Monday, February 17, 2014

Hungary Turns Away from the West

The Ukraine turned towards Russia and China in a simple economic act by its political leadership, which was followed with American orchestrated protests, pressure and meddling. The US is so organized that they want to place a heavyweight boxer in charge of the new political infrastructure. Ukraine may just be the start of stepping away from the clutches of the USG. The 800 pound, drunk gorilla that is the USG may set their eyes on Hungary next. Hungary is in the midst of both a rightward lurch and a turn to Russia. The rightward turn received criticism from Brussels and stirred the NY Times; we will see if the integration with Russia draws out the jackals.

Hungary's recent moves have played into Russia's vision for greater regional influence and control, and moved Hungary towards a more independent economic and security situation. Prime Minister Obran first announced support for the South Stream pipeline, which will send natural gas to central European markets, pleasing Gazprom. Because of the recent political moves to give the government greater flexibility with making decisions and rights with energy matters for the state owned enterprise MVM, Obran could work the deal with Gazprom directly. This comes as the EU is close to scrapping the NABUCCO pipeline deal, but may well be the deathblow. After the natural gas announcement, Hungary struck a deal with the Russians to expand their nuclear power plant (could be 45% of all national electricity), including $14 billion in Russian loans. Hungary's moves, like the Ukraine's, are economic deals of necessity but deals that do not come with sacrificing national cultural integrity. Russia's positiong as anti-socialist America is similar to China's "respect all forms of government" speech. This will resonate with more nations as the US money vault runs lower and progressive beliefs come with a bag of money at the end of a gun sight. Hungary is a small nation so they may fly under the USG radar. They are also a small nation that will always need a patron so the USG might be forced to take notice losing a client.

Obran's party and allies came to power with a rather large majority and transformed the constitution as well as clamped down on the media. The government passed laws that human rights watchers perceive as anti-gay, restricting women's rights and curbing voting for the mentally limited. This is basically a rejection of the US-EU progressive buffet of social policy. It is not shocking to see this and then see Hungary strikes economic deals outside the US-EU monetary sphere. The Hungarians have poked the sleeping bear though, and the NY Times was on the case to open an exploration for 2014 for Hungary's anti-Semitism. The weepy eyed essay that used few facts to talk of Hungary today, centered on the actions during the '30s and '40s. Jobbik gets around 12-16% of the vote. While their views are condemned by the political coalition in power, this is still not enough for the NY Times to resist smearing the entire nation of Hungary as one step away from restarting the Holocaust. One could argue that the NY Times is using this behavior as a proxy for populist anger at Chris Lasch's managerial elites who hold less allegiance to their home nations and more to a transnational mindset. This magnifying glass will stay in place for 2014. Do not be surprised to see stories released once these deals with Russia are locked into place and shovels hit dirt. I will await their series on the ethnic cleansing of Christians out of the Middle East.

Like the Ukraine, this is an old Russian sphere player moving back into Russian orbit. The Hungarian existence in Western created institutions may have been the more temporary of situations. Hungary had been a kingdom for centuries after the resolution of the Hungarians Invasions as a part of the West but due to Ottoman influence, fighting or rule faced completely different problems than the West. Hungary had been part of the Hapsburg Empire for decades prior to the Interwar Period, not part of the western parliamentarian tradition. The drunken Mad Max driver that is the USG may steer the SUV in their direction, but as the Ponzi gets closer to finishing, may the fools making decisions decide to keep their hands off some little nations. In the meantime Hungarians, keep an eye out for youths in hoodies with posters in English.


Anonymous said...

*Orban (well, Orbán), not Obran
*Habsburg, not Hapsburg

As for trying to "shame us back" into the influence of the USG with accusations of anti-semitism and other PC crap: it won't work. It might not shine through the crap of the hungarian MSM, but we really don't give a sh*t about the "grievances" of any kind of minorites. We won't restart the holocaust, but we won't be guilt tripped either. And thanks to the "behavior" (if we can call it that) of the roma gypsies, the population as a whole is heavily against multiculturalism and any kind of racial integration (maybe except the asians).

As for relations with Russia: turning away from them and severing the economic ties has always been viewed as a mistake. They were the biggest market for our exports. The only surprise is that it took so long to turn back.

Anonymous said...
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Toddy Cat said...

When U.S. policy is actually turning countries like Hungary and Ukraine back towards Russia, after '56 and the Holodomor, you know something is seriously f**ked up. But can you blame them? They turned against Communism because they wanted to preserve their traditional Christian cultures. They are turning against the U.S. and E.U. for the same reason. Sickening.

Son of Brock Landers said...

First anon, sorry for using Anglicized spellings. I've been watching Hungary's political leadership's moves for a little while and I think it's smart realpolitik.

Toddy Cat - I think Ukraine, like the Syrian defiance and Iran's nuclear win, is a sign the USG system isn't firm. Nations will turn to what is best for them rather than take $ for prog destruction. The USG is running out of $ anyway. China has been picking off African nations for a decade and now is venturing into Middle East oil producer states that were formerly aligned with the US. Russia can carve out a central Eurasian sphere and control vast amounts of natural resources while providing a safe method of transport (pipelines and rail over land) that will circumvent US navy protection needs.

sykes.1 said...

From Putin's viewpoint (which might or might not be valid), the US has orchestrated military attacks against many Russian allies and has destroyed several of them: the partition of Serbia, the overthrow and killing of Saddam Hussein (Iraq), the overthrow and killing of Qaddafi (Libya), the ongoing attempt to overthrow Assad (Syria), the ongoing attempts to cripple Iran, and the attempt to overthrow with democratically elected Yanukovych (Ukraine). The last is particularly troublesome to Putin because the Ukraine is part of the historic heartland of Russia.

As these attacks approach the Russian heartland, they become ever more destabilizing and raise the possibility of a large-scale war in Central Europe.

GFC said...

While you're praying that evil giant USG doesn't clobber little countries in its death throes, say some prayers for us poor goys stick within its borders. I am certain USG is going to slaughter a great many of its own citizens before it finally slips into the abyss.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Gfc - that sick outcome becomes more likely the morr automated and robotic our weapons become. Darpa projects now are menacing more than awe inspiring

GFC said...

Agreed SOBL - and TPTB want the robot weapons because it takes uniformed military out of the loop, whom they don't trust and never will. Robot weapons mean practically no humans in the loop who might develop a conscience and turn their weapons on them.

GFC said...

Agreed SOBL - and TPTB want the robot weapons because it takes uniformed military out of the loop, whom they don't trust and never will. Robot weapons mean practically no humans in the loop who might develop a conscience and turn their weapons on them.