Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Barack Obama - Mythical Hero-God

President Obama is a wonderful media created myth. As a man, he is relatively boring. As a political figure in the hands of the US media for low information dum-dums, he is a mythical figure of amazing abilities with outrageous feats of strength. Looking up old definitions of mythical figures, President Obama the media phantom is a near perfect hero-god. Using Lord Raglan's Outline for hero-gods, we can make a call as to whether modern media pulled off a stunt worthy of Sophocles.

1. The hero's mother is a royal virgin.
Easy, Ann Dunham was what 17 when she was first pregnant. Reports have discussed the geneology roots of his white side connecting him to the Bushes, our modern American royal family.

2. His father is a king.
Obama's dad was hooked up with the elite of the tribe that didn't win power after Kenya's independence.

3. Often a near relative of his mother.
Nope. Not at all here. Strike 1.

4. The circumstances of his conception are unusual.
Jackpot! Where, when and even who is the father are all up for debate by even reasonably acceptable public figures.

5. He is also reputed to be the son of a god.
Calling him "The One" and associating his parent's love with the quest for civil rights would make him a child of that glorious enlightened crusade. A blended race son of democracy and equality!

6. At birth, an attempt is made usually by his father but sometimes the maternal grandather to kill him.
Not dad. Unknown if the Dunhams had any ideas, but tell me, in the early '60s, what parent of a teenager with a half-black kid where dad ran out on him wouldn't have a talk about giving the child up for adoption. Unconfirmable Strike 2.

7. He is spirited away and
8. Raised by foster parents in a far country.
Take your pick. This is either Ann and Mr. Soetero in Indonesia or the Dunhams in Hawaii.

9. We are told nothing of his childhood.
Jackpot! Sealed records at every school he ever attended.

10. On reaching manhood he goes or returns to his future kingdom.
Obama goes to college on the mainland. The Ivy League calls him home.

11. After victory over the king, and/or a giant or dragon or wild beast,
12. He marries a princess often the daughter of his predecessor.
After college, Obama slayed the beast within which was his inner conflict of his racial and personal identity. He decides "black". He also marries daughter of a Chicago alderman Michelle Robinson... who also was the baby sitter for Jesse Jackson... whom you could call the previous president of black America.

13. Becomes king.
Elected President.

14. For a time, he reigns uneventfully.
15. Prescribes laws but later
16. Later loses favor with the gods and/or subjects
That is a nice three point summary of Obama's first five years as president.

17. Is driven from the throne and city
Just wait until January 2017.

18. He meets a mysterious death.
19. Often at the top of a hill.
This may be the future. I can totally see this except the hill part.

20. His children, if any, do not succeed him.
I don't see his kids burning up the charts. They'll be millionaire heiresses.

21. His body is not buried.
I can see Obama being cremated. Who would he be buried with? Who even loves this guy or was loved by him?

22. He has one or more holy sepulchers.
Pretty sure a shrine to Obama will be created in a black part of a city if not every city just off MLK Boulevards.

It is pretty clear cut that Obama does check off a lot of the list for mythical hero-god. Only two strikes, which is better than many other hero-god figures. If we were to face a collpase within a generation, my guess is the remaining black community would easily piece together the above into an oral traditional tale of the chosen one who ruled but was rejected causing it all to come crashing down. The people were not worthy of the hero-god.


peterike said...

"The hero's mother is a royal virgin."

Hah! If you consider a white-hating mud shark posing for porn photos a "virgin," then I guess yeah, she was a virgin!

Rifleman said...

Hah! If you consider a white-hating mud shark posing for porn photos a "virgin," then I guess yeah, she was a virgin!

Oh, come on you sexually inadequate clown. That's what you focus on in an otherwise interesting post?

Obama is unquestionably a secular Jesus for the post Jesus White liberals.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Wait ann dunham posed for nudie pics? WTF?!?! How the hell is this the mother of our president? I was under the assumption she was like the white chick in "The Coup", drawn to Obama Sr. for the exoticnss and because she hated her parents.