Friday, February 14, 2014

Pierre Van Paassen

Pierre Van Paassen was a name I came across looking up interwar period jounalists and public speakers. The guy toured quite a few countries in that oddball period. He was then used in the US for some pro-democracy events and publications to help the American public shed its isolationist clothes. They also needed nudging into which side to support. Van Paassen sounds like he would be a TED speaker right now if TED speakers had the balls to travel to interesting places like Michael Totten or Michael Yon instead of stay at plush hotels and repeat the same five points that progs already believe.

Something caught my eye on his Wikipedia page. Weird yet oddly prophetic quote was a prediction he made for a 1942 time capsule for Oglethorpe University. It was for 100 years into the future: "My prediction ran this way:... In AD 2042 when Oglethorpe's vault is opened, there will be a socialist president of in Washington. He will be a Negro!" Even this man, hooked into the journalism system would think it would be daring to predict that a socialist black politician would be president in 2042. He was 35 years too conservative or maybe the system accelerated change that even he would not imagine. If there is a president of the United States in 2042, my bet is on the paraplegic, lesbian black trans* Muslim elected on a platform of immersive VR for all and Gulags for those who disagree with zhe.


Toddy Cat said...

"If there is a president of the United States in 2042"

Don't worry, there won't be.

Portlander said...

Yo, whattup! President Camacho hears you's callin' him a tranny, he's goin' to kick your MF-in' ass.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Itz got da stuff plants like!