Friday, January 31, 2014

Movie Idea: The Social Media Serial Killer

Been a while since I had a movie idea, so here's a new one. People are afraid of the information they put out on the Internet. There is another pool of people who cannot go a moment without putting their life out on the Internet via a variety of social media platforms. The movie is an intelligent serial killer who uses social media to track oblivious women down and murder them, leaving behind an odd handmade doll behind that resembles them. We will set this one in SoCal, the killer will be an intelligent, loner Asian guy, tough female cop tracking him down, male love interest is a reporter, and the lieutenant who doesn't trust the female cop is a tough as nails Latino. Look, to get something made, you need to appeal to Jewish producer multicultural sensibilities.

Movie opens with one of those credit sequences where stuff slowly comes into focus and we're on a roadside with music coming from a car with its door open and a crime scene being set up. My Gawd, it's a murder. Next to the woman's body is a weird looking doll (see right) with buttons stitched in for eyes, but otherwise it looks just like the victim. The chick cop thinks it's a gift for or from the victim and tells CSI to bag and tag it.

The initial crime runs through procedures, but no receipt or bag is in the car with regards to the doll. The boyfriend doesn't claim to have given it to her. Cop thinks nothing of it, gives 48 hour update to her lieutenant with some commentary on low clearance rates making a comeback. We then get another scene with a woman murdered alone (similar vapid young LA woman) on the side of a road but she is talking to a man (the killer) as he approaches her and mentions insurance. Goes to grab her phone and he jumps her and it's murder. Cops come to crime scene and find another doll. Chick cop is called in. My Gawd!

This is where the crime beat reporter comes in who notes the double doll issue, and the cop mentions keeping it on a low profile. They have nothing to go on, and there might just be an amazing coincidence that the victims both received what looks like handmade dolls from the same guy. The cop looks into the case. We then get the montage of more girls killed with more dolls left behind. The reporter pushes the cop, and finally the lieutenant gives the green light to go public.  Montage ends with the city announcing a warning for a women who fit the profile. The reporter releases an article on the babydoll killer.

On separate tracks, the reporter is setting up profiles of the victims for a Sunday Series type for the L.A. Times, digging into their background. One family suggests he go through her social media stuff. A younger sister gives him passwords, and by chance he sees that her Facebook profile pic is her in the outfit on the doll. He then goes back to the other families and asks for that access as well. The cop on her track is investigating but can't connect the women in any way socially. The only thing is their physical profile: young, attractive woman in the LA area. They are all different types, but all are pretty. The cop has a treasure trove of social media stuff and work emails and phone records, but there are so many inane, stupid things for updates that it makes finding something critical. She then notices that they all had signed in at 4square and Instagramed a pic of their meal.

She gets a call from the reporter. and they do that "I figured it out" jinx move because God forbid just one person be competent. Reporter says he'll meet her at an In n Out Burger joint. They meet and explain their discoveries. There is someone who knows all of them well. It's a social media stalker. They are on it, reporter is close and makes that move (head tilt) like he's going in for a kiss (cliche), but female cop gets a call from her younger sister driving who just got bumped by a guy on the road and she is unsure if she should pull over since it is late. Cop sister gets panic look because sister is a social media attention whore and tells her to go straight home. Car keeps on sister's ass and bumps her again and signals for her to pull over. Flashes lights. Cop tells sis to look for plates. Can't see he is too close and can't see his face as it's too dark to tell. She sees her exit and guns it.

Cop and reporter both go to see sister in middle of the night. They end up asking her about her night. She checked in with 4square somewhere and then Instagramed a stupid duck-face selfie with her friends as she was leaving because the place was dead anyway. Cop, reporter and sister end up looking at her subscribers and followers. They then cross reference for similar names but get squat. Reporter then notices that there is a pattern. Some dumb Star Wars name followed by a number follows them in sequence on twitter, Dr. Who with a number on Instagram, etc. etc. Sister was number 7 on each account.

Cop looks for that username + 8 on the different platforms. Takes a look at who the person is following. The cops end up setting up a sting with vapid attention starved women number 8. There has to be a false alarm on the drive as someone tailing her has to not be the guy, but then of course the killer does come closer as she gets off the main drag. Insert one of those "Freeze Asshole" moments for the chick cop to say. Denouement is intelligent Asian dude ends up confessing and accepting the death penalty. Admits he agreed to death penalty because California will never execute him, and he'll have a cushier stay compared to other state prisons.

Just schlocky enough for the masses and topical. Get me Lionsgate on the phone!

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