Sunday, February 23, 2014

Debate Tips

With some media attention, a tiny sliver of curious members of the media or pundit class have attempted to engage the neoreactionary or dark enlightenment crowd. One member of that crowd has decided to engage back with comical results, but did set up one of those online debates like you can see performed on "Blogging Heads". The debate was between Noah Smith, who I was going to crack a joke on but then he wrote a nice post where he properly stated how "beta male" is being used where it should be "omega male" (kudos Noah), and Michael Anissimov who has really perked up activity with the slightest of media attention. The debate was kind of ho-hum, but here's some tips for Anissimov if he wants to lead the parade. I'm serious because it does matter.

1. Do you even lift bro?

There are great, free resources out there to help you lift. My simple blog's "working out" tag has most of my routines. They can help you fill out and improve your posture. Looking for the debate, I saw this online (other videos as well). Posture and voice, Mike, work on it. Pro tip: hold red wine by the bulb, white by the stem. The physical component is important as debates, sadly, are scored mentally on visual cues and messaging. Watch a "Blogging Heads" debate and those foolish reporters mae huge facial tics that end up affecting a viewer. When Nixon debated Kennedy, radio listeners claimed Nixon the victor of the debate. Television viewers claimed Kennedy the winner. One was tanned and rested; the other pale and had a 5 o'clock shadow. Guess who was who. Nixon learned a lesson, and his team created one of the greatest television campaigns of all time in 1968. It matters. No one wants to follow a wimp.

2. Talk to a speech therapist

You have to lose, or minimize, the vocal fry and uptalk. Speech therapists or vocal coaches can help you. Maybe just start with exercises of a low, deep "noooooo" to help get better control of your diaphragm (high pitched pageant contestant told me that one). This will then help you sound more confident, less pansy. Barack Obama off the cuff sounds like a soft spoken nerd, but on the stump ROUNDS OUT his words and speaks much louder and more forceful to sound like what a white person thinks a stereotypical black preacher speaks like. He was coached on that. It helped blacken him up for non-black audiences who wouldn't see through the BS. This is important because no one wants to follow a wimp, and unfortunately, people discount the views of a wuss.

3. Change your attitude/methods

I watched that debate and wondered, "what a pussy in real life, where's the Twitter tough guy". Hey you know the dickish, hollow arrogance you slather your tweets and posts on anyone who may have sympathetic views but is not exactly a fey monarchist? You claimed to be trolling after getting served which is again, a sign of weakness, stay tough and own it. Take that arrogant, dickish attitude and use it in your debates with the normies. Say your views with confidence like anyone would be an idiot not to believe them. Progs do it, so give it right back to them. Get tough. When Noah made claims about diverse countries being more stable, why not hammer him with the studies on trust evaporating as diversity increases, the outcome of Rhodesia and South Africa, heck African ethnic tribal diversity or how the diverse rainbow republics are so new we cannot judge them yet but the fraying does not support them? Weird how you couldn't pounce on him like you would, for example, Matt Forney taking a shot at you. Even when offered the soft ball of how things are worse or better, you could have cribbed from Dalrock's long list of social decay points to explain why things are worse and Jim's posts on technological stagnation. Your own post on crime rates; throw in plea bargaining as a way of hiding crime. Even just asking back a simple, "what is the point of the USG and how does it aid US society at large?" could have opened a box of discussion points that would reveal how lost the West is and psychopathic the progs are with their governance vector always being for greater power and securing power. Even the decay of Social Security's implementation in the '30s vs. Obamacare would be a nice way to discuss how completely messed up everything is even with the progs firmly in control. As NRx, we point out problems with modernity, but are less strong on proactive solutions. Push exit for individuals. Push secession for states or bring up thedish identities to create communities. Allow Noah his progtopia while you have a monarchy. Proclaim your ideas and beliefs as truth if you truly believe in them. Harden the fuck up.

4. Learn from the PUA guys

All blogging, social media et cetera is bullshit in some regard as we craft digital selves to project. The PUAs take it to a new level. The PUA guys are marketing themselves in every single thing they do, and most just rip off Roosh anyway. They have to be on show 24/7 because who in their right mind would waste fucking time going to their sites if they didn't have new material and project an image that lemmings could view as "successful with da wimmenz, me want to be like him". There is an honesty to it even if it is all for show and unverifiable. At least they are diving into the image head first. Having given enough presentations and speeches in front of clients (separate them from $) and coworkers (align with me), it's not just what you are selling but you yourself that is being sold. A fey, weak speaker will be valued less. He, or she, will not even spark interest in the marginal types that become philosophical groupies.

5. Learn from Internet teenagers

Everything you do on the Internet is there forever. Say a new journalist gets curious on NRx or Darken ideas, and you deploy your full arsenal of communications mediums to make contact and get some PR. A journalist will look at that debate and use it as background for how they will frame you.

That last part is key because how they frame you will be how they frame NRx and the Dark Enlightenment. Good luck with the next debate or interview.


Scott's Bluff said...

There is comedy in some of those Bloggingheads debate videos. Amateur camera angles, bad lighting, sterile background with the blue glow of a monitor splashed across some guy’s ugly mug, thumb face (if the camera is pointed up toward a person) tinny audio and as you stated weak voices from some people, clamming up, shutting down, video/audio delay is always funny; didn’t Michelle Goldberg start crying, or whimpering, on video once from her opponent’s rejoinders? “Could we just change the topic, please?” This was like two years ago, can’t recall the topic. Mitt’s stay-at-home wife probably.

The material at hand for mockery could supply at least one solid Internet sketch. Not exactly a well, but not squeezing blood from a rock either.

I didn’t watch the debate you’re referring to, but I’ve seen video of Rollo Tomassi and some other blogger having a friendly conversation. Seemed pretty boring. These video Internet chats are never terribly photogenic. Good pointers of course, but a person can only make so much out of that stationary laptop camera and the low-quality microphone. Low-quality mics do screw with your voice.

Cut this out please. If you received that thing I sent, my apologies for starting it off with the word “dude”. That was stupid. Don’t call a 30 year-old man dude. That’s been buggin me all weekend.

Anonymous said...

Very passive-aggressive.