Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Martin-Incognito Texts: Secret Roosh Forum Lurkers?

I will feel bad for NFL players who get concussions and have side effects when they give back their oversized paychecks and let guys working construction nail the women that throw themselves at them. Proceed here and read the texts between Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin. Another item I stated in a separate post was an unspoken reason for athletes going broke is the massive amount of money they spend on escorts. Glad to see it confirmed here by two random offensive linemen (6K for a hooker party doesn't sound too expensive, but they seem to have those regularly). The texts are run of the mill young male bonding. It is exactly what you'd expect from men under 40 with lots of money and a brotherhood mentality.

It also shows that those naughty, racist, homophobic texts the media spotlighted were mostly jokes from Incognito to Martin. The "I will kill your family" text was with a weird faced dog picture, taken completely out of context by the media. They do talk about going to Brazil, getting swole, closing on girls, the hottest clubs, knocking on each other about being pussies or faggots and wait, uhh, are these guys RooshV forum lurkers? It is bros helping bros be the best bro they can be. Incognito seems more the party animal, while Martin seems the more refined guy working his fame and money for fun. Incognito mentions their "bipolar relationship" as a joke, but in between all of the jokes, the insults and the party instructions, there are genuine moments of a friend propping up his boy. There is constant positive reinfocement when they score women, workout and pull off pranks.

Even at the end, if you scroll down to the final texts, Icognito reaches out to Martin about the mental hospital stay. There is genuine friendship in 140 character doses. If anything, Incognito comes off as the better guy here. He probably could not release this to the media when everything blew up in the fall because the media would've jumped on the locker room culture-prostitution issue. The NFL wanted to control the Vikings Sex Boat Scandal as an anomaly and not the norm. Come on, we saw "North Dallas Forty". It is the norm. Sadly confirming other theories, it seems the leak and blabbing was arranged by Martin's agent. The value the media provided Martin's agent was more than resolving anything directly with the team for his client. They released it because of an all too willing media that would make a black-white race issue out of a kid only eating the frosting off of Oreos. These NFL guys are still just turbocharged men looking to score ladies in every big city they visit. Keep this in mind next time you post a data sheet or review of a country or foreign hot spot on the RooshV Forum, NFL players just might be reading your post to plan their next trip to swoop fly chicks.


klejdys said...

Dudes being dudes. This case is hilarious. Martin was a bust, as Charles Gasparino notes here, but the Fins needed him to be good.

He gave up 4 sacks to Mario Williams of the Bills the week before this went down and the Fins traded for LT McKinnie from the Ravens shortly thereafter.

Incognito is a big lug, but certainly not the monster he was portrayed as. Jay Glazer, much props, got it right.

Here's the link to Gasparino's well reported piece in the NYPost. He's a good follow on twitter as well - his book "bought and paid for" on Obama and the GOP's shameless wrangling for cash in '08 and '10 from Wall Street is superb look at how the power elite does business.


Frank Montgomery said...

Now we know the true idenity of the Gmanifesto :)

Son of Brock Landers said...

Prob close to Gmanifesto in that they still have to pay for sex.

@Klejdys - Incognito was invited to the post-season O-linemen vacation. He'll be back in Miami next year. The texts make Martin look awful and Incognito look like a big brother-mentor type. I cant believe I'm siding with Incognito.