Friday, January 10, 2014

Lesbians Have It the Toughest

It is a tough dating market out there. Both genders whine about their respective dating pools. How do you find a "good one"? "Good one" means different things for each gender. Guys want a cute girl with a rocking body who will adore them, be low maintenance, can cook and clean who they can envision as a future wife or mother of their children. Women want whatever their social circle says will earn them status at that moment in time despite the laundry list of awesome attributes that they say they want. This is why 50-something friends of mine are bemoaning their 24 year old daughter breaking it off with the nice, perfect guy she was dating because she was still thinking about the ex-boyfriend who was a farm-boy turned Skrillex wannabe. That is an irrational decision to push away a silver platter package. You know who really has it toughest: lesbians.

1. Life is a numbers game. Lesbians are 1-2% of the female population. If you live in a rural or suburban area, it is slim pickings as you will know the twenty lesbians at the pool hall. You are forced to live in larger metropolitan areas until you shack up and U-haul for the long term retiring to Maine, Oregon, Washington, or Vermont.

2. Every single lesbian you meet is a potential friend, sexual partner or competitor. If you think heterosexual men/women cannot be friends, imagine that for your entire friend and partner pool. Massive feelings of insecurity and competition that leads to "womyn on womyn" sabotage.

3. It is all women. Guys if you are complaining about flakey straight women, lesbians are as well. Plus, they are the flakes. The drama in relationship is doubled because they are both women. Even the one who is the more butch lesbian is still a woman prone to drama.

4. Every complaint about the mental instability of young women that men have, lesbians face but it is heightened by the gender identification or "what type of lesbian am I" debate. Those are huge issues for lesbians as they first come out and then find their niche. This adds to the female instability and relationship security. Plus, in the early period of their acceptance of their homosexuality they may overdo the signaling that they are here and queer.

5. The niche idea hurts lesbians who are femme and cute and attracted to a femme, cute lesbian who only dates those lesbians that pretend to be men (dickless men, bois, etc.). The lipstick lesbian who dates another lipstick lesbian is an "MTV Couple". You've most likely seen every lipstick lesbian couple in existence since 1990 on MTV "Sexual Propaganda Specials", because they are that rare.

6. Bisexuals and lesbians until graduation makes for a weird dating pool that is in flux for years. Cute bisexuals can leave lesbians in a minute because they just are not gay or it was just a phase. You lose not from not connecting but because she does not swing that way... permanently.

7. Those bisexuals are the cream of the crop from an aesthetic standpoint. I know a cute lesbian who has only hooked up with experimenting straight girls or bisexuals the last two years. Straights also turn some lesbians into beta orbiters. This entire pool of bisexual women virtually disappears by age 30. Of the bisexuals you knew at 20, how many were still actively bi after age 30? Hey, look, one is left on Facebook as the rest got married to men and have kids now.

8. Aesthetic reality - Lesbians are less attractive on average, fatter on average and because of the gender ID issues, will not play up femininity that could be a looks difference maker for some women. Lesbians also buy into that PC fat acceptance BS and encourage them to be cool with their bodies since it is wrapped into them being cool with their different sexuality. Lesbians who are attractive can behave in a superinflated ego manner and never commit because they think they can always get something better. Carousel riding is easier when there is less competition.

9. There is an entire crop of lesbians who are poisoned by the academics at ages 18-22 to destroy their own gender staus by having "top surgery" or gender re-assignment. Even if they fix themselves in the head by 30, they may be boobless as a potential partner. Newsflash: all lesbians are "boob women". If a lesbian says she is an "ass woman", she is lying.

10. Everyone hits the wall, and women hit the wall earlier than men. That goes for the hunters and the hunted. If you're a gay guy, you can stay fit and in the game for decades. Not so much with lesbians.

A common joke in mass media is monogamy is tailor made for lesbians or all lesbians pair up forever and move to a farm with five dogs, but lesbians in foreign countries with gay marriage had elevated levels of divorce compared to straights and gay men. To pull at heart strings, the media spotlighted that young adult man who was raised by lesbians "proving" lesbians can raise a son just as good as straights. Sure they can. I can also hit a bullseye with an SKS from 100 yards... on occasion. Damn any studies suggesting that on average, dysfunction occurs at greater levels for those children. Lesbians also beat the crap out of each other, but because they are part of the left's victim coalition, the media tip toes around it. How many lesbians claim to have been sexually assaulted by another lesbian, yet have you ever heard of a lesbian convicted for sexual assault? They have a web of prison rape, too. I have never read that issue brought up in the media, yet I have heard lesbians discuss it (this is anecdotal, but think about it).

Listening to rational, cute lesbians is heart breaking. What is worse is meeting their friends and prior to the gathering being told what is "okay" to say in front of the arriving lesbians and what is not. A regular girl who happens to like girls is the norm in Hollywood sitcoms and dramas but is the exception in the real world. You are more likely to bump into the oafish, hypersensitive yet insensitive to everyone else, boy wannabe wearing a sweater vest and cargo shorts while binding their breasts down and frowning in every picture. That is the pool that the "MTV Lesbian" has to choose from, and it is a small pool at the start. While you, straight girl, may lose out on a guy to a skank who is easy or you, straight guy, lose out to a "jerk" or richer or more handsome guy, at least the only other cute person in the bar doesn't reject you for the tubby dwarf from the Mines of Moria imitating the bros she once saw at a fraternity in Pennsylvania.

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The politically correct neckbeards on Reddit sure go gaga when it comes to the subjects of lesbians and female masturbation.