Sunday, January 19, 2014

Return of the White Wide Receiver

Get ready for it. The moment the Patriots beat the Colts it was set. The Super Bowl was going to be in the eye of progressive sportswriters across America an older, traditionally pocket passing QB (translation: WHITE) vs. the mobile, young scrambling new school QB (translation: BLACK). PROGRESS! There are writers claiming a "Golden Age" for black quarterbacks (mixed race Kaepernick raised by white family = black to media). That face off is set in stone now, and will be discussed because it is a race angle those liberal priests will gladly pound into the ground. You know what race story is under the radar but was pretty obvious in the AFC championship game: the resurgence of the white wide receiver.

As a child of the '80s and '90s, wide receiver was basically all black guys and Steve Largent. No one made a fuss about it unlike the fear and anxiety that the media feels about blacks making up only 8% of the MLB now. It was just the supply and demand. No conspiracy. The Broncos/Patriots match up featured Welker, Decker, Edelman, Amendola and Collie. None were high draft picks and a couple were undrafted. The playoffs actually showcased starting wide receivers who were white in nearly every match up. Who exactly knows why the numbers are up? Could anyone even discuss possible reasons? Would anyone even suggest there is bias against them like the claim that there is bias against black quarterbacks.

Like black quarterbacks benefiting from the spread being used in college and high school, maybe more WR slots are available now. Maybe WR is not simply speed and height anymore like the days of bomb it deep on play action. The west coast offense and spread with 4 or 5 wide give WRs more open space, so possibly hands and route running have a premium. Even ickier for liberal reporters, what if the defensive scheming of zones, man recognition and read routes places a premium of visual recognition and intelli-bzzzzzz bzzt sorry, keyboard shocked me there.

It is not just your eyes playing tricks on you. The numbers are up. Compared to twenty years ago, there are more white wide receivers in regular rotation. In 1993, the pickings were slim. There were nine white wide receivers in all. That is counting scrubs. Gary Wellman of the Oilers (solid use). Scott Miller Dolphins (2 catches). Don Beebe Bills. Ricky Proehl Cardinals (highest catch total). Ed McCaffrey Giants (decent use). Robb Thomas Seahawks (scrub). Tom Waddle Bears (solid use). Todd Kinchen Rams (scrub). Jeff Query Bengals (solid use). Don Beebe was more of a specialist and return man. Ricky Proehl was the only one to crack the top 50 for receptions that year, and he was nowhere near Pro Bowl caliber. Waddle was such an oddity, that ESPN and reporters made a fuss about his successful year. Three wide receivers that would count in a starting rotation. The AFC championship had five consistent targets in the same game.

No one mentions this because there is no MLK type struggle like the media's obsession with the black quarterback. In a league where specialization has become so minute and defined, god forbid there might be a position that isn't tailor made for blacks. No journalist is allowed to even question if visual capabilities matter, and Satan himself will purge the journalist who utters the IQ Wonderlic issue. I played quarterback; vision and intelligence are critical. After all of these years, it is still a struggle to fill a top 10, so a top 5 seems right for black quarterbacks. If they can remain healthy, one of the new crop should develop into something special. Just talk to me in three years, because 10 years ago I thought Mike Vick would be "the one".

Quarterback scouting is all voodoo now year to year. How did they miss Nick Foles or overrate Mark Sanchez and Josh Freeman? Personally, the position will move to the Rodgers-Big Ben type who can run a 2 minute drill, shake off a defender and throw incredibly accurate. Did the press maybe jump the gun with loving the new crop of guys who also happened to play on teams with great defenses and solid running games (not RG3). Cam Newton has all of the physical gifts but can he make everything click at game time? Time will tell if RG3 will be able to stay healthy, if Kaepernick can develop as a passer (he regressed a bit now that teams have film to study of him) and if Wilson can remain healthy and perform without a great running game to carry him. The media should realize the hyperventilating over black quarterbacks is incredibly transparent, and completely one sided when stories like the surprising comeback of white wide receivers are out there waiting to be written about.

2013 Wide Receiver Rosters With White Receiver Breakout

155 WRs total - 19 White

Denver Broncos
5 WRs - 2 White - Decker and Welker

Seattle Seahawks
5 WRs - 0 White

Carolina Panthers
4 WRs - 0 White

New England Patriots
5 WRs - 3 White - Amendola, Edelman, and Collie

San Francisco 49ers
5 WRs - 0 White

Cincinnati Bengals
7 WRs - 2 White - Sanzenbacher and Whalen

Indianapolis Colts
5 WRs - 1 White - Griff Whalen

Kansas City Chiefs
4 WRs - 0 White

New Orleans Saints
5 WRs - 0 White (one 1/2 white)

Arizona Cardinals
5 WRs - 0 White

Philadelphia Eagles
5 WRs - 2 White - Cooper and Maehl

San Diego Chargers
5 WRs - 0 White

Green Bay Packers
5 WRs - 1 White (another 1/2 white) - Nelson

Baltimore Ravens
5 WRs - 1 White - Stokely

Chicago Bears
5 WRs - 0 White

Dallas Cowboys
4 WRs - 1 White - Beasley

Miami Dolphins
3 WRs - 1 White - Hartline

New York Jets
4 WRs - 1 White - Salas (Is Dave Nelson white?)

Pittsburgh Steelers
5 WRs - 1 White - Moye

Detroit Lions
5 WRs - 1 White - Durham

New York Giants
4 WRs - 0 White

St. Louis Rams
5 WRs - 0 White

Tennessee Titans
6 WRs - 0 White

Buffalo Bills
5 WRs - 1 White - Hogan

Minnesota Vikings
5 WRs - 0 White

Atlanta Falcons
5 WRs - 0 White

Cleveland Browns
4 WRs - 1 White - Cooper

Jacksonville Jaguars
5 WRs - 0 White

Oakland Raiders
5 WRs - 0 White

Tampa Bay Bucs
5 WRs - 0 White

Washington Redskins
5 WR - 0 White

Houston Texans
4 WRs - 0 White

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peterike said...

Since I couldn't care less about any of the teams, my rooting interest is now entirely racial. I hope Denver wins against whoever they play because I want the stodgy white quarterback to be victorious. It's that simple.

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Rifleman said...

19 out of 155???

Wow, Whitey's taking over!