Saturday, January 25, 2014

Dating Tips from 1938

Take a look at dating tips from seventy five years ago. Now think of the sex advice, Carrie Bradshaw wannabe that wrote in your college newspaper. How much would you want your daughter to follow from 1938 vs. today?

Not really sure how dressing in front of a guy would help.

Makeup in privacy eliminates those sexy moments when a woman fixes her lipstick.

Posture is huge in assisting or destroying one's look and signaling interest. Gum chewing. Who does that anymore after age 13?

"Careless women never appeal to gentlemen" - Nice way to phrase what girls appeal to bad guys.

People forget how revolutionary and liberating the bra was.

This one is pretty funny. "Man needs it in driving". Hollywood Indian dialect.

Interesting to see that PDA was considered in poor taste and men did not like it. I love a woman's touch.

Don't manipulate men emotionally into saying things. Sound advice.

Good not to discuss other dates with other men. "Men deserve, desire your entire attention".

"Don't talk about clothes". Different decade, same problems.

Anti-drinking message with the thought that men want women to be dignified all evening.

No brainer no matter the decade.

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