Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Lie of Body Type Acceptance

You see it on the news, on women's magazine covers and on Facebook timelines. "This is a curvy woman!", "My hourglass is full!", or "Real women have curves!", and yes, the exclamation points are always present. I have no argument with enjoying a curvy figure, but I mean curvy, not fat. I am also for body shape diversity, with love for slender pears, slender triangles, slender banana or ruler shaped women. Note I said slender because it is women's heart health month (go red). I live what I preach. What the media is engaging in is an odd simultaneous movement. They are on the one hand claiming to push wider acceptance of different body types while also pigeonholing different racial groups into acceptable body types for promotion.
Lose 80 lbs, she'd be hot.

It may be hard to do, but look to the right. Gross for most human males to look at but look (I'll make up for it later). This is your typical "we need to accept different body types picture". This is also the image of a woman facing bariatric surgery or a lifetime of diabetes and heart problems. Look at her face and skin tone. She has great bone structure so she is maybe 80 fewer pounds from being a very pretty woman. She will not do that though and with the help of the media and feminists, force men to accept her for who she is. Fat guys need to man up. This is the media's first lie though as they push not different body types but weights. It is a lie because despite pushing J. Lo, Kim Kardasian (pre-pregnancy + when working out), Beyoncé, Christina Hendricks, Jessica Simpson (pre-whale era), the media was still pushing a stable of thin women who happened to be big girls in the right places. Beyoncé isn't quite that, but I'll get back to her. The message is wider acceptance of different types to be more inclusive, but really it is just fat acceptance.

Here is a body type and woman you'll never see pushed by the media entertainment complex: a pear shaped white woman. Check any listing of white actresses. They are either sticks with implants on top (Julie Bowen/Jennifer Aniston), slender (Victoria's Secret types), busty yet narrow hipped (Alison Brie or The Last Psych's 34-24-30 Hooters' ad detail), or busty hourglasses (Vergara/Hendricks). Can you think of a white pear who is famous? I could not, but if the media was truly about pushing wider body types into the realm of acceptable, would not the media spotlight just one? Like the lady to the right. Sign me up. She has two problems from the media's perspective. One she is white and has a wonderful, round rear end. Two she is still thin as evident by how her waist tucks in and the extremely nice taper to her legs down to skinny ankles. The media cannot push this because she is still thin. OneSTDV commented on it once that despite all of their hype, new figure symbols were still very thin. The body type to the right is part genetics and part yoga and squats. It also includes eating healthy. The media does not want that. They want fat women to keep being fat to be miserable to then dope up on antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications with a chaser of Ben and Jerry's.

To sound like a strip club DJ, the cutie with the booty above is problematic because she is white. So would the girl to the right be a problem. Pack my bags, I'm there. She is too hippy for the gays running Hollywood and fashion mags, yet I doubt a straight man would reject her. She's hourglass yet thick but with a concave waist and thin arms, wait.. that figure is only suppose to be acceptable for non-Asian ethnic women. The media has had fun recently with by pushing the murky ethnicity of J. Lo, Jessica Alba (wait, she's flat), the two attractive Kardashians. DNA testing would probably confirm my readers' estimates on those women. Look at photos of J. Lo when she was a young dancer on "In Living Color". She looked as white as I do, but the media needed a Latina symbol around 2000 so the self tanner is applied when a new season of Idol starts up. This might also tip the hand at how Mariah Carey views her identity. When her rear started to expand after the Butterfly album when on tour (late '98), she got a set of guns put in to even out. If she identified as black, she would have embraced her booty.

Jezebel a few years back played into the game with a huge dose of stupidity. It is viewing it with the blinders of race on to not see that the being curvy (or expected to be) if you're ethnic means that ethnic girls can reap rewards of all body types. That game actually pigeonholes white women. There are millions of Google results that play into this "don't stereotype us as curvy" idea, when they should be sitting back thinking, "great, my daughter can be curvy and be attractive or thin and attractive". Middle class white women think, "Great my daughter can be thin or caught up in the eating disorder game just because she has an ass". Everyone selects for thin; fake rebel hipsters love to date skinny black chicks. Maybe someday this will change. The media pushes this in their silly top 50 or top 10 voluptuous stars lists (the linked list is laughable). E! once had a top 50 list with multiple flat chested women, but oddly they were darker in complexion. Beyoncé makes any list despite being flat chested and having minimal booty, but hey, she has thick thighs, so let's push it. Sorry, just imagining the brains in Fashion Inc. Centcom.

Ultimately, these media discussions of figure and race or ethnicity is just gender and race quackery from ten to twenty years ago reaching the public realm. A Spanish literature professor allowed a visiting race-gender theorist (black, unmarried, dreadlocked woman) to give a presentation to my class. Her forty five minute presentation was on the recessive feature of whiteness affecting representations of women of color in media. See, whites are scared of not having their whiteness in kids so they cook up fantasies of dangerous non-white women that exaggerate their physical sexual parts as an enticing threat to white men. It created hypersexualized portrayals of women of color in media. Out of respect for my professor, I contained my laughter. The pushback on her quackery was substantial: self-objectification, cultural pride in specific curve, grey area of Hispanic women and one girl mentioning the black chick on Ally McBeal not being hypersexualized that led to a shouting match between the theorist and a 19 year old. A week later, everyone in class mocked her conspiracy theory approach to her work. Her foolishness, with smaller words, is now in media outlets.

The media is playing a great game though for their needs. They just want eyeballs, readers, viewers et cetera. A great way of going about that is to be able to customize an aspirational body type for every segment of the multicultural empire they control. Asian women barely hit Hollywood's register now but as their numbers grow in America, they'll have to find a niche for them, too. I am one who believes certains groups have specialties and specific body types in greater numbers, but I would not be dumb enough to slot groups in specific types only. It is a smart game in another respect like the difference between South Africa's and Russia's stance on gays. South Africa has laws that grant gays rights; Russia has laws that restrict what they call gay propaganda. South Africa has a corrective rape issue and gay South Africans are fleeing. Haven't seen any reports on thousands of raped lesbians in Russia. South Africa has explicit protection and benefits while unleashing the hounds on the gays with little to no law enforcement on the perpetrators. Formal protection that is meaningless on top of informal harassment that is real and dangerous. That is also the US schooling system and zero tolerance rules. Russia has explicit laws against gays but just lets them live. The media can explicitly talk about accepting more body types and enjoying female figure diversity, but like South Africa's relationship with gays, it's all for show.

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Toddy Cat said...

The current iteration of the MSM is one of the most foul and corrupt institutions on the planet, combining most of the worst aspects of PC socialism and rampant capitalism together in one foul package. They actually manage to make the British tabloid press look balanced, professional, and responsible by comparison. At least the Tabs still report some actual news, as opposed to PC sermons an clickbait.

Anonymous said...

Everyone selects for thin; fake rebel hipsters love to date skinny black chicks.

None of the three women pictured there in that link looked black. None looked like Alek Wek (Black African woman from Sudan), Naomi Campbell or Oluchi Onweagba (Black African woman from Nigeria).

Most are from multigenerational mixed-race families who practiced excessive inbreeding and only married or sired children with other mixed-raced people.

I guess brown biracial women like Zoe Saldana (Dominican Republic/Puerto Rican), Jourdan Dunn (UK), Liya Kebede (Ethiopia) or Sara Nuru (Ethiopia) are somehow black. They're not.

Is a dark Arab girl black? NO!

Is a dark Indian girl with straight hair black? NO!

Then why is a brown biracial girl with curly hair black? She ISN'T.

That's a brown-skinned mulatta. They exist, and they ain't black.

Do you know the Blasian girl Lou Jing? She's biracial too.

peterike said...

This is America. Nobody but nobody cares (i.e. is allowed to care) for those finer racial distinctions. "Brown biracial" women are black, period. Barely black at all women are also black.

Accurate? No. But that's the discourse we have and it isn't changing anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

The American discourse is poisoning global waters.

Apparently biracials, like mulattos and even quadroon to octoroons in other countries, are somehow "black".

They're not black in South Africa, Ethiopia, Brazil, European countries and Asian countries.

How come the USA is different in this regard?

Son of Brock Landers said...

Because in America, no matter how white you look and no matter if you're raised by a white mom or two white parents, it is beneficial in the realm of schooling, jobs and even broader societal cool/victim status to claim to be black. If the people running the media and academia did not portray that is the auto cool/victim status then, they would go back to trying to pass for white or hispanic.

Scott's Bluff said...

Big Girl propaganda (one photo NSFW)

Notice the two men in this collection are both conventionally attractive, either thin or muscular, in stark comparison with their female companions who make me want to puke.

Staying thin is not hard. Building and maintaining strength is an actual challenge.

Anonymous said...

Fucking MORON!! The so called "fat person" you have on your page that supposedly, according to YOU needs to loose 80lbs, is Tess Munster!! Do you think she gives a crap about what some CHINK says? Fucking pathetic idiot.. women and men come in all shapes and sizes, I'm 100% sure you are NOT perfect and maybe ugly as FUCK!! LOSER..

Anonymous said...

This attitude has spread to Australia. not only for social reasons. But there is actually financial and wellbeing governmemt systems ONLY for blacks. Im not sure how that isnt racist. But you.can get free rides through university, job placements, access to smoother operating welfare.

Anonymous said...

Tess Munster is fucking grotesque

Aquarius Moon said...

Her attitude sucks big time.