Thursday, January 09, 2014

Primal Winter

The ice and snow creep drape the domains of the northern climes. It is time for Primal Winter. The following is like the mirror image to a SWPL telling you he is going to eat vegan, do some more yoga and learn calligraphy. Primal Winter is a nickname I have given to this winter where my goal is to lift, sharpen up my eating and get some things done. I also intend on growing the Van Dyke out beyond Confederate General length to Conan the Barbarian Axeman length. Primal Winter's plans must be altered as I prepare for the arrival of my family's newest member.

That initial parenting period messes with your schedule so limiting workouts to 20-30 minutes is key. This is where Crossfit will come in handy. I like to jump rope. Crossfit is intense and most workouts can be done in 30 minutes. A rotation of the following will fill my 7 day week, picking four of the five.

Workout #1 - Crossfit
Jump rope for warm up. Shoulder thrusters, pull-ups, hanging leg raises, push-ups at 15-10-6-failure.

Workout #2 - Day of the Dead
Deadlifts - 12-8-6-5x5 reps. Barbell row - 3x8. Jump rope

Workout #3 - Crossfit
Pimp walk on a treadmill for 5 minutes. Burpees until failure or 100. Jump rope.

Workout #4 - Cardio
Bike for 20 minutes.

Workout #5 - Puke Day
5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 15 squats continue rotation until 30 minutes have passed or you are gassed.

I already gave up soda. Much easier this year than in January of '13. I'm going to return to the quasi-paleo diet I started in 2012 and slacked off of the last year. Eggs for breakfast, a salad w/meat for lunch and soup/half sandwich and then whatever my wife cooks for dinner. Hardest part will be finding a nut substitute for the bacon cheddar flavored pretzel nibblers.
Vitamin D, a multivitamin and protein on workout days. I'll be caffeinated in the morning. I might add in ZMA or just do straight zinc and take melatonin at night for sleep. The baby alarm clock will suck, but my wife gets up at the night and let's me sleep through it all. That is part of "the deal". I stay simple with supplements, but many do work. 
Reading a ton and trying to put together an answer for someone on the "why" the Anglo-Saxons took to outbreeding swiftly around 800 A.D., and looking into more Rubin stuff. Each time I think I have it all nailed down, I find a new rat tunnel to chase down. The latest thing is seeing that the FIRE economy had different phases, but the hyperspeed phases started '94-ish and ensnared more and more rubes. It looks as if Bush I was the last term any president and Congress made tough financial decisions that forced losses (S&L resolution). I'll be grabbing some gold, too, including an Edward VII gold sovereign. Wait, NSA, that was a joke. Gold is bad. I'm not a kulak. I also have to get ready for the soul shaping with my toddler son. They learn no very early, but getting them to not attempt something because they think about it before and fully understand consequences is the trick.
Somewhere a tall, dark and handsome SWPL is putting on his jammies, drinking some cocoa, comparing Tupac to T.S. Eliot, looking up yoga studios and abstaining from meat. First, he has to adjust his horn rimmed glasses. Look out your window SWPL! The mini-Ice Age has begun so you must prepare. Grow a beard. Lift. Eat meat. Primal Winter is upon us!

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