Thursday, November 21, 2013

Where Carousel Riders End Up

Decades ago, this woman mocked my mom's choice of having kids, being married and working. Being young in the swinging '60s and '70s rocked for her choices. She'd brag about boyfriends, bang married guys, and made the error that being a bitch = strong and independent. Broke a glass ceiling or two in the business world in major metro areas, but burnt out her welcome everywhere she went. Somewhere her kid grew up and yeah, not a good relationship there. She's retired now. Time wasn't kind to her. She can't compete with my mom because my mom is awesome at everything, and as the years went on, they know who won. The criticism of conventional family life ended, and the stories of wealthy boyfriends were replaced by memories of those guys. Where does the strong independent tough chick end up in her 60s? On social media with posts like this....

i have been very quiet politically on Facebook cause its usually not worth the negativity that comes back from those who can't deal with anyone having an opinion different from theirs. But here goes: 

I am becoming increasingly frustrated with the ongoing efforts of many in this country to push women's rights and equality back into the shadows. I can't understand why something so critical to the success of our country is so far off course. Then the light bulb went off!. We NEVER ratified the ERA amendment to the Constitution. How did that happen and why aren't we yelling about it? I know most women have options now that we never had when I first joined the movement, but when it comes right down to it, we have no legal basis to back us up. Women are great leaders and work as hard or harder then men, usually for less money and with less respect for what they accomplish. We women need to dust off our apathy and challenge those that would treat us as less.

Recycled ERA anger. I'd mock her more, but she is related to me. Cats? Yes. Genetic dead end? Yes. Anyone in her life? No. Delusional enough to forget that the "War on Women" had non-stop attention throughout the last two years? Yes. She ran out of married men, the looks are gone, illnesses have begun, no grandchildren for comfort, and the business accomplishments do not keep her warm at night. Social media mental masturbation is it. This is all she has left.

Choose wisely ladies.

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