Thursday, January 23, 2014

Random SFW Sex Media Links

I had to carefully word the title to throw off the bots. When I was looking into the HIV shutdown of the porn industry, STI testing and useful idiot James Deen, I ran across some links that seemed interesting but I had little clue what to do with them.

Porn Retirements

Jenna Jameson, who left porn after she sold her website to Playboy for millions, is now back webcamming and looking to perform in porn again. Seems like the drugs, bad spending and divorce money drains got to Jameson. This came a couple of months after another performer retired in tears, Jenna Presley (age 26). Maxim had her listed as a top 12 pornstar in 2010. At least Jezebel is giving some pub to Jameson's walk of shame back to the industry, but I doubt anyone in the mainstream media will comment on it. Just like they stay silent on the porn stars who catch HIV but don't cause a shutdown, the suicides or early deaths. Jameson was a super successful performer, and even she cannot escape the industry.

These announcements reminded me of another former glamour nude model who showed up in Playboy and was a Penthouse Pet of the Month that retired, crapped on the industry and there was not a peep from the media about the industry that they enable. Here is Erica Rose Campbell's letter to fans roughly 6 years ago announcing her retirement. All she did was nude model and those Playboy strip and dance around naked flicks that used to be on Pay Per View scramblevision style. She retired because she found God, but if you know her family also coincided when a horrible tragedy occurred and her experience as a nude model was used in the appeal by the convicted perp who victimized her relative. Campbell's brother was a friend of a friend. Interesting stories like Ron Jeremy and established porn performers going to glamour model shoots cajoling and enticing them to shoot hardcore scenes. One of the hooks was "you can just do solo and girl-girl". What will they do Ron after the phone calls for those scenes stop?

Sick Mind of a Cuckold

Some female performers are tighter about who they work with due to STI testing. They have their "suitcase pimps" that work out their deals. Some suitcase pimp are the husbands. This link to a blog for omega males and their hot wives. The interview is with a guy who is his pornstar wife's agent, photographer, videographer and all around lackey. It is kind of disturbing to read the twisted mind of a guy who considers his perversion an all encompassing lifestyle with a wife who entered porn after age 40. Reading his comments, the guy comes across as wishing he were in the place of his wife having sex. Younger men, all races, gangbangs, it does not matter to him. Snooping around, I found interviews where she claimed they both engaged in swinging, she defended his manhood and she said he has lots of sex. In the interview linked above, it sounds like he just watches.

I blogged about cuckold porn before because enough people tweeted about it. The porn is completely different from the actual sickos engaging in the practice because of the audience. Cuckold porn is mostly just cheating porn. Cuckold enthusiasts are a super small subset of married couples. The McKinsey Institute, which promotes all numbers of perversion, lists swingers as 4 million in North America (2-4% of married couples). Hotwifing is a smaller group within the swinger class. Donald Ley at Psychology Today wrote some essays on cuckolds as he was researching a book. His reasons for the men pushing "hotwifing" line up with a lot of the amateur, armchair psychologist tweets of Arronski. Gay thoughts, masochism, wanting to think they have a wife worthy of banging, weird "king" feeling, and a variety of stupidity. These guys make up maybe 1% of guys out there. They are sick losers.

It is weird that such a small subset of men would make such a juicy target for Heartiste. It seems rather redundant since his audience automatically considers them omegas. Why bother? Well, a good thing to do when promoting oneself is to find the antithesis of your market and style and constantly contrast to it. You think those ambulance chasing lawyers targeting minorities with ads during Maury Povich have a grey haired white man in the role of "insurance claim denier" for another reason? Cuckold fetishists are demented losers, but their kink, other guys banging their woman, is the direct opposite of that Game lifestyle where you go out to bang a lot of quality women. Ultimate loser giver compared to ultimate cool taker. Nice clean contrast.

There is something else at play, and the Last Psych essay on the Guinness ad and men not being men fits in. Men, and women, have roles to twisted up now or unnecessary compared to days of old that men flounder, have forgotten how to be men and are incredibly insecure about their masculinity. These dumb cuck fetishists are small in number, not worth anyone's time, but they are a useful stand-in to say "you are not a real man". Men have a word to say to one another when a friend pulls some shit, "don't be such a faggot", which is why every sports coach across America calls an underperforming or weak player that word in practice. It is a direct assault on your masculinity because you know what it really means, "you're a weak entity who gets banged by other men". When criticizing gays, we must be careful now (plus, Game/PUA overlaps enough with gays to make things awkward.). You also would have your website purged if you constantly made fun of gays and typed "stupid faggot" non-stop, but no one will bat an eye if you insult men by calling them "stupid cuckolds".


peterike said...

** cough cough ** Frankfurt school ** cough cough **

The combination of Internet and ubiquitous porn is responsible for an unfathomable amount of human misery. Squalor and depravity and genuine signs of a civilization on its last legs. But we're not allowed to protest against it because..... because... empowered wimmen?.... it's a choice?.... racisssssms?...

Or just money.

Rifleman said...

** cough cough ** Frankfurt school ** cough cough **

** cough cough ** Adam Smith School ** cough cough **

Pure Cultural Capitalism. No market, no money, no action.

Same with drugs, junk food, trash TV... EVERYTHING.

If degenerates weren't buying it, it would dry up and go away. They may be a small market compared to the vast majority but what is 1% of 7 billion people worldwide or 320 million in the US alone?

That is still between 3.2 MILLION to 70 MILLION people. CNN is still in business and they are averaging now about 78 THOUSAND views a night for some shows!!! LOL.

Perverts have money to spend, they aren't all impoverished, homeless derelicts.

Son of Brock Landers said...

There will always be someone buying porn which is why i'd prefer the online red light district to exist to remove the effects of mass consumption of what gets pirated. The industry is hurting big time with big name female performers making 30-50k annually and having to hutle to make more whether escorting or webcamming. Some even set up pivate skype sessions, not private from the nsa. The money the industry is making is thru escorting as the sexual black market has grown as tech makes it easier to set up. A completely unmentioned factor in artist-athlete bankruptcies is th money they spend on escorts (chamillinaire comes to mind).

peterike said...

Porn is a perfect example of where pure capitalism breaks down. You cannot run a successful society on such a model; you have to have moral guardians.

Yes, that sounds quaint, but all the great Western nations had such during their years of progress and growth. Standards went back and forth over time, and of course there's always plenty of hypocrisy -- and so what? Hypocrisy is the tribute that vice pays to virtue.

You really didn't have a large scale moral collapse in Western society until after WWI, when you got places like the Berlin one sees in "Cabaret" and some very salacious films being created in America. These were all largely Jewish projects, incidentally -- they have always been at the forefront of pushing sexual depravity.

In its last gasp of moral behavior, America clamped down on the film industry via the production code due largely to pressure from its Catholic population -- before the Church itself collapsed as a moral force. Could you get porn then? Of course you could, but it was much more difficult and having it would have been ostracizing in many social circles.

Of course it all came unglued starting in the 50s and accelerating through the 60s and 70s. And it's always a game of going one step further. Playboy showed only boobs and ass, so Penthouse had to come along and show bush. And on it went. The problem is that it became socially acceptable, and then technology made access so much easier. And now you have millions of teenagers watching porn and anyone who wants to stop it is the one labeled morally questionable.

If online porn were illegal, it would still be there -- just as we have bit torrent sites for other illegal downloads. But it would be more difficult to get to and far fewer people would watch it. But then, there's enough sick depravity on television (e.g. "American Horror Story" for one) that even if you could eliminate porn tomorrow there's way too much other degeneracy out there.

I don't know how you put the cat back in the bag. But were things really so terrible when TV comedies were like "I Love Lucy"? Funny and clean? Or even like "The Odd Couple"? Were we really missing out on so much before Norman Lear came along and ripped the veil away?

The supply siders had a great insight that supply creates demand. That is never more true than in entertainment.