Monday, January 27, 2014

Media Will Not Make a Trayvon Circus Out of This Murder but Should

When I read a horrible crime story that is evidence of our decline, I usually tweet it. Just this week a horribly tragic crime happened in Oakland that deserved a slightly closer look. Seventeen year old Justice Toliver was shot in the apartment she lived in with her father and grandmother at 12:15pm on a Thursday. The suspect fled and has been missing for over two days now. The weapon has not been recovered. The suspect is her fourteen year old brother. It was first reported as a shooting over an argument about laundry, but a cousin, who lived above them and "isn't blamin' him", said it "wasn't over no laundry". In an age where every report gets the NY Times liberal narrative obfuscation and excuse making, it is interesting just how cut and dry the reporting is on this tragedy.
Justice Toliver

Justice Toliver, a fit and attractive young woman, was a seventeen year old mother of a two year old girl. Her brother, Mario Toliver Jr., was a fourteen year old father of a newborn. The same cousin who above doesn't blame the brother/suspect also said he was not shocked that he had a gun because that is what you expect living here in this day and age. The here is Oakland and it is now, so the anti-gentrification article that was focused on Oakland's changes looks even dumber. Defending gentrification should be the default setting for 21st century Americans. Gentrified areas do not usually have 14 year olds killing their siblings while both have small children, so let us gentrify the areas closest to our financial and arts centers. If outright shouting of racism or segregation is impossible to use, then the opponents of gentrification can rely on vague notions like authenticity and bein' real to defend the hellholes in American cities.

Family said she was your typical girl. How broken is an area or culture to consider a seventeen year old mom a typical girl. If a 17 year old mother of a toddler is typical, then typical is a horrible situation. Some reports say their mother was in jail. Typical girl and good boy are near knee jerk reactions by underclass families when tragedy strikes. The family also said they always got his back. How effective was that value your kin education if he shot his God damn sister? The harsh realization that the family must be aware of is that they did not even teach him to value human life, his blood sister's life, more than bleach on his laundry. Speaking of education, this shooting was at 12:15pm on a Thursday. No one has asked why they were not in school. No one. At seventeen, Justice may have graduated, but it is not like Mario had a snow day from school in Oakland.

If an editorial is written about this in the Bay Area media (none in Bay area papers about this as of Sunday), there will be the Mad Libs version of underclass tragedy. More services, good kids, income inequality, the system is against them, vote Democrat, because we need to gloss over just how terrible our underclass is despite the constant proclamations that everything is getting better. Consider all of the programs California has and the media and school's effort to coach up through nurture these kids. It is 2014, not 1964. Fifty years of ever expanding Great Society and social services programs has produced this. No one is going to admit that or throw out some other, tough love ideas. We know this just by comparing the picture used for the news broadcast vs. the picture used for the Internet post. One is seen by local news watchers, the other is seen by anyone willing to click the link and be an underclass voyeur. One was used for the initial report, the other for a 5pm newscast. Here are the pics, but we know how the media works. Same story, different victim. Reminder, these are the oppressed on whose behalf the progressive elite rule.

TV Still - Cash Money Homey + hand mimics holding gun
TV Still + Internet Pic - Same pic, cropped out $ + the hand sign


Anonymous said...

This tragedy can be attributed to white people's failure to do what is right.

As Ta-Nehisi Coates said: "There's never been a single thing wrong with black people that the total destruction of white supremacy would not fix."

Anon 2 said...

This tragedy can be attributed to just about anything, like drinking insufficient orange juice. Doesn't mean that doing so is in any way, shape, or form sensible. Also, Ta-Nehisi Coates is a nincompoop.

But I can agree in the abstract that white people have been falling down on the job - they should have done far more training and uplift of their lessers. How you like them apples, anon 1?