Sunday, January 19, 2014

Rob Ford, SWPLs and Selective Criticism

Did you hear about the mayor who admitted to smoking crack? The mayor the media said hung out with hookers? The press said aides leaked that he was a drunken fool? Rob Ford, the mayor of Toronto, might be the real life manifestation of Chris Farley's synergized sequel to Tommy Boy and Black Sheep that never happened Mayor Tommy, the Black Sheep. The press, Saturday Night Live and countless SWPLs are fascinated with Mayor Ford and love to poke fun at him. Why? Mayor Ford gives progressive whites a chance to criticize everything about underclass behavior that the racial composition of the left's coalition of voters prevents them from noticing and if they notice, qualifying.

No one mentions Ford smoking crack and then whips out Marion Barry jokes. Marion Barry still is a DC council member ripping on Asians and escapes the progressive purging. Hell, Marion Barry was busted for crack and voted back into office, and only Chris Rock was a public figure to take a machine gun to that democratic insanity. Los Angeles' former mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is a lightweight, Latino puppet who cannot keep his hands off attractive ladies, but no one on the left mentions that because they desperately want to push for him statewide office and maybe even President. SWPLS keep their mouths shut on these guys because they cannot mention the corruption or dysfunction since those men are in positions of power, and the normal fondue party "dysfunction is due to poverty/legacy of slavery/no privilege" cannot be used to qualify the behavior of well paid and powerful political figures. Mayor Ford is an "other" white who behaves a bit like these NAM politicians, so it is open season.

A non-political version of this is the SWPL mockery of the Jersey Shore types. Garfunkel and Oates, SWPL duo of musical comedy, wrote an entire song that mocked a night out being invaded by bros. The video is full of imagery of the Shore type guys. Chains, bro-tude, flashy clothing, rims, uhhh, switch those guys from white proles to blacks and Latinos and Oh My God Wow Just Wow how racist would it be? There is not way they would ever write a song about a nice night out at a bar or club being ruined by a group of several black guys entering the establishment and being obnoxious; no matter how many times that has happened in the history of 21st century America. SWPL behavior towards Ford is the same phenomenon in a different circle.

What is a shame about this is that Ford has personal quirks, but does Toronto have a corruption problem? All political structures today have an of corruption illegal or legal (donors), but it would be willful ignorance to not notice the color tone of many politicians that are caught in blatant corruption and nepotism scams. It does not have to be big city mayors when involving the unspoken community. Just look at small town mayor Randy McCallum.

McCallum was elected to the position of mayor after running a small business in his town and turned the position into a mob king role. The small town was his fiefdom. Alorton, Illinois is a tiny town (under 3000 citizens) and 98% black. The Feds have dealt with McCallum, but darn it, his son's double murder trial ended in a mistrial. Here are highlights to McCallum's reign of terror.

According to the affidavits, McCallum:
* Skimmed off a hefty slice of numerous phony, tax-paid grants intended to improve residences and businesses and increase taxes, then looked the other way when the recipients spent the money on personal items including boat docking fees and paying off credit cards. These illegal payouts were so numerous that a local check cashing agency ran out of money cashing the checks.  
* Directed police to bring any "motherload" of seized money and drugs directly to his house, a practice that doomed prosecutions because McCallum spent the cash and sold the drug evidence.
* Ordered competing drug dealers to be robbed, advising rookie village cops they were expected to pull their share of "licks," or robberies and split the loot with him.
* Handpicked Michael Baxton Sr., now in federal prison, as his police chief. Baxton could advise McCallum of opportunities to loot seized drugs and cash because Baxton installed surveillance cameras throughout Village Hall and the police department, which he accessed from his home computer.
* Was so confident of his power that when an Alorton Police officer whom McCallum didn't know was working undercover for the FBI was invited to McCallum's home, the mayor didn't bother to hide a dozen or so crack cocaine "rocks" on his kitchen table he was preparing for sale.
* Organized "stunt crews," police teams instructed to shake down competing dealers and drive them out of town.
* Made sure that when his village's cops arrested any of his relatives or friends, their cases disappeared and the offending cop was threatened with firing.

McCallum engaged in other awful behavior that the new report covered from the unsealed federal file. This is a small town version of the corrupt, murdering police chief in L.A. Confidential. Outside of that area of St. Louis and southwestern Illinois, no one will probably ever hear about this. The unsealed records were released a year after his federal sentencing. He will probably end up a hero for the impoverished community of Alorton who got taken down by "the Man" for being a brutha trying to do what, in their minds, white politicians do. 

Rob Ford fooling around with hookers and drinking is poor behavior for a mayor, but did it lead to corruption of the police force, misuse of government agencies and enable crime? No. Should do gooder progressives be more concerned about our political system that even suggests to small town mayors that they can become drug lords? Yes, but there would be disparate impact if the lantern of justice was shifted in that direction. The behavior is bad, but where does one draw the line for resigning office? Spitzer and Sanford resigned; Clinton did not. Mayor Ford is good bread and circus headlines for the masses. Anything to distract them from government ineffectiveness, decline and public treasury looting. It is safe to make fun of all of these men for their infidelity and other vices because they are members of the safest demographic to mock in the 21st century West: straight white men.

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peterike said...

The levels of corruption in black run municipalities are staggering, but of course invisible to the media at large. The web site Stuff Black People Don't Like is a veritable encyclopedia of black corruption. Only rarely does it bubble up nationally like the Marion Barry affair, but there could be one of those a month probably if the media had eyes that would see.