Thursday, January 16, 2014

China is so Serious About Africa They Hired Erik Prince

The Chinese are dead set on making their resource extraction from Africa as smooth as possible. The trillion in loans they are devoting to developing Africa is an enormous sum that requires insurance. The Chinese believe they have found insurance in the form of Erik Prince, founder of Blackwater. Erik Prince is now chairman of DVN and has ownership of up to 23% of the company. This is a sign that it is all systems go on China's cultivation and development of African clients that they do not care what happens within the borders, just as long as the minerals and oil keeps flowing. It is also a sign of the USG Empire in retreat.

From the guts of the article, we can see the picture of what is happening,
DVN, an online financial markets information provider, said in an announcement to Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing that its board decided to grant Prince three-year options for the right to buy 102.56 million new DVN shares - or 9 per cent of its issued shares - at HK$1.50 each. 
This is in addition to five-year options granted to him that allowed him to buy 205.1 million shares at 73 HK cents each in late November, as part-payment for a start-up East African aviation and logistics firm injected by Prince into DVN. The two options mean he could own about 23 per cent of DVN. 
"The board invited [Prince] to be an executive director and chairman in view of his extensive business and commercial knowledge and network in the aviation and secured logistics industry," DVN said. 
Prince last November sold to DVN a company that plans to build a pan-Africa provider of aviation, logistics, risk management, security services and exploration support services, needed by many Chinese businesses active in Africa. He received US$3 million plus the first batch of options. 
DVN shares yesterday closed at HK$1.61, up 115 per cent from November when DVN first announced Prince's business injection, giving Prince a potential profit of HK$180.5 million on his first batch of options.

That is quite the gift. He sells them a company that will provide logistics, support and security across Africa a year ago, and now they give him a sweetheart deal that now timed with his appointment as chairman boosts the stock, netting him millions. This is akin to a monarch appointing a duke of a new province to pacify the natives and take what he wants for his work. Prince did not need the additional millions, but neither did many memebrs of aristocracies of old.

Blackwater was Prince's creation, and his amazing drive turned it into the giant in private security (mercenary work) that it became in the citizens' mind as US fatigue in Iraq peaked. Check this Mother Jones blurb on the horrors of Blackwater by the numbers from 2007 (donated over $200,000 to the GOP, oh no!). Look at the writer's photo at the bottom. A thumbnail that perfectly represents the eunuch weenie SWPL progressive men of the 21st century. Prince is condensed macho, conservative white male America in a suit with weapons training. A friend's younger brother left the Army and worked a stint with Blackwater. Pay was good. His only complaint was middle management. Seems private sector work is the same no matter what industry.

Blackwater is necessary if you will play Empire but pretend you do not need to sacrifice men from the population. Blackwater is viewed negatively because Americans do not want to admit how far the Empire reaches and wants to pretend invasions and peacekeeping can be handled by 100,000 or fewer men. Prince's statements and the "history" on his Wikipedia show just how comical the Valerie Plame outing affair was versus what happened to him. Who does what to whom is only reported when it advances progressive positioning. He became a villain because the media still needed a villain for Iraq despite Iraq's security situation improving with the ethnic cleansing and relocation "surge". Few things were funnier on the 2008 campaign trail than the Democrats berating Iraq because of their 2005 talking points and then sending Iraq down the memory hole as time elapsed. America has a Whig history origin story of a shining city on a hill that the real and dirty side of playing Empire fiddles with for apple pie minds.

Prince pulled up stakes, sold Blackwater and has left the US empire sphere for China. Is China going to vilify him like the US media? Probably not if Chinese citizens are protected (note no US clients died under Blackwater protection). I doubt the Chinese will care about dead Africans in a hot zone. China's willing to contract management of their security in resource clients to a proven force. His worth will be measured by results. Considering how successful he was in US theaters, they should be happy. While this is a military-industrial complex leech leaving the US sphere, Prince is still an incredibly competent and driven individual aligning himself with a power beyond USG control.


peterike said...

I'm happy to see America pulling back, however slowly and ineptly, from Empire, since I'm a fortress America type who'd like our foreign policy to be run on the "let 'em rot" principle. But nature hates a vacuum and China filling the power vacuum is worrisome.

Ideally, America would be self-sustaining -- which it was not very long ago -- but since the globalists hollowed out our industry and shipped it to China et al, we're now extremely vulnerable to Chinese threats. Bit by bit China will play a stronger hand in places like Africa, where they are colonizing under the cover of "economic assistance" (paying off the local African Big Men while using the locals for grunt labor).

Over time, more and more Chinese will actually move into Africa, I think ultimately even starving out much of the black population (all those excess Chinese males gotta go somewhere). Again, this is not something I care about -- what use are Africans in this world? -- other than the fact that the Chinks will be horrible stewards of the land. In the long haul, I would bet we'll see China shifting a lot of their dirtier manufacturing, letting them clean up China while creating their polluted moonscapes in Africa.

There will be no shortage of Chinese willing to go colonize Africa -- just tell them they can have all the kids they want there, and they'll sign up by the millions.

The world is going to get a lot uglier because the white race voluntarily abandoned its leadership role.

chris said...

i wish i could be as optimistic about the pull back; assets moving to africom and the creation of USARAF are on the horizon. the re-alignment of empire assets from mid-east to Pacific & African theaters seem more likely than a pull back, despite the coming drawdown. South Sudan is a good example of our meddling; look for more special forces ops & tip of the spear types (which is not a bad thing) and hopefully less full scale war.

still, not sure why we are even mucking about in these shitholes.