Thursday, February 06, 2014

Hidden History: The Truth of "Never Again"

Politicians love to say "Never Again". At any Holocaust remembrance, at any human rights conference or any AIPAC speech, "never again". The phrase ends a sentence and is followed by roaring applause and maybe a standing ovation. It is comparable to "for the children" in frequency and hypocrisy. Never again will the world stand still while genocide occurs. Are the politicians lying? Critics say yes. Did no one lift a finger? Debatable. Are the politicans maybe not explaining the full meaning of the phrase? No one ever really asks that. Are there worse examples of American inaction or culpability? Yes. Like an old woman rubbing on lotion ritually, "never again" has become a signal for anyone to let the world know that they care and to not dig further to see the real meaning.

The easiest scam in the "never again" meme is that repeatedly the US and West has stood by as other nations have committed atrocities on their civilians, genocide, class executions and generally mayhem. American adherence to Westphalian ideas was tossed out the window in recent history, but for decades, the US stood aside as China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Rwanda, the Congo and a variety of other nations undergoing decolonization slauhgtered citizens by the millions. These horror stories turn into movies decades later like "The Killing Fields" or "Hotel Rwanda" for liberals to curse their forefathers over inaction, yet when their ideological allies had the opportunity, they did not lift a finger to help prevent the massacres or aid the victims. Harvard praised the Khmer Rogue and Maoist China. Decolonization was the story of the post-WW2 Cold War geopolitical game as old Western power clients were up for grabs to the Commies as well as the American Blue and Red Empires. Cannot interfere with power struggles because a new client may emerge that formerly was under French or British rule. There are no "War on North Korea" drums banging despite millions in camps. This was all simultaneously happening as reporting and investigating on the horrors of the Holocaust unearthed new data.

Maybe "never again" means that we should never again stand by like we did to the Jews in Nazi Germany. America in the '30s was not a purely pastoral, innocent land with Bonus Armies dispersed by the US Army and the first Red Scare. If the US should have intervened the moment they heard news of Germans treating Jews as second class citizens, then why would no nation mess with the US for the Jim Crow practices of the US South? What of Asian nations' experiences with Japan in the '30s? The Rape of Nanking does not elicit cries of "never again", but history shows it as gruesome as the subjugation of a land can be. Western nations even had a military presence in China. Chinese-Americans do not reference it at the hint of any criticism, and there is not a movie released every winter for Oscar consideration about it.

Still the world should have done something. Ever hear of the Fugu Plan? The Japanese tried to save Jews in WW2. They wanted to set the Jews up in small enclaves and get them out of the German occupied lands to take advantage of their industrious nature. The Fugu name is explained at the end here, because Fugu means pufferfish. The pufferfish must be prepared delicately and in small amounts to give the eater a pleasant numbing because in too high a volume will kill. The Japanese even thought this would help them with their trans-Pacific relations with America. The Japanese report said that the Jewish community had an outsized influence on public opinion, journalists and Hollywood. The Japanese were tricked by the Protocols forgery, and overawed by their experience with Jacob Schiff. Schiff was the Jewish financier who bankrolled their efforts in the 1905 Russo-Japanese war because he hated the Tsar for his treatment of Russian Jews. The Fugu Plan was scuttled when war broke out. The US even looked into help with the Slattery Report. Other nations made small attempts that wikipedia has listed as international responses. No one expected the mechanized and organized slaughter that was uncovered. In the never-ending attempt to guilt American gentiles, Hollywood makes the story of the St Louis look worse than it really was. The percentage of passengers who died was not as high as the movie portrays, but the common man thinks so and feels ashamed. Even media annointed evil, fascist Franco helped the Jews.

The problem that no one ever admits when discussing "never again" and inaction is the problem of timing. Interfering in the Holocaust was incredibly tough as the timeline of actual murders coincided with the war. The year 1942 was the year when casualties amped up in the Holocaust. Also in August of 1942 was the failed Dieppe Raid. If the Allies could not sustain a land invasion of the north Atlantic coast, how were they going to prevent the Holocaust or slow it down? What were the Allies to do? Parachute troops deep behind enemy lines with no presence on the continent for a camp? The Allies had air supremacy, which still cost many men and planes, but bombing train tracks would have slowed down what? A day or two? Albert Speer wrote how he was surprised how random Allied bombing was to begin with for critical materials, so diverting bombing of dams and bridges for a train transfer station would have prolonged the war how long? Writers say the thousands of wildcat labor strikes in WW2 did not affect the war effort, yet they want you to believe a bombing raid on a train track would have saved 6 million lives.

Is there a horrible genocide that American assets knew about but did nothing to stop? What about the Holodomor? There is denial and continued debate on whether it was genocide or not. There was cover up by US authorities and the NY Times. The lack of intervention would have been an easy sell considering it would involve food exports and the Red Cross. Americans love to think they are doing a great humanitarian deed in the Christian spirit. The extra killer is that this was roughly a decade after the West had previously helped Russia despite not recognizing the government. US intervened in early '20s famine in Russia to save millions. Future President Hoover was the hero organizing that relief operation. All Walter Duranty and useful idiot reproters had to do was tell the truth, not in the papers, but to US government officials, and a different approach to aid and recognition might have been taken. The Soviets did reject feeble Western aid attempts, but considering the West's move to recognize the USSR in 1933, why not tie recognition to receiving foodstuffs? The USG ties money to installing the progressive suite of rights now. America did not want to interfere with old Uncle Joe's business. The Anglo-Soviet Communist split had not happened yet.

There might be something different about "never again" and what it truly means. Vice President gave two speeches to Jewish groups in 2013 to shake hands and prepare for his failed 2016 presidential primary run. The first was a rambling, unscripted speech that cited Jewish influence in the media in getting gay marriage accepted. The second speech was in front of AIPAC. he stated "never again" and he mentioned the young people there to keep that promise going for "never again". AIPAC is not working for third world interests but Israeli interests. That is the real meaning of "never again". Never again will the US allow anyone to clean out the Jews. This fits perfectly with the last 75 years because while ethnic cleansing and genocide has occurred worldwide in hot zones, it has not been Jews dying. Jews have remained safe in the West, and President Nixon himself bailed Israel out in the '70s. Comes down to who-whom again because some genocide is worse than others to leftists. Using a narrow defintion for "never again", for once in modern America, politicians are telling the truth.


Rifleman said...

Didn't Al Gore's daughter marry into the Schiff family? Biden's daughter just married a Jew? Clinton and JFK have daughters who married Jews as did Donald Trump's daughter.

The idiot John Boehner's daughter married a black Jamaican pot head, not to be redundant.

The Armenians and recently the whatevers in the Congo were pretty much abandoned to genocide.

Jews are good with words and narratives. And that's very important.

Unknown said...

The Holodomor is the Right's Holocaust, even when there is evidence that it was not at all a state-planned famine. There are Soviet documents where they asked for help, mainly importing grain from Persia, as well as putting out documents noting the drastic drop in cattle, sheep, and grain.

There is a saying that Ukraine suffers a famine every other decade. In the 1930's, the world suffered abnormally high temperatures, and Ukraine was not the only nation affected. Russia and Belarus were affected during the Holodomor.

It seems everyone forgets the 1922 Volga famine, which killed many people. It seems that was not state planned.

12 million or more did not die in the Holodomor. The best estimates are 1-3 million, which is a lot, but not as much as most would have you believe.