Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Decline Democrats of "Got Insurance"

Got Insurance is a perfect marketing campaign for the people that the ACA was designed to help and aid for the left's coalition of victims. The entire campaign should be renamed the "Decline Democrats".

Unemployed men under 30.

Unemployed bros who try to golf but fail to do anything right.
Chubby single chick + her thinner engaged friend that can't stick to diets.

Chunky and minority women. Eat ramen crowd. No wedding rings.
Single woman with birth control. Gimmedats for single white women.
War on Women, War on Women, Sorry we didnt jail that rapist.
100,000 in college debt, living with mom, voting Democrat
SWPLs kayak.
Hispanics: because someone has to have kids for the Democrats.
LGBT + uninsured.
White older man in suit - Goldman Sachs rep.
That SWPL rode recklessly + blamed a driver that HE ran into.

You go girls!

Vaguely beige + only his mother cares about his health.
Tats, fats, only things missing are cats.
They do yoga once a month. No wedding rings.
Ad says "mom" again. A dad would obviously not give him a machete for a pumpkin.

Girl power reference since mom divorced + courts let dad off from having to cover.
The Democrats only view Hispanic women for their wombs. The last left.
Enjoy the decline.


Toddy Cat said...

You have GOT to be kidding me. This is the Onion, right? RIGHT?!?

God help my poor country, and I mean that...

Anonymous said...

So men under 30 are either props for overweight, frumpy women to show off (not unlike a handbag) or clueless boys who can't grow up.

Do the makers of the ads realize that the under 30 male demographic is the most important for the ACA scheme to work? Disrespect and contempt is probably not the best route.

PRCD said...

Home run, SOBL.