Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Monks of Liberalism

What is a monk? A pure definition might be a person of a religious order that lives a lifestyle avoiding worldly pleasures to chase after spiritual, divine or religious achievements. Monks pop up when a religion has credibility and may grow in numbers when the religion is considered dominant. When the religion is in power and viewed favorably, the monk has positive connotations. Even in common English, saying "monklike" before a characteristic is a good modifier. The superliberals who live in straight edge homes, eat vegan, show solidarity with anyone and 'so sorry' anti-slavery displays are modern day monks. Monks of liberalism.

A monk of even today will separate himself from society and devote his life to prayer, study of religion, and becoming more holy on this crude planet. The monk will live with other monks, possibly cutting ties with family and friends to become one with the word. Buddhist and Christian monks may undergo a head shaving or beard growing as a marker. How different is that to the residents of the Legion of Doom Straight Edge House? They engage in sober living and their site proclaims "no racism, sexism, homophobia or transphobia, etc.". Checking out photos, the residents appear to have undergone body modifications. Their mainstream relatives have probably been tossed aside. It is a play for holier than their peers. You could not possibly understand mere commoner because you do not walk the walk.

Christians do not eat meat on special Fridays (some on any Friday). Muslims avoid pork. Progressive monks do not eat meat at all. Oh you thought your vegetarian ways were holy enough? No, these vegans will expand the sacrifice and not eat any animal products. Wait, you're just a food vegan, well ethical veganism denies the use of animal products for clothes and such. The world is just corrupt and disgusting and does not understand the true way to live with nature. The world just does not understand the way of the vegan so better to make your own food, go to specific vegan restaurants and maybe move into a vegan house. Monasteries often grow their food not just because of the remote location of the monastery but of the virtue of procuring or making one's food.

While shocking to some of the mainstream, face piercings, visible tattoos and being totally punk are examples of today's liberals being the nonconformist conformists. All religions have their sins and virtuous acts, with modern progressives fulfilling the same split. Meet a gay person for the first time, "I support gay marriage". Chat with a Hispanic, "I dated a Mexican girl in college". Eat vegetarian for the animals. Adopt a third world kid. Bike instead of drive. These are mitzvahs for racking up points with fellow progressives. The modern day rebels who segregate themselves from the mainstream but run into the arms of a prefab community with preset aesthetics are just monks of a different cloth. While the mainstream may not accept them, they are the unbelievers and heretics. The true believers will speak of these acts in positive tones or mention the courage or strength to be dedicated to that way of life. They are progressive monks, the monks of liberalism.

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