Thursday, February 27, 2014

Quiet Ukrainian Story

It is good enough for the drug cartels. It was a haven for Gaddafy. Mubarak had some cash there. What am I talking about? The money management skills of the American FIRE economic geniuses. Simon Black has a short blurb on how FinCen sent an email to banks all over America about the Ukraine's Yanukovych and his hoard of money in American eelctronic vaults. This won't get much play but the irony is worth an eye roll. Yanukovych had the boys at American banks happy for the money he sent their way to play with. The moment he signs an economic agreement with Russi, giving Europe the stiff arm, out come the American jackals. A purely spontaneous revolution later and oh my God, look, the Ukrainians are pivoting back to Europe.

Ukraine had elected government. Opposition was jailed for corruption crimes. They sign one goddamn deal with Russia and the Soros boys send in the jackals. Yanukovych's millions were fine to play with, but billions in debt is the bigger prize. Our government officials were caught on tape scheming this up, yet the complicit media ignores that overt involvement. Now if Russia makes any moves, they are portrayed as the aggressor. Burn the system down. Seriously, let's review pieces of the polygon or cathedral.

Banks, IMF, financial interests angry the Ukraine won't shift billions in their liquidity loop. #BankVector
State Dept and CIA helps agitators on the streets. #StateVector #SecurityVector
Media calls it organic protests. #MediaVector
State gets busted for being imperialist schemers.
Media ignores that and then reports on instability.
Ratings agencies (lackeys of big banks/USG) cut Ukraine's debt ratings and CDS skyrockets making borrowing next to impossible and sparking financial panic. #BankVector
Someone magically breaks into the Interior Ministry building, capturing guns.
Victory! Great team effort by the cathedral.

As a history lover, there is something absurd watching progressives cheer this blatant externally controlled coup. These progressives throw the 1953 Iranian coup in the face of anyone for US meddling. President Obama implied the coup when he mentioned the US interfering in Iranian affairs in the past on one of his apology tours. That coup is murky because the Soviet records report on Mossadegh being a pajama wearing Hamlet who many institutions did not like. The Soviets claimed the US built the coup theory to pump up their effectiveness and project all knowing intelligence. The US still has to apologize for it. This Ukrainian coup is the same if not worse. Who whom?

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