Monday, December 09, 2013

Underclass Theater

As a member of that dwindling class of Americans that works a private sector job to earn income, daytime television is a relative mystery to me. I know it is bad because my grandparents used to complain about it, and I did enjoy syndicated reruns and Springer as a high school student. It is a wasteland, and I turned on the television after finishing a book, failing to consider a better alternative. It is not Masterprole Theater, but the Steve Wilkos Show is Underclass Theater. It is for the underclass, starring the underclass but paying the economic complex of the left. Monday's episode was just another page in the nation of bastards story of American decline. Woven in the rug that is this cheap show are small details showing just how horrible America's underclass has become and the institutional framework that pushes society towards bad outcomes not for good policy but for job security and resource allocation.

Monday's episode was titled "My Daughter Said You Did It". It focuses on two women who are accusing men of molesting their daughters. This will involve lie detector examinations to reveal who is molesting and who is not molesting their kids. The guests cannot sit in chairs, so this plays out like a weird vaudeville act. Actor one explains his side, actor two comes out to confront actor one, Steve plays emcee, shuffling people along, corralling them and holding that envelope of answers like the sword of Damocles. The audience is not as active as old Springer shows, but is more a reinforcement of Steve's judgment.

Play One - Accused molester is quasi-stepfather to the victim.
A white female has accused her black live-in boyfriend of molesting her kid because the daughter said so. This came out because the daughter caught an STD that both mommy and the boyfriend have, as well as told disturbing details about the boyfriend as well as a sex tape mention. The boyfriend says he loves the girl like she is his own, raising her, being there since she was a baby, buying her gifts, raising another man's kid. The boyfriend's defense is that it is an STD from another guy that the mother had sex with during the 10 month breakup when they lived apart because she had men in and out of the house. Must have been one of those men. Child protective services (CPS) is involved. They are on the show though and not in the judicial system because she has doubts.

Physically, the white mom (Faith) is in shape, has meth teeth, big back tattoo, face looks rough, and uses mannerisms you'd see before a fight at Six Flags. Boyfriend is a chubby black guy with cornrows. They bring the actual father onscreen and he is a fat, dreadlocked black guy with a facial piercing. The mom could not tell the baby daddy of the molestation because his phone was disconnected so he found out from the show about the molestation. Baby daddy is angry because he wanted the mom to send the daughter to live with him. She didn't. In fact, the daughter is living with ANOTHER family member right now. There were issues between the mother and baby daddy to the point where CPS was involved with those two earlier for a separate reason. The mother excuses away her child's knowledge of sex and sex tapes due to staying with a friend overnight. Momma also says that even though multiple men were in and out of her house while broken up with her boyfriend, no way could they have molested her girl.

The boyfriend molested her. Momma cries, Steve bitches her out, she immediately weeps for the baby daddy to help her. He says he will because he takes care of his other kids. Steve carefully dances around who is worse, but he gives it to every single person onstage as them being idiots who have no clue about the responsibility of being a parent.

Lesson: Fishtown rots while the media holds bitchfests for overeducated women. The number of graduate degree holding single women might be 'large', but rest assured the number of underclass women going through situations like this momma's on Wilkos is larger. It's a numbers game. From the male side, we men are not being careful as well. If you think marriage will reduce freedom, try having a kid. Even when you have that kid, it's not like your voice will be heard by the system with handling that kid. Whether true or not, the baby daddy here did claim to ask for the kid to be sent to him. He had his phone disconnected and has multiple kids with little knowledge of this one so his credibility is low. What is worse is that we have a system that encourages, feeds and rewards these fools. CPS might as well be an extra aunt to them.

The other dirty lesson that feminists wouldn't want people to notice: this chick had a bastard, roped in a new live-in boyfriend to pay for things, and then kicked him out to bang other guys. The unrestrained young sexually empowered woman. This is how it ends up for lower class women. They aren't Rachel Silverstein the Harvard graduate who needs flex hours at work so she can have one kid at 40 and not miss time. They are Bobbie Jo, Esmerelda and Latisha (covered all groups) who now has a cushion for every bad act that formerly was shunned by the community and church, but progs removed the stigma and undermined her church. There is a reason restrictive institutions were created and mores and norms enforced. They worked to prevent this behavior from becoming widespread. Look at Faith onstage crying and having to deal with a molested daughter for the rest of her life. That is how it ends up for the lower class and increasingly middle class women. Why worry? More tax dollars will fix a broken soul because in progressive eyes money and a trip to at risk family outreach will fix everything.

Play Two - Accused molester is the father but he left momma for a new bride.

A white female accuses her white ex-lover of molesting their daughter. A white rural farmboy type from Indiana states his case that his seven year off and on relationship with this accuser was filled with her constantly vanishing with their first kid whenever she wanted. At one point, the momma left him but then dumped the kid on her father. The grandfather then wrote to the son and hooked him up with his baby girl so he could raise her. The dad took her to CPS who said the girl exhibited some touching effects but no penetration and NOT by the dad. Mom sweet talks him back, reunites whole family, and gets pregnant again by farmboy. After that second baby is a year old, the farmboy leaves, gets engaged and then marries another woman. No on again off again there, so she must be hotter right? Wrong.

All three are overweight with the two women obese. The baby momma could look decent if she lost 100 pounds. The new wife had hipster glasses but looked like someone shoved an air compressor in her ass and turned it on for an hour. The guy looks trashier than the women; they just are obese. It gets weird when Steve starts asking the momma why she did not go to the cops. She says she went to CPS, she discussed it with her daughter's therapist, and she discussed it with her daughter's behavioral specialist. She did not go to cops because, as she said, "I'm not about drama". Single mother of two, you are on Wilkos. As a former cop, Steve Wilkos pushes her on not going to the cops because the police investigation would be separate from CPS. The momma keeps saying that therapists took notes or specialists said they'd file something. In the end, the farmboy is the father of the baby but did NOT molest his daughter.

Lesson: This guy could have avoided this all by wearing a condom. Seriously, how stupid are men. Wear a condom and never show up on Wilkos. Even in the first play but more in the second, there is a second set of family members: the American social services system. They are an authority figure for these losers that the losers can appeal to for authority and be sanctioned or praised by that is outside the family and outside the criminal justice system. A normal person would witness or be the victim of a crime and report it to the cops. These fools are the victim of something but then choose to go the CPS route. They cannot handle their lives, so a credentialed, certified specialists with government approval will guide them through life. First momma, you need to focus on your daughter and stay away from men. Second momma, farmboy is out of your life, and your fraudulent molestation accusation cost every taxpayer money funding those specialists and therapists. Note that these individuals all can vote (assuming no felons were present), and my guess is we'd have four Democrat votes and possibly two GOP votes. Would you want any of them making any decision for you?

Tuesday's show is a black couple where the 36 year old husband is accused of cheating on the 18 year old wife who has 3 kids with him. These people procreate but are the omegas of society.

Bonus: Why did I say the complex of interests that fund the left get paid? We have these losers using government services and lawyers (law donations lean 75% D). On the show, the media gets paid by selling advertisements. The advertisers get paid by luring in consumers. Here is who advertised. Tell me if this rounds out a demographic profile in your mind's eye.

Ad Break One - Accident lawyer, blender, accident lawyer, auto junker lot, accident lawyer

Ad Break Two - Everest education (for profit) starring a single mom, Selsun Blue, Risperdal class action lawsuit (Risperdal was for schizophrenic kids + possibly caused breast tissue development in boys), General auto insurance, portable nebulizer from Med4Home (transfer payment liek those scooters as medicare pays entire cost), bankruptcy lawyer

Ad Break Three - Accident lawyer,, accident lawyer, state lottery

Ad Break Four - Mirena IUD class action lawsuit, Social Security disability lawyer, AAA auto insurance, accident lawyer

Ad Break Five - Rent-A-Center, Gold Bond moisturizing lotion, Get cash for your annuity, accident lawyer, cosmetology college, accident lawyer

Ad Break Six - Accident lawyer, Xfinity TV, accident lawyer, All Pro Dad program (getting absent fathers engaged), accident lawyer

Looks like the Decline Democrats are watching the show. For the underclass, starring the underclass but to transfer wealth to the left's economic patrons. Enjoy the decline.


DCThrowback said...

For the record, I love Gold Bond.

peterike said...

One wants to comment, but what can one say? The post is wonderfully drawn, but my god what words are there for this depravity and decay?

Hannah Arendt spoke of the "banality of evil," but what we have here is the banality of depravity. It isn't interesting, other than in a wreck-on-the-highway sort of way. It teaches nothing useful, other than negatively: don't behave like these people. It shows the human soul in the dregs of existence, the underworld of the underclasses, somewhere across the River Styx; and the ferryman wears a government worker ID.

Look at ye works, Progressives, and despair.

peterike said...

Oh and PS -- listing the advertisers was a brilliant stroke, and oh so telling.