Thursday, December 19, 2013

HIV Med Costs + Blacks Believing HIV Conspiracies

In response to a comment from my post on gays fighting bathhouse closures despite AIDS destroying the gay community for years, the average annual cost for the antiretroviral medications that have extended the lives of many affilicted is $19,900. How much of this is paid for by taxpayers for the underclass that is getting the treatment? Is the underclass priced out creating a bifurcated survival pattern? How much am I suppose to hyperventilate over this crisis? These drugs have major side effects, but they extend your life. The 20,000 per year price tag is high, but consider that in the 1980s, the average survival time from diagnosis fo HIV to death was three years. Some of that time was spent in pain and agony. What price tag would you put on a year of normal living? Twenty thousand seems steep until you consider the alternative.

Cruising for different HIV-AIDS statistics, I found a funny survey on HIV-AIDS from the Washington Post. In a 2005 survey, blacks answered multiple question related to HIV-AIDS conspiracies. The Soviets were the ones to first say the US created HIV-AIDS in a lab, and black Americans ate that up like sugar. Here's the graph to the survey. Half believe it is man-made and that a cure is being held from the poor. If "they" had a cure and not a vaccine, they would share it with the poor and charge a ton for it. A cure (mañanacillin) would be reapplied multiple times because idiots would keep catching it, knowing a cure would be there to bail them out.

As far as genocide against blacks, think of the convoluted thinking to make this work. This requires the government to start a disease with gays, but after decades, becomes a slightly black majority disease, yet it is one you can live with for decades. The sadder admission in beliving this is that, outside of rape victims, with screening technology now for blood donations and transfusions HIV is a completely preventable disease. Admitting that it is an attempt at genocide, despite killing all races, reveals that they don't feel they can control their impulses as well as others.

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