Friday, January 10, 2014

What's Worse: Underclass Parenting or Using the Word Thug?

Oh no, there was an outbreak of possible racism in Omaha, Nebraska. A viral video of a toddler cursing was found and posted on a police union Facebook page. They used the word.... thug. Oh damn it all to hell. They mentioned that the cycle of thuggery is what they battle and that the child deserves better. The child is in CPS, and the Christian Science Monitor is there to tell you the ACLU is already on the case because of the tension between the, "already-bitter relationship between the city’s minority communities and a police department that has been beset over the past few years with allegations of racism and abuse". I am glad Elizabeth Barber is there to deflect any slight feelings of anger at the dysfunction of the underclass and throw accusations at the Omaha police department. She either understands this child has no shot and needs to lie to hide it and liberalism's failings and lies or is an idiot.

A better five hundred word essay or even a longer essay on this might discuss how this all fits in with her Columbia School of Journalism, blank slatist, nurture over nature group beliefs. If we all have the same hardwiring in our brains and home environment matters, then why not discuss how horrible this child's home life is? How many kids grow up like this? Think that kid is being read to at night? Play the poverty card, but they have money for a phone with video and posting capabilities. Words seem to have an impact so how much of a head start do other kids have over this child? Even worse, this child has not reached school. Those third grade teachers that Elizabeth and her cronies always want us to pay more and empower will get this kid at age 8 (let's be real 10) with how many years of this environment molding this kid. The teachers only get kids for 6 hours a day, so at 10, those kids go back to this home. Tell me Elizabeth, how is that teacher going to make a difference? They won't. We'll keep shoveling money at them.

The fiery sword of the Internet is slashing at those well manicured walls the liberal apparatchiks used since the '60s to hide away underclass dysfunction. When the truth is shown, best to blame the messenger. "Thug" is a problematic word now. Allegations of racism and abuse? Elizabeth, I work in the real world, if I don't smile at a black coworker at all times, I may be accused of racism. Have you heard that smear works well? It is like homophobic or anti-Semitic. You need to dredge that up, whether true or not, so that readers are nudged in the direction of thinking the cops "racist" and therefore "bad". Those cops deal with more reality than your cupcake eating Ivy league ass will ever see. This viral video is nothing compared to the vice and homicide squads' weekly dealings.

Now tell me if you will follow that family or another like it for a month and report on what you see? What type of culture would encourage that? Worse, what type of culture would mold the child to act and talk that way, film it, and then share it for all the world to see? Elizabeth knows. She is not an idiot. She is a good soldier who will attack cops doing their job and showing the world the cycle of cradle to early grave thug life they deal with each and every day for using one word rather than point a finger at the degenerates who are the real problem. If you are not willing to shine a light on the truth or have real talk about that child (and millions others) lack of social mobility because of their families' decisions, then put the pen down and pick up a cupcake.

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