Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Geopolitical Links

Iran is playing the Germany in late '30s negotiating game even better than I previously thought. Secret side deal, enrichment continues, and in the original outline they only have to do what their political framework allows. What if this window negotiation is just cover for a later airstrike? I'm serious. It gives Israel/Saudi Arabia to vocally be angry with America. When it collapses, the US/Israel/KSA all strike or conduct a joint operation and say "Hey we tried negotiating" or the Israelis/KSA strike and we have distance from them. President Archon SOBL would do something like this. This is possible, but that would mean someone would know what they are doing at State since the Preident doesn't directly control policy in our system. Adding a twist to the legitimizing Iran's regime aspect of the talks, Iran is close to making an oil for goods deal with Russia involving 500,000 bpd of oil. Never take your boot off their throat until the deal is done. /Nixon

Don't mind the Russians they are just building a trans-Eurasia railway to avoid the Suez canal for transport. They even have the Norks cooperating. This cuts down goods transport time and avoids having to ship which involves large insurance premiums for transport that may spike if things get dicey on the seas in the Middle East. It is a small start but all major shifts start with brave first adopters. Sure, the US Navy is the blue water Navy to protect the ocean shipping but just avoid shipping altogether and avoid USG's protection racket.

China wants a broader role in the Middle East. In other words, "We can provide Godfather protection. Come on over and dump that petrodollar for the petroyuan". The KSA oil export surplus recycling is the dollar flow I would attack because once they move, others will find it easier to move.

Iraq edges closer to a civil war again but without a US military presence. The Al-Qaeda fanatics we supplied, trained and armed in Syria did not get the US air support they expected so they just drove their technicals into Iraq and started a fight back in the Sunni triangle. If the Syrian ethnic partitioning hardens more, the creation of rump states in the former Syrian borders can set a precedent on future partitions and redrawing the Middle East map. The Sunnis in Iraq would have a reason to fight: establishing sovereignty in an area that is truly "theirs" vs. a big bad Shia government that has been abusing police powers.

Speaking of Syria, Western intelligence agencies are re-engaging with Assad and the West is warming up to him. Technological change and the pace of life may be speeding up so much that even in areas like geopolitical moves, a man can go from "He must go now!" with the jets warming up on the aircraft carriers to comfortably in place and legitimized in the eyes of the world within 100 days. Assad went toe to toe with the Western bloc and is still alive. This is an even greater feat than Castro's consolidation of power and repulse of the Bay of Pigs in Cuba. Even if Syria is partitioned, if he remains alive and in power of an area, it is a victory over the USG.

Supporting my hypothesis that Snowden's revelation of NSA spying was a Blue Empire attack on the Red Empire, the NY Times opened up 2014 with an oped calling for Snowden's return and pardon. Job well done as Red Empire took a big hit in the realm of public opinion.

Finally, while Vox Day took a scalpel to the little essay on how the Jews and Chinese can make happy time together and be buddies, let me take a truncheon to that article. This essay isn't even the first this year to discuss the Jews need to forget the West and look East. Wonderful way to lay groundwork for an idea that was first uttered in the mid-2000s. I don't have the time to check, but it would be interesting if a Jewish writer wrote a similar essay in late Victorian Britain about why Jews should buddy up to America. Elsewhere, I stated that post-Civil War America had no long term landed aristocracy to offer a counterpoint to merchant interests like in European nations, and America was founded on making a buck. We were sitting ducks with a paper legal system that was cupcake for their Talmud trained minds.

These essays on Jews leaving the sinking ship that is America for China do not help them in defense of attacks on being a middle-man group with no loyalty to your nominal nations. Instead of hinting at jumping ship, fix the nation you're in like a citizen should want. Steve Sailer's ongoing skewering of the Stanley Fischer FED Vice Chair nomination is a prime example. American Jews are not helping their case, and believe me, when someone figures out how to tell "the proles" of all colors the truth and uses the Wall St-DC-Ivy League clique as the bad guy (rightfully so), there may be disparate impact with regards to consequences. Jews are fearful of white goys, but in the Midwest the vangelicals are pro-Israel and are curious about Jews. You don't have to tell me how urban blacks and Hispanics feel about the rich Jews in NYC, Chicago, Miami, etc. One would think American Jews on the left would look at anti-Israel sentiment at the Democrat National Convention and realize that anti-Israel feels are an expression of frustration with the American Jewish elite that Americans are not allowed to say in public.

I actually really like the Jews for their intelligence, love of their people, and sense of humor. Like all groups they have their downsides. I had Jewish friends when younger, dated Jewish girls in college and still talk weekly with a couple. Why are they found so often in banking and the law? Well, the HBD crowd should support that they are a bit smarter than other groups and have selected for verbal intelligence. Raw intelligence and verbal intelligence are traits greatly valued by the SAT, LSAT, GMAT et cetera, which after Harvard dropped their entrance exam strictly for the SAT became the gatekeepers to our great universities that credential and funnel people to plum jobs. Stanley Kaplan training Jews for the SAT to get into Ivies (who have limited spots) helped. Culturally, the code of life take on religion has fostered a long history of studying the Talmud and debate between rabbis. If you did not know, Jews love to argue with one another. As far as banking, well, with the diaspora, Jews were the bankers for hundreds of years due to Christianity for centuries having laws against "interest" and Muslims up to this day having laws against interest. The diaspora helped with export-imports as letters of credit matter in our global financial system. After several hundred years, customs and skills might develop an incentive to chase those activities. Genes and cultural institutions matter.

They have faced persecution, as have others, and they have rebounded, as have some others. They also appear at the forefront of many movements that attack existing power structures within their host nations. Nixon mentioned an insecurity and need to prove themself as equal or better, which Sailer wrote about with his remarks on the new movie "The Wolf of Wall Street". They never just move to a new nation and chill out. After the 5th divorce, usually people admit that they are partly culpable for their failed marriages. Maybe some self-reflection is needed before a new expulsion. Maybe allow some slight criticism so that Tumblrs with fewer than 50 followers do not receive attacks and Jews themselves are allowed to make Jewish jokes and keep their jobs. Check the link, and tell me it wasn't overreacting to harmless self joking. I do not think the Chinese will welcome them with open arms. Outside of the Middle East, Asia is an area where the Protocols are still printed. The Japanese considered the Jews like Pufferfish (too much kills, so keep exposure minimal). The Chinese have similar traits and centuries long institutions, including ethnic pride and protection. The Jews will not edge in on Chinese territory. The Jews should evaluate their status and help fix the sinking ship or operate within Israel to focus on their people and problems in the Middle East.

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