Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Wendy Davis and the Entropy of the Left

Technology pundits discuss the singularity with a few even mentioning that we are actually in the singularity already. With the space between tech accomplishments compressing does this make social phenomena compress in time as well. Can politicians spontaneously form out of the ether and then self-combust in a shorter span of time compared to days of yore? Wendy Davis might be the first example of national attention and flame out within a six month period. Davis is currently caught in an interesting situation where the lies and storytelling that allowed Obama to become a modern, progressive hero-god are crashing down on her with a long, documented paper trail. This all happens because Wendy Davis is an example of the unrestrained degeneration of women in public life, political opportunism run wild, harmful and unchecked identity politics, and the entropy of the left.

Davis came to national attention because the liberal media thought it heroic and useful fuel for the war on women propaganda to spotlight her pointless filibuster of an abortion law in Texas. Special focus on her pink Nikes. The pro-choice protests took a weird turn (Hail Satan chants), and the law banned abortions after week 20 (month 5). At week 20, a sonogram will show someone the little human in a woman's uterus, fully formed and most likely actively playing. This was her heroic stand: supporting a woman's choice after week 20 to kill a child. No one thought to discuss the merits of that law, just Davis' toughness in facing evil, white male dominated Texas. Vogue ran with this within two months with a sexy looking profile of Davis and how she was going to run for governor and turn Texas blue. No one stopped to ask about any qualifications. She was just a hard charging woman for the right team. Sexy because the curly haired brunette from Rhode Island sure turned into a leggy blonde from Texas.

What was there to dig on Davis? Davis pitched her life story as a single mom who paid her way through work and scholarships to a BA at TCU and a Harvard Law degree. She was tough. She was single and doing it for herself. Not quite. Davis was married, a mother and then divorced. While still with her first husband, her dad introduced her to the man who would become her second husband. She was a single mom for a few months, moved in with mom and then married Mr. Jeff Davis who was 13 years older. Mr. Davis supported her through Harvard. In 1996, Republican Wendy Davis credited her husband for supporting her through school. She had been a struggling mom, but she was a grateful wife, then. Davis eventually divorced her husband, right after he made the last payment on the loans for Harvard. When they divorced, her husband was given custody as it was "not a good time" for her to be a mother. In an odd twist, her husband was granted custody of their child together and her kid from her first marriage whom he had no biological tie to, which in family court is incredibly odd. What family court in America even considers giving a man full rights at all? Protecting the child-mother bond is usually the prime directive. She is either extremely flawed or she voluntarily gave her kids up for what? A political career. This is the strong woman the left wants to run for that female vote.

What is the 21st century left but identity politics masking half baked Marxist ideas and bankrupt economic policy that farms citizens for dollars? Davis is pure identity politics. Just for a quick recap: using men to pay for schooling, pawning your kids off due to political ambitions and fighting for the right to kill the unborn but being in great shape at 50 and having a Harvard Law degree makes a woman one of the good strong women. Being governor and attacking oil companies for royalty corruption, being a mother, wife and still looking good at 45 but not having an Ivy League degree and being a Republican makes you not really a strong woman. Davis vs. Palin. One is to be elevated. The other is to be mocked. Only in the chaos of modern women and our negative society is Davis the example to raise up as good. It's not what you do as a woman, but do you support liberalism and all its works. At least Clinton was a mother and pretended to be a wife.

Davis would be an evil woman if not for her political party switch in 2007. Davis switched from a Republican to a Democrat in the wave change year and as W's approval ratings tanked. This allowed her to run for state senator instead of waiting for her "time" in the stacked red state GOP dominated land of Texas. She saw an opportunity, and she had a packaged mythology that would appeal to the left's identity politics. Attractive, educated divorced woman who was a single mom. The story is so cliché for their voting blocs. Like the minority puppets for Wall St's manipulation of the left that appeal to low information identity voting, Davis appeals to the single women voting bloc. Her qualifications for governor of a state, let alone Texas, are laughable. It is simple Democrat playbook rules today, but in a sane world, even the Democrats would want to stop this newbie with a checkered past.

The right is not free of this (see: Marco Rubio), but the joke is that they nominate the "next in line". Not quite, but even Davis' opponent for governor in '14 is an established and vetted candidate, Greg Abbott. If the GOP were as shallow as the left, they would dump Abbott and run Spanish fluent, half-Mexican George P. Bush for governor. They do not work that way. To take a step back, this might be because as the outer party, to be successful on the right, a figure must prove some worth in actually making the trains run, systems function and programs work. Fundraising and campaign work are part of train scheduling. They do not have the cathedral behind them, so they need skills. The left need not worry about that, so they can pop whatever figurehead they need at the moment to hit the voting bloc bingo. Try to bring back Reagan Democrats and win some of the South, nominate Bill Clinton. Facing an incumbent running a war that has some success, nominate Vietnam veteran John Kerry. The '60s nostalgia and progressive comeback needs a new Camelot, nominate Barack Obama. The media will give them a margin for error to win, and the bureaucracy will take care of the work.

Davis has no shot. She will not win. Her polling numbers with Hispanics are weak, and that was before this history fiasco. The left might be able to paint her loss as the evil patriarchy beating back a strong, independent woman, but Davis' lies and blatant opportunism would make even Rachel Maddow bite her lip. This is the chaos and entropy that fills a system when it has control. The left runs the media, so they need not worry about gaffes or oddball inaccuracies. If Obama could fudge his way to the White House using ID politics and hope, cannot others do it with a slightly different paint by numbers?

There was a small background checklist for Davis' campaign, but the left's system of power did not care that she was a Republican in 2006, had a checkered past or had no record to use for a campaign platform. She just fit the bill in 2013, and they let their system do the rest. This is 2014 where high heels, abortion, and being the right kind of voting woman is all that matters. We're at this point because of a system that just needs more bodies to show up on Tuesday. A system where what boxes you can check off matters more than what you are inside or your performance. A system where the very role that the identity group normally performs is not the right role, but must be the role that the media wants you to perform. You fit their system, in their role, in their way, at that moment, filed down to a perfect piece for their machine at the right time.


mikestreetstation said...

Just a note on your use of Marco Rubio as an example of the GOP running a narrative rather than a candidate. He has a well established political history in Florida before he ran for the Senate. He was Speaker of the House of the Florida Legislature.

So his Washington DC implosion caught me, as a former Rubio supporter, by surprise. He actually had enough political experience that he should have recognized that he was being played by Schumer. Instead he self destructed.

As far as Davis goes, the facts won't effect the narrative. I heard a reporter on TV this morning make that point; the narrative is substantially true, so the left has not given up on her yet.

Son of Brock Landers said...

MSS - I was thinking nationally on Rubio. Rubio was experienced to run for US Sen, it was just the idiocy of some pundits who saw his child of immigrant promo ad and starting saying "Is this a preview for a '16 POTUS run?". Rubio was smart to decline the VP offer from Romney because had he not delivered FL, he'd be damaged, so like you I am shocked he quickly jumped on immigration in late '12 to use as his invisible primary issue.

peterike said...

I agree with MSS -- it's way too soon to count Davis out. While your analysis is excellent at the level of the culture, I think you may give too much credit that people will even know the facts behind the photo op candidate. No revelation about Obama was able to budge the narrative in the slightest. It will be no different with Davis.

She is now a certified celebrity, yet the media has only barely started to burnish her image. Money is pouring into her campaign. Her voting base will be far more motivated than Abbott's base.

Abbott does have a Mexi wife, but he'll get zero media cred for that. His wife is not at all attractive, and his daughter is gawky and dresses terribly -- she will be a subject of mockery soon enough. Abbott himself has a sort of dopey white guy look while Davis is, of course, a hottie.

Also, Abbott is wheelchair bound. I wonder how that will serve him. It certainly won't win him many female votes, and god knows how it will go down with Hispanics (even with the Mexi wife).

I assume at some point there will be televised debates -- what will be the optics of a dopey looking white guy in a wheelchair wearing a suit from Sears vs. the hot white chick wearing couture? (Because designers will be falling over themselves to give Davis outfits.)

On the other hand, Davis has been tagged as "Abortion Barbie," which is freaking hilarious.

Who knows where this goes. Davis seems a bit unhinged and may implode herself. Abbott probably has skeletons that the DC gang (already checking his NSA files, you can be sure) will unearth.

This is a critical election of national importance. The Dems will leave no tern unstoned to push Davis over the finish line. But as you suggest, they may have picked someone too intrinsically weak to make it. But it ain't over until it's over.