Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sins of the Father - Armand Hammer and the Gores

The media is probably the most powerful vector in our power infrastructure today. They can destroy, manipulate and build up with their tools while hiding behind constitutional protections. The unspoken power in public discussions is the simple choice of what makes it to reader or viewer's eyes and ears. Solzhenitsyn knew this and railed on that power in his Harvard address, and was properly frozen out of public discourse after his escape to America. An interesting example of how this filtration of news and careful selection is in the history of Armand Hammer and Al Gore with publicly available information at the media's disposal for the 2000 presidential election.

Armand Hammer was born in 1898 to Julius Hammer, a Ukrainian Jew who emigrated to America in 1890. Julius joined the socialist party in 1892. He named his son Armand in honor of the socialist party symbol when in conjunction with the family last name. Julius managed to meet Lenin in 1907. Armand graduated from Columbia in 1917, and two years later, J. Edgar Hoover opened up a file on him because of his Russian connections... and because Julius was a founder of the American Communist Party. Julius goes to jail for a botched abortion that Armand performed despite not being a doctor, and Armand took over the family business. From here, Armand goes to Russia for a decade where he wins concessions for business from Lenin, building a fortune. Armand Hammer would form Occidental Petroleum and make millions.

This would be the normal life for a businessman in the growing American industrial powerhouse if not for the odd Soviet connections. Then there is the Gore connection. J. Edgar Hoover in 1961 notes that despite considering Hammer a Soviet agent of influence, he cannot go after Hammer because of protection by Al Gore Sr. To further compound oddities, Armand Hammer sold Al Gore Sr. a zinc mine in 1973 for $160,000, which ten minutes later (literally) Al Gore Sr. sold to Al Gore Jr. for $140,000. This mine would be leased for royalties of roughly $20,000 a year. Armand Hammer was never mentioned in the 2000 presidential election despite his father being the founder of the American Communist Party, Hammer being a watched Soviet agent, and Gore's father and himself covering for Hammer for decades. This was all a year after Edward Epstein's detailed book on Hammer's despicable behavior was released in 1996. In 2011, the LA Times felt comfortable calling him a Soviet agent and listed many of his shady dealings.

The S&L Financial Crisis was a rotten early FIRE economy bubble problem for America that required a bailout. Bankers went to jail. George W. Bush did not have a hand in it, yet Google search results will come back in the millions for Bush's suspicious history with it. His father might be the last US president to jail bankers. Did he fund an abortion? Did he have a DUI? Did he do cocaine? These were all smears in 2000, while Al Gore was teased about odd claims like inventing the Internet. Asking Gore about his family's political ties and cover for a Soviet agent would have been a bit too much. Especially after the whitewashing of Hammer's life by the media prior to the fall of the USSR and release of Soviet archives. The NY Times obituary for Hammer reads as sickening cover for his life. He may be the one forceful oil man that the NY Times sends off with roses. He helped the Soviets for business reasons only. if he sinned, it was greed not treason. The media firmly shuts the door on any further analysis.

It was simple greed, even with the name Armand Hammer, dirty Soviet agent FBI file and father who founded the American Communist Party. I doubt "Swastika Nazison" doing deals with the Third Reich would have been given the same treatment as books have been written about Ford and IBM's involvement with the Nazi economy as if they were card carryign Nazis. Somehow the connections and character issues of Dubya were free to wave as a dirty rag, but Gore and Hammer were free from corruption from their fathers' dealings. Interesting tie between the Bushes and Hammer is that while President Reagan rejected a gift of over $1 million from Hammer for a pardon, George H.W. Bush pardoned Hammer as he neared death for a couple hundred grand for the GOP. Gore himself never had to answer for the odd land deal. The media makes it so. It is the same as the media telling you all about Mitt Romney's car ride with his dog in a carrier on top because he was so squeaky clean vs. Obama's sealed records past. It is the same as Chris Christie getting roasted for a bridge lane closure while the current administration hides everything and anything that may taint Obama and, now with an eye on '16, Hillary Clinton. This is the power of the media, picking and choosing what to show to get that marginal voter to swing their preferred way.


peterike said...

Totally correct. Of all the media's sins, the sins of omission are the most difficult to deal with. If you start to talk about any verboten subjects -- be it HBD or Soviet influence or whatever -- you get looked at like a lunatic and basically shunned from polite discourse.

So even if somebody stumbles upon something like your blog post and reads about Gore's connections to Commies, they will dismiss it as "crazy right-wing lunacy." It doesn't even enter the realm of their mind, the Wall is so strong. And the irony is that it's the Communist/Progressive influence that has made Communism/Progressivism so nearly impossible to expose.

To paraphrase an old saw, the Communists' greatest trick was to make you think they don't exist.

Toddy Cat said...

Commie slime. Talk about having blood on your hands.