Monday, December 16, 2013

Two Economics Blog Recommendations

Because of the widespread, economic tension and anxiety across the nation, most econ writers have taken a bombastic angry or scare tactic tone. It annoys me. Two sites that avoid that tone and provide great data and analysis are recommended below.

Bruce Krasting seems to have returned to blogging more regularly. His posts are not high in number, but they are excellent. I have not seen anyone dig into the Social Security numbers, Fannie/Freddie or other big government programs (even the Export-Import bank) like Bruce. He also plays with employment figures and other data that you will not find in major media sources. My wealth tax idea as half of the attack on the Democratic barbell coalition is from a post of his. He is a weekly check.

Exurban Nation is another fantastic economics blog that has come back to daily updates. I first discovered his blog nearly a decade ago when I was first looking for a home in Massachusetts and noticed absurd prices. Rob Dawg mixes in cheesecake photos to go with his headlines, and he has a healthy dose of humor in his posts. If you used to like Calculated Risk but noticed the quality of posts dropped significantly the last two years, you are not alone and start reading Exurban Nation. Some of you may think that blog name is familiar, and it is because it is on Sailer's blog roll. Rob is posting frequent enough that this is a daily check.


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Rob Dawg said...

SOB[Landers]! Thanks for the shout out. Mein gott! Has it really been almost a decade? Indeed it has. Again thanks.