Thursday, January 02, 2014

Superlatives, the Greatest Party Game

If you are at a party and the group knows each other (doesn't have to be best buddies but everyone knows everyone) and time is slowly passing, play this game. It is the greatest party game ever. The spirit in the room will lighten up, people will laugh and people will definitely drink. Years ago in days of old before cell phones ruled the air, I helped craft this game.


If 8 or fewer people 2 decks of cards, if 9-12 you need 3 decks, alcohol, and a group of mutual friends. Every person is assigned a card (Ace, King, Queen, Jack, etc.). You do not get your own card as you can't vote for yourself. You go around the table where the speaker asks a question that would require a vote (example: Who is most likely to have had or will have plastic surgery?) Everyone votes cards face down in the middle. The person who asked the question collects the cards, and then counts who got the most votes. Whomever got the most votes then has to guess who voted for them. If they are wrong, they drink, if they are right, the voter drinks. Game continues with the person to the right of the questioner asking a new question. Two ways for the game to end are you all get too drunk to continue in good form or someone asks a question where all votes are for the same person (except the top vote getter since they can't vote for themselves).


Scott's Bluff said...

Cool game, I can imagine the conversation escalating quickly out of passionate disputes over certain questions or claims.

Hey is there anyway to contact you? I've been meaning to ask you something, if you've got a bit of time to spare and don't mind emailing me.

Son of Brock Landers said...

You might be a smart spambot but try mrossi34228 at gmail dot com