helping your MCAT score.

Even dumber on Wise's part is his dismissal of Asians as an element of diversity. There are actually many countries of non-European descent participating (250 athletes from China-Japan-South Korea), but like taking up spots at New York City public schools, they do not count. In fact, white liberals might be a little uneasy about those compact, quick Asians winning medals just like those study hard, brainy Asians filling up Ivy League schools. I forgot, being Asian only matters in the cuisine realm, engineering and at the voting booth in November. Orwell could update Animal Farm to liberal talking points and write it "non-white good, white no good".

Why the derision anyway? Why point out and mock a sporting event disproportionately one race,  while avoiding Asians? This would be impossible to write about in the same manner for an NBA event. In fact, Wise would lose his job. Should have married a black or Hispanic (or become gay) to ward off any suspicion he is a racist for liking sexy blonde snowboarding girls. The NBA is even more ridiculous since, again, it is 80% black compared to a 12% national population. Anyone want to say maybe some racism there? Institutional racism against the many white guys over 6'10" who are excluded due to skin tone. Sounds ridiculous when reversed. It's ridiculous when spoken with a straight face.
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peterike said...

Another winter Olympics, another "where all the black people at?" story. Ho hum. Being a Liberal journalist means never having to think of a new topic.

Of course there are no blacks in the games because racism. Why, if only they took some of that Midnight Basketball money and gave it to Midnight Luge, we'd have Trayvon, Darnell and Tyrone winning 1,2 and 3.

It's all just so absurd and inane. And yes, blacks lag in skill sports because they don't have the discipline. Even in basketball, the best free throw shooters tend to be the white guys (or whiteish black guys like Reggie Miller), since free throws is just practice, practice, practice. Indeed it's rather astonishing to see how poorly some blacks shoot the freebies.

For stats fans, 6 of the top 10 all time free throw leaders are white (including 1 to 4), and a 7th is Reggie Miller. Pretty amazing considering how few whites there are in the league.

Portlander said...

Sinking free throws is acting white.

Anonymous said...

On a level playing field Black Men tend to be superior to white boys. Just look at what happened in football and basketball.